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The title of this document is: "A Record of  Death of Prominent Citizens in and Around Winterset". The author is John W. Frankelberger, a prominent member of the Winterset business community for many years and who passed away in 1925. His comments on the deceased are sometimes not flattering but they are what they are and are published here un-edited.

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Last Name First Name Date of  Death   Comments
Lake A. 22 Nov 1906 Old settler; came to this county in 1855; retired farmer; lived SE of city
Leach Hiram 9 Nov 1912 Age 95; one of the old ones; formerly farmer; died in Winterset
Leddy John 21 Aug 1910 Aged about 75; formerly lived 5 miles SE of town; died at his home in Stewart, IA
Leech Mrs. Robert 12 Jan 1905 Died from paralysis; came here with her husband; early settler
Lenocker Fred 13 Dec 1912 Early settler; elderly man; farmer; lived about 14 miles NW of city; ex member of Board of Supervisors
Leonard John 23 Mar 1900 Aged about 75 old settler and prominent lawyer and always called Judge Leonard.  Well to do financially
Lindsey William 15 Sep 1907 Old settler; came here in 1864; prohibitionist-United Presbyterian; lived several miles NW of city
Lothrop Col. C.B. 4 Sep 1905 Died at Charles City, Ia where he was visiting his daughter; 90 years old; former stage owner before the days of railroads; born in Vermont
Love J.D. 19 Nov 1906 Old settler; lived in Macksburg; prominent as business man and mason; funeral service conducted by the writer
Love Thomas S. 3 Jan 1907 Old settler; came here in 1867; retired farmer; died at Patterson, Ia; member of Masonic Lodge; born July 13-1823
Lowe Mrs. L. 29 Jun 1911 Aged about 50; early settler; came here with the family from Illinois
Lytton John 19 Mar 1901 Old soldier; formerly lived in county; died in Winterset
Mack Billy 30 Nov 1900 Old soldier and old settler - lived at St. Charles and Winterset
Macumber "Uncle" John 23 Jan 1907 Early settler; widely known citizen; lived 7 miles SW of city; large land owner
Maltby Mrs. B. 23 Jun 1910 Family came here about 35 years ago; husband; dentist
Mardis Thomas 7 Apr 1908 Old solder; contractor and builder; built most of the brick buildings around the public square; aged 70; Mason
Mardis, Jr. John 11 Apr 1912 Age 22; born in Winterset; died in Des Moines; buried here
McAndrew Mrs. John M. 16 Mar 1906 Died suddenly in night; found dead in bed in morning
McCaughan Rev. C.T. 13 Oct 1909 Aged 95; early settler; came here 1866; UP Preacher and lived in same house until death
McConlee James 19 Dec 1901 Old settler; farmer formerly lived east of town
McDaniel Mrs. Jesse 21 Mar 1907 Aged about 70; formerly lived here; husband dry goods merchant and afterwards clerk in Fish Commission, Washington, DC
McDole Conrad 26 Jun 1907 Born in Beaver County, PA;, 1813; one of county's oldest citizens; early settler
McGinnis Joe 9 Sep 1904 Old settler; lived about 5 miles east of town; died from spinal meningitis
McKibban Gideon 20 Aug 1904 Aged 82; early settler; former farmer; died in Winterset
McKnight W.W.  14 Feb 1908 Aged man and early settler; came to Winterset in 1855; prominent in business circles when this town was new; one of the organizers of 1st National Bank; prominent in masonry
McKnight Mrs. W.W.  1 Sep 1908 Died at Long Beach Calif; came to Winterset in 1854; went to California after death of husband
McLeary William 13 Jul 1905 Prominent farmer lived about 10 miles north east of city
McLeod John 31 Mar 1908 Early settler; stone cutter; died at Los Angeles, CA; aged man
McLese John 26 Jan 1913 Age 64; died instantly at his home 4 miles west of city; farmer
McMillen John 14 Dec 1908 Born 1816; aged 92; died at Mountain View, Oklahoma after many years spent here; preached at one time Christian Church
McMillon Ruth 10 Apr 1912 Age 20; sick 5 weeks with typhoid contacted at college
McMurphy Mike 27 Sep 1903 Died suddenly; found dead in morning
McNeeley Grandma 19 Feb 1913 Aged 91; came here in an early day; died at Des Moines
