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The title of this document is: "A Record of  Death of Prominent Citizens in and Around Winterset". The author is John W. Frankelberger, a prominent member of the Winterset business community for many years and who passed away in 1925. His comments on the deceased are sometimes not flattering but they are what they are and are published here un-edited.
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Last Name First Name Date of  Death   Comments
Acheson Ramsey 27 Apr 1902 Carpenter; past middle age
Adams Isaac 25 May 1908 Aged 87; early settler; lived several miles SW
Alexander John 19 Nov 1900 Aged man of no capacity, wood sawyer
Alexander Mrs. T. J. 6 Dec 1910 Aged 65; accidentally burned to death starting a fire with kerosene; lived south part of town
Allen Isaac 29 Feb 1904 Aged 80; old soldier and old settler; prominent for being no account
Armbreast Casper 28 Apr 1908 Old soldier; early settler; SE of town; later moved to the city where he died
Armstrong Robert 16 Jun 1906 Past middle age; came here in 1923 (sic); farmer & implement dealer; Mason and my first Masonic funeral as Master of Masonic Lodge
Armstrong Sam 14 Jan 1911 Aged 65; quite a character; livestock dealer; booze fighter
Baker Brigham 13 Mar 1906 Tragic death; drunk-fell against spike in a barn where hung all night
Banker Lem 12 Feb 1901 Aged about 60; paralysis; prominent farmer near Pitzer; member Board Supervisors
Banks Warren 8 Jul 1902 Jumped from Buffalo bridge into the river during flood
Bardrick Isaac 29 Aug 1907 Early settler; formerly lived in west part of county
Barrus Daniel 19 Feb 1913 Age 77; book keeper; came here in 1879
Bauer Stanislaus 9 Dec 1909 Born in Germany 1823; came here in 1859; came to America 1823; prominent farmer living north part of county
Beardsly N.M. 3 Oct 1905 Old settler; lived about 10 miles SE of city
Beerbower O. Jud 27 May 1910 Aged 51; born here; carpenter; died at Portland, Oregon; cremated ashes buried here
Bennett Derrick 8 Aug 1909 Aged 83; early settler; broke first prairie in Madison Township; came here in the early 50's; prominent as businessman and citizen
Bennett M. E. 18 Aug 1911 Aged 74; early settler and old soldier; lived 10 miles NW of city'; elected sheriff and moved to Winterset where he died
Benson Samuel 22 Sep 1907 Early settler; plasterer by trade; prominent character; Democrat; populist; free silverite
Bertholf Alex 23 Jan 1902 Aged man and early settler; lived about 9 miles SW of city; prominent
Betts Samuel   19 Jan 1901 Aged 99 years 10 mo + 24 days, old settler, day laborer
Bevington Irvin 30 Mar 1901 Young man; married; life was destroyed by booze
Bevington Mrs. C.D.  1 Oct 1902 Aged; husband prominent; president of 1st National Bank and wealthy land owner and cattle dealer
Bevington Dr. C.D. 13 Nov 1903 Aged in seventies; wealthy land owner and live stock dealer; wealthiest man in the county; President of 1st National Bank
Biggs John 11 Jan 1901 Aged about 50.  Printer and not well balanced, cut his throat with a razor and died from wound
Bishop Charles 14 Aug 1905 Worked in lumber yard; died a horrible death from delirium tremors
Black James H. 31 May 1913 Age 86; old settler; formerly lived 3 miles west of town; farmer
Boling Grandma 8 Mar 1901 Correct age unknown; relatives claim she was a hundred or more; lived about 8 miles south of town
Boyd Mrs. Mary 2 Aug 1908 Born in Ireland 1808; died near Pitzer, Ia; one of the real old ones; came here in 1870
Breeding Jim W. 22 Sep 1903 Farmer lived north of town; sheriff of county and died while in campaign for 2nd term
Brittain Peas 4 Nov 1908 Early settler and old solder; formerly lived north of city; died near Earlham
