Linn County Iowa


Marion High School
Class of 1909
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Individual Photos Close-up
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1. F. Stuart Rodgers

2. Lois A. Emmons

3. George E. Weis

4. Clarissa C. Kemp

5. Earl W. Horton

6. Leta I. Stinger

7. Sabra E. Clark

8. Arthur Shumack
Class Colors:
Green & White

9. Roy E. Leidigh

10. Maude Schultz

11. Helen D. Gage

12. Edward D. Manson

13. Martha G. Schlieman

14. Merle P. Cornelius

15. Laura J. Schminke

16. Laura C. Landis

17. Joseph Barnoske

18. Chloe B. Greer

19. Pauline E. Leverich

20. John H. Filmore

21. Roscoe B. Blinks
Class Motto:

"Be Square"

22. Ruth Kimball

23. Ethel F. Carver

24 Ralph D. Maxwell

25. Esther E. Patschke

26. Vesta M. Conger

27. John W. Stoufer

28. Estelle M. Rogers

29. Irvin L. Ford
Class Flower:
White Rose

(not named)

Original photos by:

Special thanks to Kathleen Barrett who found this photo in a house in Pasadena, California she and her husband purchased, previously owned by the family of Ralph Maxwell. It had been used for rental property for a long time, yet the photo somehow survived, even with so many people moving in and out!

Like a good genealogist, Kathleen searched census indexes in order to identify the school and location.  What a wonderful addition to the Linn County GenWeb site!

Thank You Kathleen!

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