The following is a list of the location and brief history (if known) of some of the cemeteries of Lucas County
information courtesy of Lucas County Genealogical Society

Listing of Some Burials

Township / Cemetery Location History Burials
Benton Township

     Ragtown Cemetery

SEC 11-71N-21W Formerly called Benton Township cemetery.  
     Salem Cemetery SEC   3-71N-31W  Land to be used for the purpose of building a Church and establishing a cemetery was purchased from Francis Wilson and his wife, Adeline, for $50., deeded June 12, 1873. At a meeting of the Salem Chapel and cemetery trustees on January 2, 1875, the M. E. Church was made legal owner by deed of gift. About 1948 the local congregation purchased the church building and land and deeded the cemetery to Benton Township. Look-ups Mr. Myers
Cedar Township
     Allen Cemetery SEC 24-72N-20W    
     Bethel Cemetery SEC 9-72N-20W Bethel cemetery, the largest in Cedar township is very close to Bethel Church in Cedar Township  
     La Grange Cemetery SEC 25-72N-20W La Grange cemetery of cedar Township is almost on the Monroe County Line.  
     Prather Cemetery SEC 15-72N-20W Abandoned  
English Township
     Brownlee Cemetery SEC 21-73N-2 1W    
     Pine Hill Cemetery SEC 14-73N-21W    
     Spring Hill Cemetery  SEC 8-73N-21W    
Jackson Township      
     Fry Hill Cemetery SEC 13-72N-23W Fry Hill cemetery was established around 1880 on land owned by the Whitebreast Coal Company. The first burial of a mine accident victim is believed to be that of Shadrach Fry, hence the name of the cemetery, Cleveland Fry Hill. It is now maintained by the township.  
     Rose Hill Cemetery SEC l0-72N-23W Rose Hill cemetery as stones dating back to the 1860's marking graves of many of the earliest settlers of that area.  
Liberty Township
     Arnold Cemetery SEC   5-73N-22W AKA - Mills or Thomason  
     Mt. Zion Cemetery SEC 22-73N-22W    
     Parr Cemetery SEC 32-73N-22W AKA - Wheeler  
     Newbern Cemetery SEC   1-73N-22W
SEC 36-74N-22W
Lucas Co. portion - Straddles Lucas/Warren Co. Line
Warren Co. portion - see history
     Niswender Cemetery SEC 35-73N-22W    
Lincoln Township
     Calvary Cemetery SEC 21-72N-21W Established in 1869 for the use of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church parish.  
     Chariton Cemetery SEC 30-72N-21W

Located at the south edge of the city of Chariton. The first burial in this cemetery was that of Mary Sulphin Scott Howard, who with her husband John came to Iowa in 1849, there being but one house in Chariton at the time of their arrival. She died in Oct. of 1850 and was buried in a cemetery located where Columbus School now stands.

Partial Listing
     Douglass Cemetery SEC 32-72N-21W Located in Chariton Cemetery, said to be the oldest portion of Chariton Cemetery. Abandoned - lit Cemetery in the County Burials
     Oxford Cemetery SEC 11-72N-21W    
Otter Creek Township      
     Brinegar Cemetery SEC 27-73N-23W AKA - Eaton  
     Wells Pioneer Cemetery (formerly the Clore Cemetery) SEC 24-73N-23W AKA - Wells  
     Fletcher  Cemetery SEC l0-73N-23W    
     Graceland  Cemetery SEC   2-73N-23W    
     Norwood Cemetery SEC 15-73N-23W    
     Walker Cemetery SEC 19-73N-23W AKA - Black Cemetery Burials
     Wren Cemetery SEC 29-73N-23W Abandoned  
Pleasant Township
     BELINDA CEMETERY SEC 18-73N-20W AKA - Swede - Abandoned Burials
     Clear Cemetery SEC   3-73N-20W AKA - DeMoss  Abandoned - Only 1 burial  
     Coal Glen Cemetery SEC 14-73N-20W    
     Oak Hill SEC 25-73N-20W AKA - Stoneking  
     Strong Cemetery SEC   5-73N-20W    
     Zion Cemetery SEC 28-73N-20W    
Union Township
     Derby Cemetery SEC 13-71N-23W    
    Goshen Cemetery SEC 11-71N-23W    
    Last Chance Cemetery SEC   3-71N-23W   Burials
    Webb-Fisher Cemetery SEC 14-71N-23W    
Warren Township      
    Freedom Cemetery SEC 25-71N-22W    
    Gay Cemetery SEC   5-71N-22W Abandoned  
    Murray Cemetery SEC 29-71N-22W    
    Waynick Cemetery SEC 1-71N-22W    
Washington Township      
      Greenville Cemetery SEC 13-71N-20W    
      Russell Cemetery SEC   5-71N-20W 2nd largest cemetery in the county Partial Listing
Whitebreast Township
     Coontown Cemetery SEC   7-72N-22W Abandoned  
     County Farm Cemetery SEC 13-72N-22W Abandoned  
     Grimes Cemetery SEC 16-72N-22W    

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