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Originally published in A. T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas
of the State of Iowa, 1875. Lakeside Building, Chicago, Illinois.
Pages 509-510.

Transcribed by Terry Carlson for the Linn County IAGenWeb for
personal research use only.  Some errors may exist, so refer to
the original publication for verification as needed.

Marion Township
Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Allen, M. B. Marion Attorney at Law Saratoga Springs, N.Y. 1856 Marion
Adams, D. W. Marion Clerk Aroostook Co., Me. 1869 Marion
Belden, D. C. Marion Produce and Commission Lenox, Mass. 1874 Marion
Brown, W. J. Marion Plow Manufacturer Ohio 1854 Marion
Buckman, Z. S. Marion Restaurant Middlesex Co., Mass. 1867 Marion
Bowman, Benj. Section 36 Farmer and Stock Dealer Lancaster Co., PA 1855 Marion
Crandell, A. W. Marion   Chemung Co., N.Y. 1867 Marion
Coulter, T. P. Marion County Auditor Butler Co., Pa. 1867 Marion
Crawford, I. L. Marion Clerk Dist. & Circuit Court Knox Co., Ohio 1853 Marion
Campbell, Alex Marion Attorney at Law Perthshire, Scotland 1869 Marion
Chatlain, A. Marion Jeweler Switzerland 1867 Marion
Caldwell, A. Marion Livery Decatur Co., Ind. 1840 Marion
Chamberlain, Lowell Marion Druggist Linn Co., Iowa 1851 Marion
Cheadle, C. R. Marion Merchant Tailor Linn Co., Iowa 1852 Marion
Cook, Wm. Section 7 Farmer Chester Co., Pa. 1851 Marion
Condit, E. Carr. Marion Dist. Supt. Am. Bible Soc'ty Mercer Co., Pa. 1861 Marion
Davis, J. C. Marion Attorney at Law Germany 1851 Marion
Daniels, A. Marion Dry Goods Merchant Massachusetts 1840 Marion
Dumont, J. W. Marion Wagon and Carriage Mnfr. Ohio 1849 Marion
Durham, S. W. Section 6 Farmer and Co. Surveyor Jackson Co., Ind. 1840 Marion
Daniels, Samuel Marion Deputy Recorder Columbiana Co., Ohio 1846 Marion
Davidson, G. W. Section 21 Farmer Richland Co., Ohio 1854 Marion
Delancey, Steven Section 16 Farmer Monroe Co., Ohio 1850 Marion
Fay, W. A. Marion Lumber Dealer Worcester, Mass 1872 Marion
Foulk, Chas. Marion Patentee and Manufacturer of Cabinet Bee Hive Trumbull Co., Ohio 1864 Marion
Gremm, H. Marion Physician Frankfort, Germany 1862 Marion
Granger, S. T. Section 31 Farmer Windsor Co., Vt. 1860 Marion
Hayzlett, J. G. Marion Agricultural Implements West Virginia 1853 Marion
Hindman, D. R. Marion Physician Chester Co., Pa. 1864 Marion
Hyman, A. Marion Grocery and Restaurant Center Co., Pa. 1858 Marion
Hazelton, J. H. Marion Deputy County Clerk Tioga Co., Pa. 1872 Marion
Hoover, Levi S. Section 27 Farmer Blair Co., Pa. 1866 Marion
Hutchinson, Wm. Section 28 Fine Stock Breeder Somerset Co., Me. 1868 Marion
Hollis, C. M. Marion Attorney at Law Norfolk Co., Mass 1861 Marion
Ives, J. E. Marion Grocer Linn Co., Iowa 1854 Marion
Jordan, Geo. E. Section 14 Farmer Linn Co., Iowa 1852 Marion