Mercer Billy 28 Mar 1907 Came to Winterset in 1864; Saloon keeper; prince of bootleggers; charitable to the poor
Mercer Mrs. William  1 Oct 1909 Aged lady; good woman with many friends
Miller John 25 Mar 1901 Middle aged man; barber and addicted to booze
Miller Mrs. Brice 5 Aug 1902 Aged woman; husband a prominent barber of city
Miller J.K.  1 Jan 1904 Came here from Bloomington, Ill several years ago; lived near Pitzer; prominent farmer
Miller Brice 15 Aug 1908 Aged about 80; Barber; died at soldiers home Marshalltown
Miller Lawson 6 Dec 1910 Aged about 40; killed by falling a bee tree; lived about 12 miles NW of city
Miller Dr. Geo. 6 Mar 1912 Age 55; dentist here; moved to Des Moines where he died
Mills Eph S.  5 Mar 1906 Early settler and old soldier; farmer lived north of town; aged
Moore Mrs. Margaret 30 Aug 1907 Old settler; formerly lived n country; later in Winterset
Moorman Eli 15 Apr 1900 Aged about 30.  In the music business with Geo. Garrett
Mott Mrs. Frederick 16 Mar 1906 Died suddenly; early settler; large lady
Myers Harry 25 Aug 1902 Middle aged man; prominent because he was no account
Myers Samuel 28 Apr 1902 Aged man; old soldier and early settler; owned farm west of Webster
Newerf Billy 27 Nov 1910 Age 37; conducted a milk route; lived south of city
Newlon W.C. 25 Jun 1902 Real estate dealer; old settler and old soldier; Lost a leg at the battle of Latchie
Niblo Fred 15 Apr 1901 Young married man; death tragic; was thrown from wagon into slough and drowned in mud 7 miles west of town
Niblo Robert 15 Nov 1902 Dropped dead in a field north of Patterson; serving on sheriffs jury condemning land for R.R. Road
Nichols   Mrs. George 2 Jan 1909 Aged lady; early settler; buried at Worthington Church where she lived for many years
Nicholson E.G. 2 Jul 1904 Old settler came to his county in 1854; aged 62; ex Justice of Peace
Norris John 30 May 1903 Owned farm joining city on west; sold and moved NY state where he died
Norris Mrs. John M. 30 Oct 1908 Aged lady; came here from NY state where she was taken for burial; died suddenly; found dead on kitchen floor
Odell Sol 5 Feb 1905 Old settler; farmer; lived near Peru; buried in Winterset
Ogden Mrs. Maria 9 Oct 1903 Died at Colfax, Ia at the home of her son in law-Wheelcocks; In the 80's; personal friend of the writers; grand old woman
Oglesby Zach 11 Aug 1907 Early settler; old soldier; farmer SE of town; wealthy; prominent in politics
Oldham Jesse 7 Dec 1901 Aged about 70; farmer lived about 7 miles NW of city; fell over a high bank of a creek - struck rocks and died supposed to have been fall; old soldier
Osgood Daughter of L.B. 4 Jul 1902 Committed suicide by jumping into a well 8 miles west of city
Padmore Jim W. 23 Feb 1906 A young man; popular abstractor; carried 2000 life ins.
Patton Mrs. H.G. 6 Sep 1913 Age about 40; Died Rochester, Minn; result operation; buried in Nebraska
Peed Edward 25 Aug 1904 Aged about 80; early settler; lived on farm in Douglas township
Perkins Mrs. E.G. 28 May 1912 Age 87; early settler; lived 8 miles west of town
Philbrick Mrs. Priscilla 12 Sep 1905 Aged 83; came to Winterset with her husband in 1850
Porter Miss Leota 18 Jan 1908 Clerked for father in grocery; favorite among her young class
Price Caleb 20 Dec 1907 Prominent farmer lived 2 miles SW of city; old settler
Queen John 17 Dec 1907 Came here with his family in an early day; farmer 10 miles SE of city
Ratliff Mrs. George 17 Oct 1909 Early settler and highly respected; prominent in social circles and church work
Ratliff George 5 May 1913 Age 75; old settler; prominent sheriff in early day; ex county treasurer; in grocery business; dry goods business
Reese David 4 Jul 1900 Old settler - aged black smith prominent in the community
Reese Mrs. Allie 4 Apr 1904 Young woman; wife of Allie Reese and daughter of Jimmy Davis
Rehard Berte 13 Mar 1910 Middle aged man; died in hospital at Denver, Colo; buried here; prominent as bad man
Rehard, Sr. John 3 Jan 1912 Age 86; formerly lived 6 miles west of town; wealthy large land owner
