Madison County



 Transcribed and submitted for posting by Linda Ziemann, Iowa Old Press Co-Editor


President, E. R. Tompkins, Winterset, Iowa

Secretary, Norman Hollen, Winterset, Iowa

Treasurer, J. W. McKee, Winterset, Iowa



Niel Anderson, Winterset, Iowa

R. O. Mills, Winterset, Iowa

E. R. Tompkins, Winterset, Iowa

Elton Woody, Winterset, Iowa


Winterset School Faculty:

A. P. Henry, Superintendent

Donal Lillard, High School Principal

Hugh Steele, South Ward Principal

Florence Kaltenhuizer, North Ward Principal


Grade Instructors:

Helen Hollingsworth, Kindergarten, Wards


Primary—South Ward

Harriet Barker, first grade

Louise Carlson, second grade

Alice Wilson, third grade


Primary—North Ward

Cora McCully, first grade

Arla Rush, second grade

Mildred Sargeant, third grade


Departmental—South Ward

Vanna Breeding, fourth grade

Esther McDonald, fifth grade

Norma Hollen, sixth grade


Departmental—North Ward

Opal Ryner, fourth grade

Florence Elderkin, fifth grade

Florence Kaltenhuizer, sixth grade


Junior High  

Hugh Steele, Reading , Spelling

Lucile Pine, Mathematics

Lucy Gross, English, Spelling

Lois Wright, History, Civics


High School

Clarke Biggs, Social Science, Dramatics

Donal Clement, Commercial, Band

Herman Clarke, Science, Coach (Boys)

Elizabeth Cole, Latin, Coach (Girls)

Lois Crann, English, Dean (Girls)

Kermit Crawley, Commercial

Lillian Curry, Normal Training, History

A. P. Henry, Social Science

Leslie Johnson, Smith-Hughes (Federal)

Donal Lillard, Science

Helen Milleson, Mathematics

George Peters, Mathematics and Science

Evelyn Shepard, Domestic Science (Federal)

Esther Stearns, Normal Training Music

Helen Thornton, English, History

Aletha Veldhuizen, English



President, Glen Griswold, Dexter, Iowa

Treasurer, W. G. Jackson, Earlham, Iowa

Secretary, E. L. Scar,  Earlham, Iowa



C. E. Maxwell, Earlham, Iowa

Mac Junkin,  Earlham, Iowa

Glen Griswold, Dexter, Iowa

Eva L. Gubser, Earlham,  Iowa

C. B. Stanley, Earlham, Iowa


High School Faculty:

H. M. Taulbee, Superintendent

Edith Noffsinger, Principoal

Arthur Ruggles, Agriculture

Winfred Bly, Coach and Social Science

Dorothy Shellabarger, English and Dramatics

Pearl Lenhart, Home Economics 

George Penn, Science

Genieve Dalgliesh, Commercial

B. O. Wilson, Wind Instruments


Grade Teachers:

W. D. Speer, Principal, Social Science

Doris Lodge, Departmental Teacher

Opol Knox, Departmental Teacher

Anna H. Standing, Departmental Teacher

Martha E. McCurdy, fourth grade

Lucy Rasmess, third grade

Dorothea Beadle, second grade

Pauline Evans, first grade



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