Jewett, C. Section 22 Farmer Maine 1868 Marion
Keyes, A. & Co. Marion Groceries and Crockery Estabished 1869 Marion
Keyes, A. Marion Groceries and Crockery Berkshire Co., Mass. 1843 Marion
Keyes, A. J. Marion Groceries and Crockery Linn Co., Iowa 1847 Marion
Lamson, W. H. Marion Carriage Trimmer, Harness and Saddle Maker Clinton Co., N.Y. 1854 Marion
Mitchell, Smyth & Co. Marion Proprietors Lint Works Established 1872 Marion
McAfee, D. T. Marion Live Stock & Produce Dir. Pennsylvania 1853 Marion
McDonald, T. J. Section 19 Farmer and Harness Mkr. Clark Co., Ind. 1849 Marion
McKean, A. J. Marion Books and Stationery Bradford Co., Pa. 1838 Marion
Mitchell, J. S. Marion Lint Works Ithaca, N.Y. 1872 Marion
Metzer, B. F. Marion Grocer Franklin Co., Pa. 1854 Marion
Martin, N. W. Section 23 Farmer Chester Co., Pa. 1841 Marion
Nelson, W. K. Marion Agricultural Implements Manchester, N.Y. 1872 Marion
Nicodemus, Joseph Marion Blacksmith Bedford Co., Pa. 1864 Marion
Oakley, D. G. Marion Butcher Susquehanna Co., Pa. 1864 Marion
Preston, I.M. & Son Marion Attorneys at Law Benington Co., Vt. 1840 Marion
Rathbun, S. W. Marion Editor Register Cedar Co., Iowa 1840 Marion
Rice, J. E. Marion Physician Crawford Co., Ind. 1874 Marion
Rowes, J. D. Marion Carpenter and Joiner Essex Co., N.Y. 1869 Marion
Robinson, John Section 25 Farmer Argyleshire, Scotland 1859 Marion
Sharp, B. H. Section 25 Millers & Merchants Morgan Co., Ill 1865 Marion
Samson, E. L. Section 25 Jeweler Genesee Co., N.Y. 1854 Marion
Stinson, A. Section 25 Agricultural Implements Ohio 1854 Marion
Stephens, R. D. Section 25 Pres. First National Bank Steuben Co., N.Y. 1855 Marion
Smyth, Jay J. Section 25 Lint Works Marion, Iowa 1853 Marion
Twogood, A. J. Section 1 Farmer and Banker Tompkins Co., N.Y. 1855 Marion
Vaughn, E. A. Section 30 Farmer Mercer Co., Pa. 1841 Marion
Willits, G.J. Marion Editor Pilot Linn Co., Iowa 1850 Marion
Wilson, George W. Marion Dry Goods, Notions, Jewelry, Clocks, Musical Int. Tailoring and Real Estate Pennsylvania 1840 Marion
Webb, John Taylor Marion Millers & Merchants Philadelphia, Pa. 1869 Marion
White, L. E. Marion Carpenter and Joiner Bristol Co., Mass. 1855 Marion
Young, J. B. Marion Attorney at Law Erie Co., Pa. 1846 Marion

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Monroe Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Albough, John Section 29 Farmer Blair Co., Pa. 1846 Cedar Rapids
Good, Henry Section 32 Farmer & Stock Dir. Lehigh Co., Pa. 1858 Cedar Rapids
Snyder, Thomas G. Section 19 Farmer & Pastor Stark Co., Ohio 1854 Cedar Rapids

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Otter Creek Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Arehart, Joseph Section 5 Farmer Portage Co., Ohio 1864 Center Point
Bell, G. W. Section 12 Farmer Muskingum Co., O. 1859 Fl'mingville
Elliott, H. L Section 6 Farmer Ohio 1841 Center Point