Brooker John 8 Apr 1904 Ex member of Board of Supervisors; lived north of city and had just moved to town
Broskie G. W.  5 Apr 1901 Mr. Broskie was engineer on the Winterset branch; freight and later passenger; deaths near together; fine people
Broskie Mrs. G. W. 13 Apr 1901 Mr. Broskie was engineer on the Winterset branch; freight and later passenger; deaths near together; fine people
Brown Ed 26 Jul 1907 Aged man; early settler; old soldier; prominent shoe dealer; retired and moved to Pueblo, Col where he died
Brown John 10 Apr 1911 Aged 84; came here 1854; owned two farms
Brown Mrs. Ed   7 Nov 1912 Age 71; came to city with husband 1864; husband dry goods and shoe merchant
Brown Capt. 6 Oct 1913 Age 93; member of County Supervisors 1885; business man of St Charles; died at his home in Indianola
Buchanan J. F. 18 Feb 1903 Prominent farmer lived 1 mile west of town; formerly member of county supervisors
Buchanan Mrs. J. F. 17 Jan 1913 Aged 86; early settler came here 1875; good woman
Bullock John 27 Mar 1902 Hunch back; crippled from birth; in his 30's
Carey L. O. 25 Oct 1911 Aged 53; retired farmer and in grocery business here
Catterlin Mrs. Sherman 14 Dec 1912 Middle aged; born in Illinois; died at Canyon City, Colo; buried in Winterset cemetery
Chapman Clarence 2 Mar 1904 Middle aged man; killed while chopping wood 2 1/2 miles east of city; tree fell on him
Cherry Mrs. DR. 14 Jan 1911 Aged about 75; early settler
Clark Mrs. Caleb 10 Jan 1901 Aged woman and one of the first settlers of this county, came with her husband and family from Missouri in spring of 1846
Cochran Wesley 15 Mar 1912 Age 77; early settler; came 1851; large land owner in SW part of county; highly respected
Coleman John 26 Sep 1900 This man was found dead two doors north of  St. Nicholas.  He was a floater and hard drinker
Conwa Lloyd 10 Aug 1906 Old solder and old settler; lived in SW part of county where he was large land owner; stock raiser; ex member of Board of County Supervisors; lost an arm in war of 1861-5; died in California
Cook A. L.  9 Sep 1908 Died in hospital at Omaha; result of accident; fell through haymow opening in Nebraska
Cooper Mrs. Joseph 21 Apr 1905 Tragic death; clothes caught fire from cook stove where she had his 40.00 in bills
Cooper Dan   18 Jul 1913 Age about 70; came here 1857; ex postmaster; old soldier; moved to Lamar, Colo 1886; buried there
Cox Dory 18 Sep 1905 Aged about 35; conspicuous because of his size; weighed about 300 pounds; died rather suddenly
Crawford Mrs. Anderson 21 Dec 1901 Her husband died years ago; prominent among the older grocery men of the town; aged about 80
Criss Joe 3 Dec 1905 Farmer lived about 5 miles north of town; middle aged man
Cummings H. J. B. 16 Apr 1909 Early settler came in 1856; Colonel of 39 Ia If. Vols. of Revolutionary fighty stock; born 1831; editor; member of Congress; wealthy; owned 6 business buildings
Cunningham John 1 Nov 1904 Aged man; one of the richest men of the county; estimated to be worth 325.000; lived about 12 miles NE of city
Dabney John 30 Nov 1902 Retired wealthy farmer; farm 8 miles west of city; personal friend of writer
Dabney A. R. 12 Jun 1913 Age about 63; prominent attorney here; moved to Oakland, California where died and buried there
Danner Aunt Betsy 27 Aug 1902 Aged 89; early settler and mother of Annis (& amner) Frankelberger
Darnall George 9 Apr 1909 Aged man; early settler; highly respected constable
Darnell Tom 9 Mar 1910 About 75; came here from Warren County; land owner and stock buyer; rough in nature
Darnell Jimmy 29 Jun 1911 Old soldier; early settler; harness maker by trade
Davisson Dr. D. D. 27 Dec 1902 Prominent as the leading physician of the city; aged
