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This article was condensed from Truro Congregational Christian United Church of Christ 1856-2006 Sesquicentennial Celebration: 150 years of God’s Blessings booklet authored by Donna J. Crow, historian.  Additional information on events, history, ministers, church organizations and bibliography is available in the 60-page history booklet.







In the winter of 1856, a small group of Christian-minded men and women gathered at the home of Ephraim DeLong two miles south of the present town of Truro.  Under the leadership of Rev. A.D. Kellison, the Christian Church was organized.  Among the charter members of the Christian Church were:

Ephraim DeLong Hannah DeLong Jesse DeLong
Betsy DeLong Reuben A. Creger Mary A. Creger
Jane (DeLong) McNeely Rhoda DeLong John Creger
Mahala Creger Risby (or Ruby) Creger

Later in the 1870’s, when school houses were built, worship was often held at these.  Bridgeport School (about 2 mi south of Truro), Hartman schoolhouse (1 mile south of township center) and Banner schoolhouse (two miles northeast of Truro) were all used as worship centers at various times.

During the years of 1875 and 1876, the Christian Church built its own worship center.  The 30’ x 40’ building was erected ¾ mile south of the center of Ohio Township on the west side of the road.  In 1881, the first post office in Ohio Township (Reed) was located just ¼ mile north of this church at the home of Isaac Holmes.  Later that year at the center of Ohio Township, the town of Ego was “laid off” and plotted for James Hull (owner) by R. A. Patterson, (surveyor).  Soon afterward, the narrow gauge railroad came through this new “town”.  In 1882 the post office was moved from Reed to Ego; and then the town was renamed Truro in 1884. At this time, the church was moved to a new location just west of the present site.

This building was already being remodeled by 1893.  It was at this time that a belfry with a glistening aluminum spire was added.

On June 22, 1898, the building was struck by lightning and burned, destroying all records.  The organ and eight pews were the only things saved.  The bell wasn’t damaged and it is the same bell in use today.  This was the evening of the first date of Sadie and Sammy Porter.  Rev. Lamb was the minister at this time and he died later that summer. One thousand dollars was received as an insurance settlement and was immediately applied towards the new building.


Original Truro Christian Church


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