Fleming, Wm. Section 13 Far. & Stock Raiser Jefferson Co., Ind. 1844 Fl'mingville
Fleming, J. J. Section 14 Farmer Jefferson Co., Ind. 1843 Fl'mingville
Hablitzel, A. Section 32 Farmer & Mill. Prop. Switzerland 1856 Lafayette
Kirk, Thos. Section 5 Farmer Northamptonshire, England 1852 Center Point
Kelly, Frank Section 33 Blacksmith Ionia Co., Mich. 1874 Lafayette
Lawrence, A. J. Section 23 Farmer Morgan Co., Ohio 1855 Fl'mingville
Oliphant, L. Section 26 Gen'l Merchandise Linn Co., Iowa 1850 Center Point
Yambert, A. F. Section 29 Farmer and Stock Seneca Co., Ohio 1849 Lafayette

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Putnam Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Ballyet, Em. Ely Merchant Richland Co., Ohio 1873 Ely Station
Cairus, Wm. A. Section 29 Farmer West'rland Co., Pa. 1854 Ely Station
Clark, Thomas W. Section 28 Farmer Ayrshire, Scotland 1860 Ely Station
Fuhrmeister, A. J. Section 30 Farmer & Grain Dir. Prussia 1842 Ely Station
Healy, L. M. Ely Prop. Ely House Genesee Co., N.Y. 1867 Ely Station
Moreland, James Section 16 Farmer & Teacher Holmes Co., Ohio 1871 Ely Station
Rogers, John J. Section 28 Farmer Ohio 1838 Ely Station
Stream, G. C. Section 30 Farmer Loudon Co., Va. 1855 Ely Station

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Rapids Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Ayers & McClelland Cedar Rapids Pub. Cedar Rapids Times Estabished 1850 Cedar Rapids
Baerthel, Conrad Cedar Rapids Chicago House Germany 1868 Cedar Rapids
Baerthel, Julius Cedar Rapids Dubuque House Germany 1869 Cedar Rapids
Boylen, Charles Cedar Rapids Bakery & Confectionery Dublin, Ireland 1868 Cedar Rapids
Brown, N. B. Cedar Rapids Milling and Manufacturing Susex Co., NJ 1840 Cedar Rapids
Bank, Union Savings Cedar Rapids Geo. Greene, President Organized 1870 Cedar Rapids
Brown, James Cedar Rapids House and Orna. Painter Brooklyn, NY 1872 Cedar Rapids
Bowling, O. S. Section 34 Farmer Westmoreland Co. PA 1838 Cedar Rapids
Bear, Christian Section 34 Farmer Switzerland 1854 Cedar Rapids
Bates, James Section 14 Farmer Chautauqua Co., NY 1854 Cedar Rapids
Bower, Samuel Section 14 Nurseryman Yorkshire, England 1854 Cedar Rapids
Bull, J. W. Cedar Rapids Attorney at Law Berks Co., PA 1864 Cedar Rapids
Bennett, C. S. Cedar Rapids Life Insurance Oneida Co., NY 1862 Cedar Rapids
Brash, A. H. Cedar Rapids Druggist Germany 1866 Cedar Rapids
Buttel, Henry Cedar Rapids Restaurant Germany 1872 Cedar Rapids
Boshan, Thos Cedar Rapids Saloon Bohemia 1870 Cedar Rapids
Bures, John Cedar Rapids Farmer Bohemia 1861 Cedar Rapids
Barkley, E. C. Cedar Rapids Carpenter and Builder Bourbon Co., KY 1849 Cedar Rapids
Brecht, A. Cedar Rapids Vinegar Works Baden, Germany 1869 Cedar Rapids
Curless, John M. Cedar Rapids Inventor & Mech. Engineer Brown Co., Ohio 1852 Cedar Rapids