Day Grandma 4 Apr 1905 Aged lady and prominent in her day
Debord Ed 28 Jan 1903 Died from cancer in neck; lived in Patterson, IA; past middle age
Docksteader Mrs. John M. 1 Apr 1909 Leaves a family of 8 children; wife of ex sheriff
Drake A.D.  11 Jan 1908 Early settler; fell dead while walking in road near home
Dudney Mrs. Ash 28 Feb 1910 Past middle age; lived 12 miles SW of city; died rather suddenly with pneumonia
Duff George 22 Feb 1911 Aged about 70; prominent in business at one time; ex mayor of city; cancer of face
Duncan Samuel B. 16 Apr 1906 Aged 90-1 mo-23 days; old settler came to Iowa 1853; farmer lived west of town
Duncan Mrs. Samuel 18 Oct 1907 Old settler; came her during early settlement of county
Elderkin Frank 3 Feb 1903 Middle aged man; clerked in clothing store
Ely Rev. B. E. S. 22 Apr 1910 Aged 82; former pastor of our Presbyterian Church; died at his home Des Moines
Evans F. H. 29 Sep 1908 Old solder; died at Osceola, Ia' came here in early 80's; at one time Justice of Peace
Evans Henry 3 Apr 1909 Came here in 1857; lived near Buffalo, Ia; infidel; locked a schoolhouse against a Sunday School
Eyerly Vincent 26 Feb 1905 Died at insane asylum where had been for two months
Farquhar Robert 25 Aug 1911 Age 85; early settler; lived in west part of county; died at his home in Winterset
Faurote Mrs. John    20 Apr 1913 Age about 70; early settler; ex President Woman's Relief Corps
Flannagan John 18 Feb 1906 Deputy Auditor at one time; aged man; and always against the government
Forbes Boyd 27 Nov 1904 Came here form near Bloomington, Ill about 10 years ago; prominent in UP Church
Ford I. S. 28 Apr 1902 Aged farmer; lived 8 miles west of town; prominent
Ford Elizabeth 24 Jun 1907 Aged about 80; better known as "Aunt Betsy"; a very gracious woman
Foresman James 17 Jan 1912 Aged about 65; early settler and old soldier; ex sexton cemetery
Foster Dr. Emory 12 May 1913 Suicide at Omaha; married Bulah Danforth; buried here
Gant Tom 3 Oct 1909 Early settler; old soldier; farmer west of town
Garlinger Joe 21 Jan 1901 Past middle age; in youth quite a stock man but whiskey ruined him
Garlinger Thomas 12 Jan 1906 Aged about 92; old settler; large stock buyer; rich at one time but died poor
Garrett W. B. 11 Feb 1904 Ages 83; old settler in south part of county; father of 14 children-11 living
Gaston Will. 19 Nov 1906 Railway mail clerk and one of the oldest men in service in state
Gentry John Wesley 8 Jan 1905 Early settler about 60; delivery man
Gilpin Samuel J. 28 Jul 1900 Prominent citizen attorney by profession, aged about 60
Gilpin Vick 22 Feb 1902 Young married man; supposed to have caused his own death
Gilpin Ersie 23 Mar 1908 Middle aged man; died at Utica, NY with theatrical company; one of the writers first acquaintances here
Goshorn Mrs. A. E. 2 Jul 1911 Aged about 50; born and raised in Winterset
Gould Fred 23 May 1910 Aged 68; conductor on our branch CRI&P; died in Des Moines; formerly lived here
Grosscup Daniel 28 Dec 1907 Aged 86; came to west part of county 1872; died in Winterset
Guiberson Nattie 10 Sep 1904 Came to this county in an early; lived NE of city
Guiberson Aunt Catherine 29 Jun 1907 98 years old; came to this county 1849; born in Pennsylvania
Guiberson Samuel 24 Jul 1908 Early settler; old soldier; died at soldiers home Marshalltown; buried here
Gump Joe 23 Jul 1908 Early settler in Des Moines; came her 15 years ago; elected Justice of Peace; aged about 80
Gutchall Jacob 31 Aug 1906 Old settler lived in NE part of county where was large land owner; estimated to be worth 100.000 dollars
Hale Mrs. C. W. 28 Jan 1910 Aged lady; husband assistant cashier of 1st National Bank at time of death; came here from St Louis, Mo.
