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Linn County Patrons
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Originally published in A. T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas
of the State of Iowa, 1875. Lakeside Building, Chicago, Illinois.
Pages 509-510.

Transcribed by Terry Carlson for the Linn County IAGenWeb for
personal research use only.  Some errors may exist, so refer to
the original publication for verification as needed.


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Bertram Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Berry, Robert Section 27 Farmer Butler Co., Ohio 1851 Bertram
Harman, S. T. Bertram Merchant & P.M. Johnson Co., Iowa   Bertram
Knowles, R. W. Bertram Druggist Clinton Co., N.Y. 1855 Bertram

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Boulder Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Burnside, M. Prairieburg Hotel and P.M. Otsego Co., N.Y. 1865 Prairieburg
Ford, Ed.   Far. & Stock Raiser Berkshire Co., Mass. 1855 Prairieburg
Hill, Thomas Section 29 Miller England 1868 Prairieburg
McBeath, D. Section 30 Farmer British America 1858 Prairieburg

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Brown Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Butler, J. S. Section 28 Farmer Ohio 1840 Springville
Brown, H. N. Section 32 Farmer Pennsylvania 1838 Springville
Bolton, Abram Section 33 Farmer Indiana 1849 Springville
Bruce, Harvey Springville Prop. Bruce House Massachusetts 1856 Springville
Christman, John Springville Merchant France 1837 Springville
Durno, Geo. L. Springville Merchant and P.M. Aberdeenshire, Sco. 1858 Springville
Gregg, E. L. Springville Wagon Mnfr. Ohio 1853 Springville
Heald, Ezra Section 6 Farmer Columbiana Co., Ohio 1867 Springville
James, S. & Co. Setion 1 Q'rym'n. & Stone Dir. England 1871 Viola
Marshall, S. H. Viola Merchant Connecticut 1854 Viola
Matson, S. G. Section 1 Physician Vermont 1845 Viola
Storrs, A. Section 26 Farmer Ohio 1849 Springville

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Clinton Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Buchanan, Geo. Section 24 Farmer Sterlingshire, Scot. 1852 Cedar Rapids
Furman, Wm. H. Section 23 Farmer, Apiarist & Dairyman Chenango Co., N.Y. 1855 Cedar Rapids
Kelsey, James C. Section 14 Farmer Niagara Co., N.Y. 1851 Cedar Rapids
Lafler, Hosea Section 11 Farmer Geauga Co., Ohio 1855 Cedar Rapids
Lord, T. Section 22 Farmer Lancashire, England 1854 Cedar Rapids
Messenger, G. W. Section 25 Farmer Knox Co., Ohio 1854 Cedar Rapids
Rogers, Wm. H. Section 24 Farmer Ashtabula Co., O. 1856 Cedar Rapids
Stark, A. Section 19 Farmer Bavaria, Germany 1856 Cedar Rapids
Tordoff, Geo. Section 19 Farmer Yorkshire, England 1855 Cedar Rapids
Usher, Dyer Section 11 Farmer Genesee Co., N.Y. 1836 Cedar Rapids
Weathertox, C. T. Section 4 Farmer Kane Co., Ill. 1854 Palo

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College Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Anderson, S. Western College Carpenter Washington Co., Md. 1864 Western College
Bures, Joseph Section 35 Farmer Bohemia 1863 Western College
Bowman, H. S. Western College Attorney at Law Johnson Co., Iowa   Western College
Bowman, Martin Western College Minister Franklin Co., Pa. 1852 Western College
Dilling, H. A. Section 34 Farmer Blair Co., Pa. 1842 Western College
Fuller, A. Section 22 Farmer Luzerne Co., Pa. 1854 Western College
Jeffries, L. A. Western College Painter Huntindon Co., Pa. 1872 Western College
Kurz, Frank Western College Pastor and Editor Austria 1859 Western College
Koontz, S. C. Section 4 Farmer & Physician Fairfield Co., Ohio 1850 Cedar Rapids
Kephart, E. B. Western College Pres. Western College Clearfield Co., Pa. 1868 Western College
Konigsmark, Jos. Section 32 Farmer Bohemia 1862 Western College
Niles, Henry Section 8 Farmer Chenango Co., N.Y. 1860 Cedar Rapids
Pope, T. L. Section 12 Farmer Jefferson Co., N.Y. 1864 Cedar Rapids
Pulis, A. B. Section 17 Farmer Wayne Co., Pa. 1860 Cedar Rapids
Perry, Adam Western College Farmer Greembriar Co., Va. 1846 Western College
Resch, Fredrick Section 15 Farmer Baden, Germany 1865 Western College
Smith, P. D. Western College Miller Lehigh Co., Pa. 1855 Western College
Shuey, W. H. Western College Att'y at Law & P. M. Augusta Co., Va. 1854 Western College
Wagner, W. B. Western College Physician & Surgeon Dauphin Co., Pa. 1856 Western College
Wilson, Philip Section 15 Farmer Henry Co., Iowa 1851 Cedar Rapids