Chapman, J. A. Cedar Rapids Excelsior Carriage Mnfr. Kennebec Co., ME 1873 Cedar Rapids
Colton & Wakefield Cedar Rapids Musical Instruments Illinois and New York 1866 Cedar Rapids
Coenen Bros. Cedar Rapids Saloon Prussia 1859 Cedar Rapids
Carpenter, G. Cedar Rapids Farmer Lancaster Co., PA 1852 Cedar Rapids
Cooper, W. Cedar Rapids Groceries, Glass and Crockeryware Scotland 1856 Cedar Rapids
Condit, C. E. Cedar Rapids Music Dealer Delaware Co., Ohio 1868 Cedar Rapids
Cook, C. C. Cedar Rapids Real Estate and Insurance Niagara Co., N.Y. 1839 Cedar Rapids
Collier, A. D. Cedar Rapids Attorney at Law Muscatine Co., Iowa 1840 Cedar Rapids
Chrisler, W. J. Cedar Rapids Agl. Implements and Seeds Schenectady Co., N.Y. 1869 Cedar Rapids
Canfield, J. M. Cedar Rapids Dyer Saratoga Co., N.Y. 1853 Cedar Rapids
Dworak, J. J. Cedar Rapids Dry Goods Bohemia 1874 Cedar Rapids
Dows, S. L. Cedar Rapids Capitalist New York City 1854 Cedar Rapids
Davis, John A. Cedar Rapids Groceries Ireland 1856 Cedar Rapids
Doorak, Frank Cedar Rapids Boots and Shoes Bohemia 1860 Cedar Rapids
Epley, Henry V. Cedar Rapids Brick & Stone Work, Mnfr. And Contractor Hancock Co., Ohio 1870 Cedar Rapids
Ellis, Robert Section 17 Farmer Westmoreland Co. PA 1838 Cedar Rapids
Eaton, C. W. Cedar Rapids Hardware Vermont 1858 Cedar Rapids
Eugermayer, Jacob J. Cedar Rapids Harness and Saddle Mnfr. Bohemia 1864 Cedar Rapids
Ely, John F. Cedar Rapids Physician Rochester, NY 1848 Cedar Rapids
Farr, Mark C. Cedar Rapids Real Estate and Insurance Caledonia Co., VT 1860 Cedar Rapids
Foote, A. R. Cedar Rapids Frgt. Agt. B.C.R. & M.R.R. St. Lawrence Co., NY 1873 Cedar Rapids
Graves & Chandler Cedar Rapids Books and Stationery Established 1867 Cedar Rapids
Greene, George Cedar Rapids Pres. B.C.R.& M. R.R. and Union Savings Bank England 1839 Cedar Rapids
Goering, Louis Cedar Rapids Germania House Germany 1872 Cedar Rapids
Green, H. C. Cedar Rapids Music Hall Rhode Island 1874 Cedar Rapids
Green, Geo. H. Cedar Rapids Asst. Treasurer Oil Mill Burlington, Iowa 1845 Cedar Rapids
Glass, J. P. Section 9 Farmer and Woolen Mnfr. Pittsburgh, Pa. 1843 Cedar Rapids
Garlow, John Cedar Rapids Victor Sewing Machine Marshall Co., Va. 1862 Cedar Rapids
Graves, J. G. Cedar Rapids Books and Stationery Westford, N.Y. 1862 Cedar Rapids
Greene, Wm. Cedar Rapids Railroad Manager England 1842 Cedar Rapids
Gilmore, R. H. Cedar Rapids Attorney at Law Androscoggin Co., Me 1865 Cedar Rapids
Goodrich, J. E. Cedar Rapids Valley City Hotel Oneida Co., N.Y. 1855 Cedar Rapids
Herkner, C. Cedar Rapids Butcher Bohemia 1866 Cedar Rapids
Hruska, Joseph Cedar Rapids Groceries Bohemia 1868 Cedar Rapids
Hesse, John Cedar Rapids Carriage and Wagon Mnfr. Germany 1852 Cedar Rapids
Hebek, Joseph Cedar Rapids Blacksmith Bohemia 1866 Cedar Rapids
Hallowcll, Thos. D. Cedar Rapids Produce Berks Co., Pa. 1872 Cedar Rapids