Reherd Jr. John  21 Jan 1904 Died from heart trouble; lived in country west of town
Rhyno James 25 Feb 1904 Killed in wreck of stock train at Dyersville, Ia; livestock man
Rhyno Mrs. James 17 Jun 1904 Aged woman; old settler; born and raised in south
Richmond Samuel 2 May 1902 Middle aged man; farmer; lived 9 miles SW of town
Richmond George 3 Apr 1904 Old settler; lived about 10 miles west of city on farm
Richmond Frank 3 Mar 1910 Middle aged man; farmer; lived about ten miles west of city
Ross Mrs. Phoebe 9 May 1910 Aged 85; Aunt to the writer; lived in York County, PA at Rossville
Rowe D.G. 29 Sep 1908 Old soldier and old settler; prominent farmer lived near Macksburg
Rush Lawrence 21 Oct 1906 Middle aged man; tragic death; fell under wagon hauling tile to city 17 miles east of town; head crushed
Ryan John 17 Aug 1907 Ex candidate for sheriff; middle aged man; lived NE of town about 12 miles
Sawhill Rev. James 26 Mar 1904 U.P. Preacher; lived about 11 miles where he owned farm; aged man
Scott Mrs. Tom 1 Jul 1909 Aged about 30; died suddenly from heart failure; wife of auditor Tom Scott
Seerley William 4 Apr 1908 Early settler and prominent farmer; lived 12 miles NW
Shannon Joe 13 Jul 1912 Age 75; early settler and old solder; ex salesman and janitor court house
Sheldon M.R. 15 Aug 1910 Early settler and old solder; retired farmer; tight wad; lived in west part of town
Shoff Mrs. John M. 16 Sep 1909 Middle aged woman; died from cancer of breast
Shults C.C. 12 May 1901 Aged man; came here in the 80's; hotel man
Silliman J.R.  4 Jul 1900 Age 74 years.  Farmer, old settler, lived 8 miles SE
Simms Mrs. David 26 Sep 1910 Aged about 68; an old settler; kind lady with many friends
Smith Steve 19 Nov 1901 Aged in the 70's; lived south of town near Buffalo; died with goiter
Smith Mrs. John M. 23 Jan 1904 Lived on farm 8 miles west of town; aged woman; mother of Ed M. & Sam Smith
Smith Lawson Mrs. Ollil  10 Apr 1912 Age 45; born and raised here; died at Rocky Ford, Colo; buried here; sister of my partner-grocery business
Snodgrass Capt. J.C. 9 Feb 1906 Old soldier and long time resident of county; city marshal and was wounded by Irv Bevington
Sprague P.B. 1 Jan 2907 Early settler; prominent dry goods man
Sprinkle Archie 8 Nov 1900 Young man was killed at the flouring mill east part of town - clothes caught in belt
Sprinkle John 11 Jan 1901 Middle aged man died in Colorado and buried here.  Born in Winterset
Sprinkle Ben F. 17 Jul 1911 Aged about 70; clerk most of time; came from Ohio
Staffore William 24 Jan 1911 Aged 76; old settler here; shot by farm tenant on his farm near Lamar, Colo; died almost instantly
Stark Mother 21 Jan 1904 Found dead on porch-face frozen to floor; quite aged
Steele John G.  5 Mar 1908 Passed middle age; married into the McCaughan family; died out in the mountains
Stiffler Abe 21 Oct 1905 Aged about 75; early settler; sold 4 houses to Rock Island RR for 10.000; left Winterset 2 years ago
Stiles Capt. T.W. 29 Nov 1905 Aged about 70; old soldier and old settler; ex member of Board of Supervisors; weight about 300
Stinson Mrs.  18 Feb 1908 Tragic death; burned to death in John Deeters home; features could not be recognized
Stone Thomas 2 Jun 1903 In livery business here at one time; died in north part of state; old man
Storrs N. 23 Feb 1903 Aged about 80; Preacher and contractor
Storrs Gene 6 Nov 1908 Died suddenly from stroke of paralysis; old soldier
Sumner Hank 22 Sep 1903 In 70's; old bachelor; horse trainer; died in Gaekles restaurant
Sumner W.S. 1 Nov 1906 Aged man; retired farmer; prominent in Presbyterian church; eloquent in prayer
Sumner Mrs. W.S. 12 Jan 1913 Age 79; came here with husband 1881 from Illinois
Sutton Robert 1 Aug 1911 Age about 70; lived in Lewisburg York Co, Ca; Brother-in-law to writer
Thompson Mrs. Homer 10 Jul 1902 Middle aged woman; wife of Thompson editor
Thrift Mrs. Leonard 9 Jun 1902 Aged woman; home 8 miles SW of town; died at her sisters home - Mrs. Moody- in Winterset
Tidrick Charles A.  27 Jan 1908 Middle aged man; died from pleurisy; member of City Council; Secretary Masonic Lodge; Sec. Golf Club; partner in general stock of goods; undertaker
