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Linn County Farmers Directory from the 1895 Atlas

Name, Section, Township Number, Range, Occupation and Post Office Address

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Bertram Township -
Achey, John, 34-83-6, laborer, Bertram
Anderson, J. C., 23-83-6, renter, Marion
Anderson, Christian, 19-83-6, farmer, Bertram
Allen, Geo. W., 34-83-6, storekeeper, Bertram
Allen, Wesley, 34-83-6, laborer, Bertram
Allen, J. E., 34-83-6, laborer, Bertram
Aucutt, H. J., 3-83-6, laborer, Bertram

Bowlder Township —
Ammittoe 17-86-5, Bros., renters, Prairieburg
Ary, E., 29-86-5, farmer, Prairieburg
Ary, W. H., 21-86-5, farmer, Prairieburg
Ary, Nathaniel, 5-86-5, farmer, Prairieburg

Brown Township -
Ackley, B. C., 14-84-5, farmer, Viola
Anderson, James, 12-84-5, farmer, Viola
Anderson, Win., 14-84-5, laborer, Viola
Anderson, Jacob, 11-84, farmer, Viola
Anderson, Samuel, 12-84-5, farmer, Viola
Anderson, L. E., 1-84-5, farmer, Viola
Armstrong, F. E., 14-84-5, laborer, Viola
Armstrong, Geo., 11-84-5, renter, Viola
Armstrong, W. H., 4-84-5, renter, Springville
Armstrong, John, 4-84-5, renter, Waubeek
Austin, A. N., 2-84-5, truck farm, Viola

Buffalo Township —
Anderson & Son, 14-85-5, farmer, Anamosa
Andrews, Samuel R., 15-85-5, laborer, Waubeek

Clinton Township —
Allen, Urvin, 15-83-8, laborer, Covington
Aubright, David, 6-83-8, fanner, Palo

College Township —
Andrel, Frank, 31-82-7, laborer, Western
Anderson, F. B., 31-82-7, carpenter, Western

Fairfax Township —
Alberts, Samuel, 1-82-8, farmer, Cedar Rapids
Arnold, J. A., retired farmer, Fairfax
Anderly, Wesley, blacksmith, Fairfax

Fayette Township —
Adair, John C., 5-84-8, farmer, Palo

Grant Township -
Abbe, C. C., 25-86-8, Farmer, Walker
Abbe, O., 25-86-8, farmer. Center Point
Arnell, Ed., 34-86-8, farmer, Center Point
Alexander, D. A., 25-86-8, renter, Center Point

Jackson Township —
Annis, Chas., 11-86-6, laborer, Coggon
Annis, Wilber, 11-86-6, farmer, Coggon
Ashby, J. H., 3-86-6, farmer, Coggon

Linn Township —
Aler, Phillip, 24-83-5, farmer, Mt. Vernon
Aler, M. B., 24-83-5, farmer, Mt. Vernon

Maine Township —
Abbott, J. A., 24-85-6, minister, Waubeck
Adams, Wm., 23-85-6, laborer, Waubeek
Aikens, George. 7-85-6, farmer, Central City
Aikens, Eel., 7-85-6, farmer, Central City
Annett, Samuel, 8-85-6, farmer, Central Cily
Andrews, Luther, 23-85-6. farmer, Central City
Andrews, M. A., 23-85-6, farmer, Central City
Andrews, George, 19-85-5, retired farmer, Waubeek
Andrews, Levi, 20-85-5, retired farmer, Waubeek
Antrabush, Wm., 26-85-6, laborer, Waubeek
Armstrong, Thos., 32-85-5, farmer, Waubeek
Anderson, G. W., 25-85-6, farmer, Waubeek

Marion Township -
Adams, Mrs. M. J., 13-84-7, farmer, Marion
Adams, Lon, 15-83-7, renter, Marion
Adams, Chas., 15-84-7, farmer, Marion
Adams, Mrs. E. S., 15-84-7, farmer, Marion
Adams, Alex, I 5-84-7, farmer, Marion
Adams, Mrs. Anna, 15-84-7, farmer, Marion
Adams, H. C, 5-84-6, renter, Troy Mills
Adams, A. W., 5-84-6, renter, Troy Mills
Albright, John, 28-84-6, renter, Marion
Albaugh, John, 3-83-7, farmer, Marion
Alt, L. W., 3-83-7, renter, Cedar Rapids
Alsop, Daniel, 3-83-7, farmer, Marion
Alsop, Geo. W., 3-83-7, farmer, Marion
Alexander, Wm., 12-84-7, laborer, Marion
Alexander, James, 20-84-7, laborer, Marion
Andrews, S. N., 26-84-7, laborer, Marion
Andrews, E. G., 26-84-7, farmer, Marion
Andrews, E. F., 13-84-6, farmer, Springville
Anderson, N. C., 18-83 6, farmer, Cedar Rapids
Austin, Wm., 5-84-6, farmer, Marion
Austin, W. A., 5-84-6, farmer, Marion
Auman, Albert, 20-84-6, renter, Marion
Atwater, C. S., 10-84-7, farmer, Robins
Armstrong, John R., 2-83-7, farmer, Marion
Avis, Geo. W., 5-84-6, renter, Marion