Higus, Andrew Cedar Rapids Engineer B.,C.R.& M.R.R. York Co., Pa. 1847 Cedar Rapids
Hale, Hiel Cedar Rapids City Marshal Columbianna Co., Ohio 1849 Cedar Rapids
Horak, F. T. Cedar Rapids Grocer Bohemia 1867 Cedar Rapids
Iowa R. R. Land Co. Cedar Rapids Sale of Railroad Lands Organized 1870 Cedar Rapids
Jacobs, Al A. Cedar Rapids Salesman Vermont 1867 Cedar Rapids
Kinney, J. R. Cedar Rapids Physician New Hampshire 1874 Cedar Rapids
Knowles, A. D. Cedar Rapids Music Dealer New Haven, Conn. 1865 Cedar Rapids
Keith, E. J. Section 24 Farmer and Stock Raiser Bristol Co., Mass. 1865 Cedar Rapids
Kilborn, W. F. Cedar Rapids Photographer Canada 1864 Cedar Rapids
Kozloosky, W. J. Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids Hotel Austria 1846 Cedar Rapids
Lowry, C. Rev. Cedar Rapids Clergyman Ohio 1845 Cedar Rapids
Listebarger, J. H. Section 19 Farmer Westmoreland Co., Pa. 1839 Cedar Rapids
Lensch, W. Cedar Rapids Groceries and Provisions Holstein, Germany 1856 Cedar Rapids
Lilly, Samuel Cedar Rapids Druggist Fairfield Co., Ohio 1854 Cedar Rapids
Magnus, Christian Cedar Rapids Brewer Germany 1857 Cedar Rapids
Morton, C. J. Cedar Rapids Vice Pres., Cedar Rapids Live Stock Association Syracuse, N.Y. 1874 Cedar Rapids
Mansfield, E. L. Cedar Rapids Physician Athens Co., Ohio 1847 Cedar Rapids
Mattocks, J. L. Cedar Rapids Cooper Mercer Co., Pa. 1848 Cedar Rapids
Merkes, P. B. Cedar Rapids Barber Lorraine, France 1855 Cedar Rapids
Moor, P. Cedar Rapids Physician Trumbull Co., Ohio 1870 Cedar Rapids
Michelson, L. A. Cedar Rapids National Saloon Germany 1866 Cedar Rapids
Marvin, J. C. Cedar Rapids Four and Feed Chemung Co., N.Y. 1874 Cedar Rapids
Milversted, C. M. Cedar Rapids Bookkeeper Lucas Co., Ohio 1855 Cedar Rapids
May, J. M. Cedar Rapids Attorney at Law & Real Est. Washington Co., N.Y. 1853 Cedar Rapids
Markert, F. & Co. Cedar Rapids Grocers Erie Co., N.Y. 1866 Cedar Rapids
Nichols & Davidson Cedar Rapids Attorneys at Law New York and Pa. 1864-5 Cedar Rapids
Newman, Thos. G. Cedar Rapids Cedar Rapids Standard Established 1859 Cedar Rapids
Nemecek, Mat. Cedar Rapids Saddle and Harness Maker Bohemia 1865 Cedar Rapids
Ottmar, M. Cedar Rapids Boots and Shoes Germany 1869 Cedar Rapids
Olmsted, G. M. Cedar Rapids Clerk Lewis Co., N.Y. 1865 Cedar Rapids
Prentiss, J. O. Cedar Rapids Grain Dealer Madison Co., N.Y. 1860 Cedar Rapids
Pirkel, F. J. Cedar Rapids Music Dealer Bohemia 1869 Cedar Rapids
Parr, George Cedar Rapids Grocer England 1854 Cedar Rapids
Pomeroy, E. F. Cedar Rapids Soap and Candle Mnfr. Hampden Co., Mass. 1868 Cedar Rapids
Pettinger, A. Cedar Rapids Proprietor Pacific House Germany 1868 Cedar Rapids
Putnam, F. A. Cedar Rapids Painter Livingston Co., N.Y. 1872 Cedar Rapids
Podhaisky, Joseph Cedar Rapids Shoemaker and Musician Bohemia 1861 Cedar Rapids
Palak, J. Cedar Rapids Public Scales Austria 1854 Cedar Rapids
