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Note 1: Dates of birth containing year only or year and month only may be derived from the Federal or state census, making them subject to possible errors of one to two years.

Note 2: Madison County Birth Records (MCBR), Iowa Delayed Certificates of Birth (IDCB), and Iowa State Birth Records (ISBR) are transcribed exactly as written. Data in red font has been added to clarify the names and was not part of the original record.



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Child Date of Birth Parents Source*
Uhler, Male 10 Sep 1886 W. S. & Della S. (Hopper) MCBR
Ulery, George K. 1874 Rufus & Harriet C. (Bunce) 1885 Census
Ullery, Female 1873 William W. & Ettie (Barnes) Unverified (Cem)
Ullery, Robbie 10 Nov 1876 William W. & Ettie (Barnes) Unverified (Cem)
Underwood, Anna Laura 31 Jan 1877 Willard & Georgiana (Bruce) Unverified
Underwood, Arthur Willard 22 Aug 1878 Willard & Georgiana (Bruce) Unverified
Underwood, Bertram L. 02 Aug 1873 Willard & Georgiana (Bruce) Unverified
Underwood, Duane 25 Mar 1892 James M. & Abigail Anna (Gibson) 1895 Census
Underwood, Guy Gerald 27 Nov 1874 Willard & Georgiana (Bruce) Obituary
Underwood, Harry 1894 James M. & Abigail Anna (Gibson) 1895 Census
Underwood, Lelah Vale 23 Apr 1891 James Melchoir & Anna Abigail (Gibson) IDCB
Underwood, Millie Apr 1877 Rufus & Lucy B. (Perine) 1885 Census
Underwood, Minnie Mar 1875 Rufus & Lucy B. (Perine) 1885 Census
Underwood, Richard Fred Jan 1881 Willard & Georgiana (Bruce) Unverified
Underwood, Van Jan 1870 Rufus & Lucy B. (Perine) 1885 Census
Underwood, Willard Leo 02 Apr 1893 Lafayette W. & Rebecca Alice (Huntzinger) 1895 Census
Urquhart, George 01 Jul 1908 Geo & Agnes T. (Thomson) MCBR
Utsler, Glenn Russel 22 Feb 1916 Frank & Minnie Lela (Jones) IDCB
Utsler, Joe 01 May 1911 C. Wilber & Lillie Maude (Harrell) MCBR
Utsler, John Russell 29 Nov 1912 C. W. & Lillie Maude (Harrell) MCBR
Utsler, Thomas H.  10 Dec 1913 F. A. & Minnie L. (Jones) MCBR
Utter, Blanche 1888 Unknown 1895 Census
Utter, Male 05 Mar 1896 Alfred L. & Annie J. (Fox) MCBR
Utter, Sherman Lafeyette 02 Jul 1893 Alfred L. & Ann Jane (Faux) IDCB
Utterback, Berneta May 22 Nov 1905 Ezra M. & Ella M. (Hart) IDCB
Utterback, Eugene 15 Nov 1910 Ezra M. & Ella M. (Hart) MCBR
Utterback, Evelyn 24 Aug 1884 Oscar T. & Lona S. (Rodman) IDCB
Utterback, Garnet Claudine 04 Nov 1911 Ed M. & Ella M. (Hart) MCBR
Utterback, George Clair 26 Sep 1900 Ezra Malen & Elvada Jane (Hart) Unverified
Utterback, Ruth D. 20 Mar 1908 Ezra M. & Ella M. (Hart) MCBR
Utterback, Verda Blanche Jul 1886 Oscar T. & Lona S. (Rodman) Unverified
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Census - 1885 & 1895 censuses

CMR - County Marriage Records

FSR - Family supplied records (journal, Bible, etc.)

IDCB - Iowa Delayed Certificate of Birth

ISBR - Iowa State Birth Records

Madisonian - Gleaned from Madisonian birth announcements

MCBR - Madison County Birth Records

Nat App - Naturalization Application

Obituary - Taken from published obituary

Reporter Gleaned from Reporter birth announcements

Winterset News Gleaned from News birth announcements


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