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Fairfax Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Barkley, Wm. H. Section 26 Farmer Brocking Co., Ky. 1865 Fairfax
Firkins, J. W. Fairfax Physician Knox Co., Ill. 1845 Fairfax
Holman, J. A. Section 16 Farmer Juniata Co., PA 1868 Fairfax
Hedges, J. S. Fairfax Lumber & Grain Dir. Steuben Co., N.Y. 1866 Fairfax
Jehu, Evan Section 35 Farmer Wales 1850 Cedar Rapids
Lockhart, Robert Section 3 Farmer Scotland 1853 Cedar Rapids
Lefebure, Emile Section 22 Far. & Nurseryman Belgium 1861 Fairfax
McKeel, A. M. Section 9 Far. & Stock Raiser Tompkins Co., N.Y. 1856 Fairfax
McDougald, D. Section 11 Farmer Halifax, N.B. 1856 Cedar Rapids
McClue, J. S. Section 27 Farmer Juniata Co., PA 1859 Fairfax
Ure, Jams Section 5 Far. & Stock Dealer Sterlingshire, Scot. 1841 Fairfax
Ure, Wm. Section 6 Far. & Stock Dealer Sterlingshire, Scot. 1841 Fairfax
Ure, Miss Margaret Section 7 Farmer Sterlingshire, Scot. 1841 Fairfax
VanBoskirk, Walt. Section 35 Far. & Stock Dealer Luzerne Co., Pa. 1860 Fairfax
Wallace, J. M. Fairfax Lumber & Grain Dir. Hillsbor'gh Co., N.H. 1865 Fairfax

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Fayette Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Bloodgood, Lewis E. Section 30 Farmer Greene Co., N.Y. 1865 Shellsburg
Crawford, O. P. Palo Clergyman Orange Co., Ind. 1867 Palo
Hawkins, Miss E. M. Palo Milliner Knox Co., Ohio 1858 Palo
McManes, Joseph   Farmer West'rleland Co., Pa. 1847 Palo
Ray, John H. Section 9 Farmer Stockholm, Sweden 1855 Palo
Wishard, W.S. Palo Teacher Guernsey Co., Ohio 1874 Palo

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Franklin Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Bauman, S. H. Mt. Vernon P.M. and Editor Mt. Vernon Hawkeye Wayne Co., Ohio 1854 Mt. Vernon
Beemer, H. Lisbon Marble Dealer Canada West 1866 Lisbon
Brown, H. C. Mt. Vernon Traveling Salesman Whiteside Co., Ill 1861 Mt. Vernon
Carley, S. J. W. Mt. Vernon Merchant Onondaga Co., N.Y. 1850 Mt. Vernon
Clark, S. A. Lisbon Agt. C. & N. W. R.R. Washington Co., Vt. 1866 Lisbon
Eberhart, M. H. Mt. Vernon Photographer Venango Co., Pa. 1858 Mt. Vernon
Fisher, P. J. Lisbon Attorney at Law and Collecting Agent Clermont Co., Ohio 1856 Lisbon
Floyd, Martin Lisbon Merch. And Mnfr. Of Boots & Shoes Lancaster Co., PA 1850 Lisbon
Guild, E. L. Mt. Vernon Prop. Mt. Vernon House Chenango Co., N.Y. 1867 Mt. Vernon
Hauser, H. B. Lisbon Prop. Iowa House Monnroe Co., Pa. 1869 Mt. Vernon
Herron, J. P. Section 11 Farmer Schoharie Co., N.Y. 1868 Mt. Vernon
Houpt, A. P. Lisbon Pastor Evan'l Church Armstrong Co., Pa. 1872 Lisbon
King, Wm. F. Mt. Vernon Pres. Cornell College Musckingum Co., O. 1862 Mt. Vernon
Kepler, Henry Section 5 Farmer Frederick Co., Md. 1839 Mt. Vernon
Moore, Ed. Lisbon Restaurant & Conf'r. Lycoming Co., Pa. 1858 Lisbon
Morton, David G. Lisbon Prop. N. York House New Hampshire 1856 Lisbon
Neidig, A. J. Section 5 Farmer Dauphin Co., Pa. 1850 Mt. Vernon
Power, W. G. Mt. Vernon Sec'y Lisbon Mfrg. Co Des Moines Co., Ia.   Mt. Vernon
Rice, J. T. Mt. Vernon Attorney at Law Frederick Co., Md. 1842 Mt. Vernon
Sessions, C. M. Mt. Vernon Merchant Jefferson Co., N.Y. 1856 Mt. Vernon
Smyth, Robert Section 8 Farmer Tyrone Co., Ireland 1850 Mt. Vernon
Sill, D. T. Section 11 Farmer Jefferson Co., N.Y. 1865 Lisbon
Simonds, John L. Mt. Vernon Pump Manufacturer Chautauqua Co., NY 1871 Mt. Vernon
Smith, James J. Mt. Vernon Farmer and Trader Knox Co., Ohio 1855 Mt. Vernon
Thomas, E. J. Section 14 Far. & Nurseryman Orleans Co., N.Y. 1854 Mt. Vernon
Vansant, W. B. Mt. Vernon Merchant Howard Co., Md. 1853 Mt. Vernon
Williams, S. N. Mt. Vernon Prof. Civil Engin'g Cornell College Clinton Co., N.Y. 1872 Mt. Vernon
Ziegenfus, J. Wes. Lisbon Editor Lisbon Sun Northa'pton Co., Pa. 1850 Lisbon