Ristine, H. Cedar Rapids Physician Jefferson Co., Ind. 1842 Cedar Rapids
Reuchin, Joseph Cedar Rapids Boots and Shoes Bohemia 1856 Cedar Rapids
Robins, Elihu Section 18 Farmer and Lime Burner Belmont Co., Ohio 1846 Cedar Rapids
Rapp, Wm. D. Section 16 Florist and Grape Raiser Germany 1861 Cedar Rapids
Ramsdell, D. B. Cedar Rapids Pattern Maker St. Lawrence Co., NY 1857 Cedar Rapids
Republican Print Co. Cedar Rapids Printers and Bookbinders Established 1872 Cedar Rapids
Rifenburg, A. G. Cedar Rapids Photographer Cayuga Co., N.Y. 1861 Cedar Rapids
Stewart, Wm. Cedar Rapids Farmer Mercer Co., Pa. 1846 Cedar Rapids
Smith, T. H. Cedar Rapids Supt. Public Schools Harrison Co., Ohio 1871 Cedar Rapids
Skinner, G. R. Cedar Rapids Physician Monroe Co., N.Y. 1871 Cedar Rapids
Shafer & Persons Cedar Rapids Livery Estabished 1870 Cedar Rapids
Sinclair, T.M. & Co. Cedar Rapids Pork Packing Ireland 1871 Cedar Rapids
Sosel, Joseph Cedar Rapids Attorney at Law Bohemia 1855 Cedar Rapids
Smith, H. J. Cedar Rapids Attorney at Law Onondaga Co., N.Y. 1860 Cedar Rapids
Schlemm, C. Cedar Rapids Physician Germany 1859 Cedar Rapids
Silloway, B. Cedar Rapids Proprietor Brown's Hotel Washington Co., Vt. 1870 Cedar Rapids
Scott, M. C. Cedar Rapids Pickle Factory England 1850 Cedar Rapids
Sterneman, C. R. Cedar Rapids Dentist Loudon Co., Va. 1865 Cedar Rapids
Thiesen, Thos. Cedar Rapids Grocer Germany 1866 Cedar Rapids
Teeter, John Cedar Rapids Butcher Elkhart Co., Ind. 1874 Cedar Rapids
Traer, J. W. Cedar Rapids Banker Knox Co., Ohio 1844 Cedar Rapids
Vance, J. & Son Cedar Rapids Grocers Ireland and Wisconsin 1861 Cedar Rapids
Williams, Geo. & Co. Cedar Rapids Brewery Johnson Co., Iowa 1846 Cedar Rapids
Wells, Charles Cedar Rapids Confectionery New Jersey 1864 Cedar Rapids
Williams, A. L. Cedar Rapids Coal Operator Wales 1873 Cedar Rapids
Wider, Ferdinand Cedar Rapids Upholsterer Germany 1870 Cedar Rapids
Wenzel, George Cedar Rapids Hotel Illinois 1857 Cedar Rapids
Waggoner, G. J. Cedar Rapids Physician Canada 1853 Cedar Rapids
Warmley, David Cedar Rapids Merchant's Dining Hal Ontario Co., N.Y. 1865 Cedar Rapids
Wagner, N. J. Cedar Rapids Furniture Prussia 1874 Cedar Rapids
Witonsek, F. Cedar Rapids Dry Goods Moravia, Austria 1854 Cedar Rapids
Wynn, Geo. W. Cedar Rapids Superintendent Oil Mill Wayne Co., Ohio 1856 Cedar Rapids
Walker, W. W. Cedar Rapids Supt. B., C.R. & M.R.R. Otsego Co., N.Y. 1856 Cedar Rapids
Weatherby, C. J. Cedar Rapids Dist. Agt. Iowa Life Ins. Co. Branch Co., Mich. 1857 Cedar Rapids
Walker, Chas. E. Cedar Rapids Mnfr. Sash, Doors & Blinds Otsego Co., N.Y. 1864 Cedar Rapids
Wescott, H. R. Cedar Rapids Paper Box Manufacturer Hancock Co., Me 1869 Cedar Rapids

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Spring Grove Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Chester, A. W. Troy Mills Gen'l Merchandise Otsego Co., N.Y. 1872 Troy Mills
