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The Cedar Rapids Times, first established in 1850 under the name of the Progressive Era; edited by D. O. Fitch; succeeded by Mrs. Rock; she by Fred Lyman, and he by J. J. Child. In 1855 it was purchased by J. L. Enos, and its name changed to the Cedar Valley Times. In 1857 it was purchased by J. G. Davenport. He was succeeded by Messrs. Greene, with W. H. Merritt, editor; in 1859 was bought by C. M. Hollis; in 1866 by Ayers & Co., F. McClelland, editor; in 1867 was changed to its present name; and in 1868 was bought by Ayers Bros.; in 1870 by Ayers, McClelland & Co.; in 1874 by Ayers & McClelland, editors and proprietors. Circulation 1,200. Republican in politics.

The Cedar Rapids Republican, daily, was established March, 1872, by the Republican Printing Co., consisting of Judge George Greene, William Greene, J. F. Ely, and Charles Weare. It is the only daily paper in the county, and has an extensive circulation. The Weekly was established May, 1872; circulation about 1,800; issued Thursday; Robert Holmes, editor. At the same house is published

The Farmers' Journal, established June, 1872; devoted to the interest of farming, stock-raising, etc.; circulation, 10,075; issued monthly; edited by Alex. Charles.

The American Swine and Poultry Journal, established July, 1874, has purchased and merged the National Poultry Journal. Monthly; three-column quarto; circulation, 2,000. Ward & Dyer, editors and proprietors.

American Cattle Journal, devoted to the breeding and improvement of American cattle. The only paper of the kind in America. Alex. Charles, editor and proprietor.

The Standard, established first in Marion in 1868, under the name of Linn County Signal; moved to Cedar Rapids January, 1869, under F. H. Williams; bought by T. G. Newman & Son, editors. It is a nine-column paper. Circulation 1,000. Democratic in politics. The same house publishes

The American Bee Journal, a monthly devoted to bee culture; also

The Progressive Farmer, the organ of the State Agricultural College of Iowa.

AT MARION. The Prairie Star was started in 1852 by A. Hoyt, being the first in this place. It was afterwards changed to the Linn County Register, and is now edited by S. W. Rathbun. It is issued semi-weekly.

The Herald was the first Democratic organ, and this was succeeded by the Marion Democrat in 1860, but did not survive long. The Union Campaign succeeded in 1862, under the management of Dr. T. S. Bardwell.

The Linn County Signal, edited by F. H. Williams, was subsequently changed to Linn County Liberal, under the editorship of T. G. Newman. Defunct.

The Linn County Pilot commenced August, 1871, by C. W. Kepler, and is now conducted by Beaty & Willits, editors and proprietors. Issued weekly.

The Hope of Israel commenced in 1866; was changed to the Advent and Sabbath Advocate, under the charge of Jacob Brinkerhoff, editor and proprietor.

AT LISBON. The Lisbon Sun was established in 1874, W. T. Baker, editor; Democratic in politics.

AT MT. VERNON. The Linn County Hawk Eye, edited by S. H. Baun, was changed to Mount Vernon Hawk Eye, and at present edited by J. T. Rice. It was established about 1869. Republican in politics.

AT CENTER POINT. The Center Point Lotus was established about 1874. Henry A. Cook, editor. Independent in politics.

AT WESTERN. The Western Gazette was established at this place for a while, in the interest of the College. O. E. Hogue, editor. Suspended. A Bohemian paper in the Bohemian language is published at Western.

The Western Light, established by Shatto & Beatty, 1875; a seven-column paper. Issued Wednesday. Republican in politics.


1. Westport -- July, 1838, by Israel Mitchell, near Bertram.

2. Columbus -- September, 1838, by William Stone, where Cedar Rapids now stands.

3. Ivanhoe -- October, 1838, by Anson Cowles, since vacated.


1. Marion -- April, 1839, by board of commissioners; county seat, on sections 6 and 1, Marion Township; recorded January 26, 1844.

2. Cedar Rapids -- August, 1841, by N. B. Brown, et al., on section 21, Rapids Township.

3. Mount Vernon -- September 20, 1847; by A. J. Willits, et al., on section 10, Franklin Township.

4. Lisbon -- May 20, 1851, by John Kurtz, on section 11, Franklin Township.

5. Macsville -- June, 1852, by J. M. McClintick, on section 10, Fayette Township.

6. Center Point -- February 22, 1854, by S. Brice, et al., on section 9, Washington Township.

7. Palo -- June 10, 1854, by J. G. Cole, on section 29, Fayette Township.

8. Paris -- April, 1855, by Amos Bond, et al., on section 19, Jackson Township.

9. Paddington -- September 20, 1855, by G. Paddington, et al., on section 19, Maine Township.

10. Springville -- March 22, 1856, by H. White, et al., on section 28, Brown Township.

11. Fayette -- April 28, 1856, by Daniel Richard, on section 32, Fayette Township.

12. Western -- July 3, 1856, by Western College, on section 34, College Township.

13. Central City -- September 9, 1857, by R. Barber, et al., on section 3, Main Township.

14. Bertram -- April 18, 1858, by Iowa & Nebraska Land Co., on section 34, Bertram Township.

15. New Buffalo -- December 4, 1858, by M. Carpenter, on section 6, Rapids Township.

16. Waubeek -- October 28, 1859, by S. T. Buxton, et al., on section 18, Maine Township.

17. Cedar Bend -- June 9, 1860, by Jacob Sheets, on section 33, Fayette Township.

18. Viola -- June 21, 1861, by J. Leonard, et al., on section 14, Brown Township.

19. Vanderbilt -- May 22, 1863, by G. W. Vanderbilt, on section 16, Fairfax Township.

20. Prairieberg -- July 30, 1867, by N. Parsons, et al., on section 21, Bowider Township.

21. Troy -- November 10, 1869, by T. R. Ward, on section 5, Spring Grove Township.

22. Ely -- July 5, 1872, by J. F. Ely, on section 30, Putnam Township.

23. Walker -- July 8, 1873, by B. C. R. and M. Ry. Co., on section 4, Grant Township.

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Transcribed by Cheryl Siebrass August, 2015 from "A. T. Andreas Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa", Chicago: Andreas Atlas Co., 1875, pg. 438.

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