The Madison County Courthouse holds official birth records from 1880 through 1904, the month of January 1907, and 1909 through current. Certain restrictions on release of data apply to the County Recorders. For more information on these restrictions, click here. The years 1905, 1906, 1907 (except January) and 1908 are held by the Iowa Department of Public Health. To request a birth certificate from the IDPH, click here.

When the current County Coordinators took over this web site, the birth data contained about 8000 records with no sources listed. We are presently working on adding the source information and adding births from the newspapers. It is likely that there were between 30 and 40 thousand births during the period of county inception through 1900.

It must be noted that unless the source column indicates that it is an official Madison County birth record, the source data only confirms that the person was born in Madison County and does not verify the exact date.

Although official birth records began in 1880, keeping accurate birth records was not taken seriously until a little after the turn of the century. Before 1900, births reported in the various county newspapers were a hit or miss proposition. In looking at all available data sources, and in particular the censuses, it is obvious that many births went unreported. The County Coordinators have elected to add "Unverified" births to this list in the cases were it appears that births probably occurred in Madison County but have no credible source data.

A significant number of children were born without birth registration and passed away without appearing in the 1885 or 1895 census. They may or may not be listed in the cemetery records. Children with that background who appear to have been born in Madison County are listed as "Unverified (Cem)".

Birth records with no entry in the source column are remnants of the original non-sourced list that have not yet been researched by the County Coordinators. It is a fact, however, that they are not in the Madison County Birth Records or the Madison County census records.

Where the source column says "Census", it means that the person was recorded in either or both the 1885 and 1895 Iowa state censuses as having been born in Madison County. This may include data from censuses of counties other than Madison County. If you don't find the individual in the Madison County censuses, try looking at the Madison County Family Tree to see where the person or the parents were living in 1885 or 1895.

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