Dix, J. A. Troy Mills Physician Champaign Co., O. 1867 Troy Mills
Fay, D. S. Troy Mills Hardware Champaign Co., O. 1854 Troy Mills
Fisher, E. B. Section 10 Farmer Oswego Co., N.Y. 1865 Troy Mills
Ward, T. R. Troy Mills Prop. Troy Mills Champaign Co., O. 1859 Troy Mills
Wilson, E. D. Troy Mills Physician Delaware Co., Ohio 1850 Troy Mills

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Washington Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Annent, J. N. Center Point Jeweler Wayne Co., Ind. 1868 Center Point
Bartleson, J. M. Center Point Groceries, Boots and Shoes Berkley Co., Va. 1854 Center Point
Bates, W. N. Center Point Salesman Ontario Co., N.Y. 1851 Center Point
Cook, H. N. Center Point Editor Lotus Linn Co., Iowa 1850 Center Point
Coon, S. H. Center Point Farmer and Stock Raiser Otsego Co., N.Y. 1857 Center Point
Dickson, W. H. Center Point Hardware Chautauqua Co., NY 1864 Center Point
Davis, L. S. Center Point Hom. Physician & Surgeon Dutchess Co., N.Y. 1863 Center Point
Dame, Charles Center Point Pastor Cong. Church York Co., Me. 1870 Center Point
Kurtz, C. H. Center Point Gen. Mdse. & Stock Dealer Lancaster Co., PA 1847 Center Point
Kubias, Albert Center Point Harness Shop Austria 1862 Center Point
Kratzer, L. M. Center Point Hotel Brown Co., Ohio 1864 Center Point
Leslie, Lamb & Co. Center Point Dlrs. In Musical Inst. Iowa Co., Wis. 1850 Center Point
Lemaster, Stephen Section 1 Farmer Johnson Co., Ky. 1867 Center Point
McClellan, J. S. Center Point General Merchandise Green Co., Pa. 1864 Center Point
Moore, J. P. Center Point General Grocer Tuscarawas Co., Ohio 1853 Center Point
Manahan, D. G. Center Point Billiard Hall     Center Point
Marshall, A. L. Center Point Attorney at Law Otsego Co., N.Y. 1856 Center Point
Moore, Samuel Section 5 Farmer Antrim Co., Ireland 1838 Center Point
Martin, H. H. Section 2 Farmer     Center Point
Maney, James S. Section 6 Farmer Ohio 1853 Center Point
Newland, H. D. Section 20 Farmer and Stock Dealer Union Co., Ohio 1866 Center Point
Nevin, Wm. Center Point General Merchandise Pickaway Co., Ohio 1840 Center Point
Nevin, N. Center Point Harness Maker Pickaway Co., Ohio 1840 Center Point
Speakman, T. J. Center Point Attorney at Law Columbinana Co., Ohio 1859 Center Point
Seeley, Benj. Center Point Livery Washington Co., N.Y. 1862 Center Point
Soper & Hilliard Center Point Restaurant Clinton Co., N.Y. 1861 Center Point
Thomas, Alex Section 7 Farmer and Miller Province Ontario 1840 Center Point
Taferty, James Section 4 Farmer Monroe Co., Va. 1855 Center Point
Wilson, J. F. & Co. Center Point Mnfrs. Patent Medicines     Center Point
Wilson, J. F. Center Point Mnfr. Patent Medicines Maryland 1854 Center Point
Webb, Miles Section 3 Farmer Johnson Co., Ind. 1852 Center Point

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