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Grant Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Bettey, John T. Section 16 Farmer Vermont 1853 Walker
Burns, James B. Section 34 Farmer Wicklow, Ireland 1854 Center Point
Crawford, H. Section 16 Farmer New York 1864 Walker
Morrow, James A. Section 35 Farmer Pennsylvania 1855 Center Point
Richardson, R. Section 21 Farmer New York 1852 Center Point

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Jackson Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Doane, L. C. Section 5 Far. Carp'r & Joiner Washington Co., N.Y. 1866 Nugents Grove
Ellis, Jonathan   Farmer New York 1856 Anamosa
French, D. F. Section 3 Farmer Washington Co., N.Y. 1866 Nugents Grove
Green Bros' Section 3 Millers & Merchants Venango Co., Pa. 1845 Nugents Grove
Goldsbery E. A. Section 21 Farmer Ross Co., Ohio 1850 Paris
Hutchinson, H. S. Section 8 Farmer Oneida Co., N.Y. 1856 Paris
Hadsall, H. L. Section 32 Farmer Susqueh'na Co., Pa. 1865 Central City
Henderson, P. G. Section 28 Farmer Lower Canada 1854 Central City
Justine, Frank Paris Boarding House Wayne Co., Ohio 1843 Paris
Joslyn, M. B. Section 6 Farmer Lake Co., Ill 1864 Nugents Grove
Manner, H. W. Paris Carpenter & Joiner Richland Co., Ohio 1868 Paris
Phillips, F. M. Section 5 Farmer Oswego Co., N.Y. 1856 Nugents Grove
Patterson, L. A. Section 36 Farmer Ashland Co., Ohio 1855 Central City
Scott, W. H. H. Section 12 Farmer Clermont Co., Ohio 1854 Nugents Grove

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Linn Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Johnston, F. J. Section 3 Far. And Notion Dir. Ireland 1870 Martelle
Leigh, J. B. Section 28 Farmer Butler Co., Ohio 1851 Mt. Vernon
Newland, A. H. Section 13 Farmer St. Lawrence Co., NY 1861 Martelle
Stinger, P.M. Section 21 Farmer Dist. Of Columbia 1844 Mt. Vernon
Yeisly [listed as Teisly], Geo. A. Section 21 Farmer Monroe Co., PA 1839 Mt. Vernon
Walton, John Section 26 Farmer England 1844 Lisbon

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Maine Township

Name Residence Business Nativity to state Post-Office
Barnes, O. Waubeck Gen'l Merchandise Onondaga Co., N.Y. 1864 Waubeck
Clyde, C. A. Waubeck Blacksmith Mercer Co., Pa. 1846 Waubeck
Clyde, O. L. Waubeck Blacksmith Mercer Co., Pa. 1846 Waubeck
Griffin, N. E. Waubeck Blacksmith & Wagon Maker Jackson Co., Iowa 1849 Waubeck
Hotchkin, J. K. Waubeck Pioneer Store & P.M. Sullivan Co., N.Y. 1857 Waubeck
Hamilton, R. T. Waubeck Blacksmith Scotland 1871 Waubeck
Isbell, Geo. A. Central City Druggist Linn Co., Iowa 1851 Central City
Lamb, T. C. Waubeck Physician Vermont 1831 Waubeck
Manchester, A. W. Waubeck Physician & Druggist Rhode Island 1865 Waubeck
Richardson, H. R. Section 5 Farmer Washington Co., Me. 1854 Central City
Snow, H. M. Waubeck Hotel Proprietor Cincinnati, Ohio 1841 Waubeck

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