Source* Record
Cem Taken from cemetery records
Census 1885, 1895 & 1900 censuses
County CMR County (Iowa county other than Madison) Marriage Records
FSR Family supplied records (journal, Bible, etc.)
IDCB Iowa Delayed Certificate of Birth
ISBR Iowa State Birth Records
Madisonian Gleaned from Winterset Madisonian birth announcements
MCBR Madison County Birth Records
News Gleaned from Winterset News birth announcements
Obit Taken from published obituary
Reporter Gleaned from Winterset Reporter birth announcements
State CMR State (other than Iowa) Marriage Records
*See Birth Records Explained for details of these sources.


Use of Red Text

Red font has been used only for official birth records were data is missing or wrong. Official records include the MCBR, IDCB, and ISBR. When you see a record that includes red font, that part of the record that is black font is what appeared in the official record, the red font having been added to help you find your ancestor. All other sources of birth verification are based on research by the County Coordinators so names and dates have been filled in as the research dictated to provide as complete a record as possible. The user should do their own research to verify these records.



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