Monroe Township —
Abbott, Joseph, 17-84-7, renter, Robins
Adams, Z., 13-84-8, farmer, Toddville
Albaugh, Daniel, 29-84-7, retired farmer, Robins
Albaugh, W. W., 29-84-7, renter, Robins
Allen, E. F., merchant, Robins
Andrews, H. S., laborer, Toddville
Alwaters, A. B., 21-84-7, farmer, Robins
Auman, David, 12-84-8, farmer, Toddville
Auman, Henry, 12-84-8, laborer, Toddville
Avery, Lucas, 22-84-8, laborer, Toddville
Avery, Frank, 22-84-8, laborer ,Toddville

Otter Creek Township —
Adams, S. F., 13-85-7, farmer, Alburnett
Adams, J.
Adams, A. J., 20-85-7, farmer, Lafayette
Andrews, Chas., 2-85-7, farmer, Elmont
Andrews, W. B.
Anderson, T., 32-85-7, stone mason, Lafayette

Putnam Township —
Andrle, John, 5-82-6, farmer, Ely
Andrle, Fred, 5-82-6, farmer, Ely
Anthony, C. F., 5-82-6, farmer, Cedar Rapids
Andrlik, Frank, 8-82-6, laborer, Ely
Asenbreuer, John, 29-82-6, renter, Ely
Asenbreuer, Joseph, 20-82-6, renter, Ely
Asenbreuer, Wencil, 29-82-6, renter, Ely

Rapids Township—
Allen, A. E., 12-83-7, farmer, Marion
Anderson, Lotta, 34-83-7, farmer, Cedar Rapids
Anderson, John, 34-83-7, farmer, Cedar Rapids
Archer, R. J., 30-83-7, farmer, Cedar Rapids

Spring Grove Township -
Adams, M., 23-86-7, farmer, Elmont
Alberry, A. E., 14-86-7, farmer, Elmont
Andrews, C. C., 12-86-7, farmer, Troy Mills
Andrews, C. O., 12-86-7, fa''mer, Troy Mills
Andrews, J. A., 12-86-7, farmer, Troy Mills
Anderson, R. F., 23-86-7, farmer, Elmont
Arthur, C. W., 18-86-7, farmer, Troy Mills
Attwood, J. E., 8-86-7, farmer, Troy Mills
Atkins, A. W., 28-86-7, farmer, Troy Mills

Washington Township —
Abbott, Geo., 13-85-8, renter, Center Point
Allman, Robert, 1-85-8, laborer, Center Point
Albone, J. W., 8-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Albone, Thos., 8-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Alensworth, John, 6-85-8, farmer, Outer Point
Andrews, W. R., 36-85-8, renter, Toddville
Andrews, J. L., 24-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Andrews, B. W., 27-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Andrews,]. H., 15-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Ashlock, John, 26-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Ashlock, Jack, 26-85-8, renter, Center Point
Ashlock, Wm., 21-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Ashlock, G. W., 26-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Ashlock, Jas., 26-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Augustine, Isaac, 24-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Augustine, Geo.. 13-85-8, farmer, Center Point
Augustine, Wm., 12-85-8, farmer, Center Point

Bertram Township-
Banks, Stephen, 13-82-6, laborer, Bertram
Baker, James, 34-83-6, laborer, Bertram
Baker, Henry, 23-83-6, laborer, Bertram
Berry, Robert, 27-83-6, farmer, Bertram
Berry, Jasper, 27-83-6, farmer, Bertram
Berry, J.F., 27-83-6, farmer, Bertram
Berry, Walter H, 21-83-6, farmer, Bertram
Berry, Zach,28-83-6, renter, Bertram
Berry, Charles, 28-83-6, farmer, Bertram
Berry, Samuel, 34-83-6, painter, Bertram

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