Tobin H. 9 Nov 1902 Passed middle age; druggist and loved whiskey
Truitt Jesse 9 Dec 1903 Old soldier; plasterer by trade; tumor of bowels caused by cannon ball passing near his body at siege of Vicksburg
Vanalstine C.H.  2 Feb 1904 Prominent as a photographer; aged man; died at Indianola
Vaughn Mat 12 Dec 1910 Aged 74; early settler; came to county 1859; farmer; lived 8 miles NW of city; fond of whiskey
Vierling Benjamin 31 May 1905 Prominent farmer living in Scott township
Violet George M. 12 Nov 1906 Furniture dealer; passed middle age; died as result of paralysis
Walker Vance 22 May 1912 Old soldier; early settler; aged 75; a conspicuous character - loud
Wallace Mrs. Henry 19 Apr 1909 Aged lady; formerly lived here; died in Des Moines where they moved about 20 years ago; prominent in church and club work; wife of Rev. Henry Wallace
Wasson Gehiel 11 Sep 1901 Aged up in the 80's; old settler and fine man
Watt J.C. 21 Jan 1903 Prominent farmer lived in north part of county; found dead in bed in morning; came here from Pittsburg, PA where he was employed by the Pennsylvania R Road
Weeks Charlie 27 Jul 1901 Young; son of AWC Weeks; editor; likeable boy
Welch Mrs. D.T. 13 Mar 1908 Aged lady; lived here for many years; moved to Pacific Grove with her husband where she died; Presbyterian
Weston Mrs. F.F. 13 Mar 1910 Middle aged woman; formerly lived in Winterset; died at her home Washington, DC
Whedon Raymond 25 Nov 1911 Age 33; died at Hampton, Va in government service; buried her; buried with Masonic honors
Whedon Mrs. Jennie 21 Aug 1913 Age about 65; early settler; popular; President Women's Relief Corp 20 years; State President 1911; worthy matron OES for 12 years; Vice President of Winterset Cemetery Association
White Mrs. J.S. 3 Nov 1907 Aged lady; wife of JS White-shoemaker
Wight Aunt Jane 22 Dec 1901 Aged in the 80's; old settler and prominent among our people
Wight George 2 Apr 1905 Early settler living about 10 miles west; prominent farmer
Wight George 19 May 1906 Prominent farmer and auctioneer; lived near west line of county where he owned large tract of land
Wilinso Buffington Mrs. Ruth 5 Apr 1913 Age 27; born and raised here; went to Idaho with husband where she died; buried here
Wilkin Eli 13 May 1902 Aged about 65; prominent in this county as an attorney in the firm of Ruby and Wilkin; Quit Winterset went out to the Puget Sound country on the Pacific coast; went to his old home in Licking county where he died; personal friend of the writer
Wilkinson John 2 Oct 1903 Died suddenly at his home 10 miles west of town on farm
Williamson "Bob"  13 Aug 1910 Aged 82; early settler; retired farmer and horse doctor
Wilson Jerry 25 Jun 1910 Aged about 65; killed by stroke of lightning; wealthy farmer; lived near Macksburg
Wintrode Dr. J.H. 25 Dec 1909 Aged about 60; tragic death; shot himself in bank setting in chair; President of bank and prominent citizen
Wintrode Mrs. J.H. 23 Jul 1910 Ages 53; born and raised here; husband committed suicide 6 months ago; maiden name Flora Hutching; prominent family of city
Withrow Maggie 26 Jun 1905 Not married; aged about 50; formerly lived about 6 miles NE of city
Wood Charles 30 Dec 1903 Middle aged man; cashier of a bank; shot himself because of financial trouble
Worthing "Uncle" Richard 18 Dec 1907 Aged citizen; born in Wales 1819; came to Madison County in 1885; highly respected
Wray Simpson Mrs. Edna  6 Apr 1904 Died at Campbell, Minn; raised here; daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Wray
Yates B.F. 13 Feb 1910 Aged about 65; lived near Manson, Ia; bought property here but died before time to moved
Young T.K. 21 Mar 1907 Old soldier and early settler; sold newspapers on street; prominent character; drank toto of red liquor
Young Mrs. Walter 21 Nov 1909 Middle aged lady; husband barber; died as result of chicken bone fastened in throat
Young Charley 18 Apr 1913 Age 91; early settler and old solder; Ohio Township

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