Halgarth David 11 Mar 1908 Early settler and old soldier; eccentric
Hammock Lyle 21 Nov 1906 Past middle age; former citizen of this county; lived north of town; died suddenly in North Dakota
Hardy W.H.  6 Aug 1908 Old settler; among first school teachers; ex County Superintendent of schools
Harford George 6 Mar 1902 Middle aged; no account man; died from drinking whiskey
Harris Lizzie 3 Jul 1907 Middle aged; raised here; went to Baisin, Montana on business-became insane and died suddenly on train on way home
Hart A.M. 17 Jun 1910 Old settler; old soldier; died suddenly; lived 10 miles SW
Haskins Mrs. J. G. 15 Oct 1904 Aged 73; formerly lived here; died at Portland, Oregon
Hawk Mrs. Helen 14 Aug 1911 Aged about 60; moved here from west of town 8 miles; widow
Hays Tom 29 Aug 1910 Aged 70; old solder; early settler; formerly lived 9 miles NW of city; came to town and bought livestock; honorable and admired by all who knew him
Henery Will J. 21 Aug 1905 Born and raised here; died in Oregon; result of runaway; buried here
Hillis Dr. E. L. 23 May 1901 Aged about 63; died from paralysis; old settler; large man; weighed about 250
Hinshaw Dr. John 19 Aug 1909 Aged 75; prominent as druggist and citizen; came to this county 1853; elder in Presbyterian Church; ex member of City Council
Hobson J. M. 18 Jan 1912 Age about 84; early settler and old soldier; died at Auburn, Neb; ex sexton of Winterset cemetery; buried here
Hockenberry Mrs. Mack 7 Jul 1911 Aged about 70; formerly lived west of town
Holbrook John D. 14 Nov 1900 Aged about 75 - old settler, coal dealer
Holiday Mrs. Lydia 8 Jul 1911 Aged 92; came here 1858 and to Iowa 1841; early settler
Hollingsworth Mahunda 3 Aug 1909 Died tragic death; fell under wagon wheel; crushed head; fell from load of wood north of town
Hornback George 19 May 1901 Aged man; came here in the early 50's; fell dead from a chair setting out on porch
Hoisington A. J.  26 Feb 1907 Early settler; moved to Kansas where he failed in business; came here year ago and died while preparing manuscript for county history
Hosington, Sr. A. J.  29 Jan 1909 Aged 92; old settler of Union Township
Houk Mary 24 Dec 1907 Born and raised here; young lady; died at San Antonio, Tex. where the family had gone for her health
Houk Mrs. Sadie 9 Dec 1911 Age about 50; early settler here; old time friend of writer
Howell Ernest 8 Aug 1913 Age 40; committed suicide; hung himself to tree near home north of Patterson; farmer
Hudson Mrs.    3 Apr 1901 Aged woman among early settlers NW of city; mother of Tom and Will and Lute
Hughlin William 2 Feb 1907 Tragic death; blowed top of head off with shot gun; lived near Bevington
Hull John 22 Jul 1901 Aged man; carpenter; died from sunstroke
Huss Jim W. 14 Jun 1906 Old settler lived SW of city on the river
Husted Mrs. Thomas 18 Aug 1913 Age about 70; early settler  
Husted Thomas 5 Oct 1913 Age about 70; early settler and old solder; fell dead
Huston R. L. 28 Aug 1912 Age about 40; cashier Winterset Savings Bank; tragic death; shot himself with rifle
James Josiah 29 Jan 1904 Aged 93; old settler; lived about 4 miles SE of city
Jellison Mrs. P. W. 30 Jun 1912 Age 70; old settler
Joeckel Charles 2 Sep 1906 Died in insane hospital at Clarinda; prominent clothier; personal friend of the writer
Johnson Barney 25 May 1913 Age about 70; prominent business man of Bevington; well known in this part of the country
Jones Jeff 3 Apr 1910 Aged about 70; early settler and old soldier
Keefe John 8 Oct 1907 A restaurant man for many years here
Kendig A. J.  7 Apr 1909 Came here 1857; prominent in may ways; always in the courts and always got beat-lawed away a fortune
Kinsman Denison 22 Jun 1903 In the 80's; farmer living 4 miles north west of the city; Elder in Presbyterian Church
Kinsman Mrs. Denison 19 Aug 1907 Aged lady; died in Vermont where she had made her home since death of husband; The Kinsmans were prominent farmers living a few miles NE of city
Knight Edson C. 25 May 1910 Aged 40; farmer; born and raised in this county; lived about 12 miles NW
Koon Squire 11 Apr 1903 Aged man; Justice of the Peace

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