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Early Marriage Record 1841-1855

Updated on July 26, 2012

Source: Brewer, Luther A. and Wick, Barthinius L., History of Linn County Iowa: From Its Earliest Settlement to the Present Time. Vol. 1. Chicago, The Pioneer Publishing Company. 1911. Transcribed Feb, 2004 by Terry Carlson for the IaGenweb Project.

The marriage records in this transcription have been spread over six sections. If you are interested in a specific year range, click the appropriate link below.


1841-1844 1845-1847 1848-1849 1850-1851 1852-1853 1854-1855


The Early Marriage Record
(on this page are years: 1841-1844)

An interesting book in the office of the county clerk at Marion is the first marriage record kept in the county. Through the courtesy of County Clerk William Dennis we are enabled to give below a record of marriages that took place in the county from 1841 to 1855. The names and the dates have been transcribed with care, though it is possible some names here printed are not correct in every particular, due to the inability to read the writing in the record. As a rule the penmanship of our early clerks was distinct and readable. This is true in especial manner of the incumbency of Hosea W. Gray, who was clerk during most of the years covered by this transcript.

The book consulted in the preparation of this chapter contains both the licenses granted and the returns of the marriages. In a few instances the names in the licenses are different from those given in the returns.

A thing to be noted in this early marriage record is the youth of many of the parties. In many instances the records show the marriage of young girls of 15 and 16 years.

A number of licenses are recorded, but there is no evidence in the book that the marriages were ever celebrated, due doubtless to the failure of the officiating clergyman or justice to make the proper returns.

Many names familiar in the early days appear in this record. And it is valuable not only because it lists those pioneers who here set up their household gods soon after they arrived in the county, but also because it gives the names of the early ministers and justices of the peace in Linn county.

In this record book are recorded the licenses of the ministers of the gospel who were authorized to perform the marriage ceremony. Here are some of the names, many of them doubtless familiar to the survivors of that time:

Reverends John Hodges, Michael Summer, John Stocker, William C. Rankin, Israel C. Clark F. R. S. Byrd, James L. Thompson, Warren B. Morey, Salmon Cowles, Isaac Searles, Henry Reed, Christian Troup, John Hindman, Allen Johnson, Uriah Ferree, James M. Fanning, Peter Robinson, Joel B. Taylor, Daniel Worthington, Luther McVay, S. H. Greenup, Duff C. Barrows, Absalom A. Sellers, Charles D. Gray, John S. Brown, John Walker, Edward R. Twining, Jacob Miller, Joshua B. Hardy, James S. Fullerton, Robert Miller, Stephen Porter, Solomon T. Vail, Abner Corbin, Richard Swearingen., George B. Bowman, David Wanerich, Nelson Rathbern, Almiron R. Gardner, John Hayden, J. N. Seeley, J. H. Harrison, Danforth B. Nicholas, John W. Boal, Isaac Whittimore, Bennet Roberts, E. D. Olmsted, Wesley R. Blake, Nelson A. McConnel, Elder Noah Willson, Deacon Pliny B. Yates, William Sayler, John Williams, Solomon Kern, Charles N. Morbeley, John Demoss, George P. Smith, Lucas C. Woodford, Alexander Colwell, Samuel Farlow, Williston Jones.
Here is the record of marriages covering the period noted:


July 25, Joseph Crane to Agnes Bogard, by C. W. Phelps, J. P.
August 26, James E. Bromwell to Catherine Gray, by Rev. J. M. Hummer.
October 18, John Hunter to Hannah Barbary Hines, by Calvin W. Phelps, J. P.

October 30, John Mann to Mary Mann, by C. W. Phelps, J. P.
November 3, A. Safely to Margaret Hunter, by John Stewart, J. P.
December 1, Julias Allen Peet to Ester Ann Crow, by Rev. Thomas P. Emerson.
December 7, Aaron Moriarty to Hannah Ross, by Thomas Goudy, J. P.
Dec. 12, Samuel Ross to Mary Vaughn, by John Stocker.
, Charles Roe to Phebe Putnam, by C. W. Phelps, 3. P.


January 16, James Cummings to Mary Ann Dorsey, by D. W. King, J. P.
January 18, Nathan Cochran to Eliza Ann Nichols, by C. W. Phelps, J. P.
February 19, James Leverich to Hannah Brody, by Aaron Usher, 3. P.
March 8, William B. Hampton to Mary Ann Van Zant, by John Stewart, 3. P.
April 3, Jacob Minton to Charlotte Lewis, by Aaron Usher, J. P.
April 17, Alfred Williams to Elizabeth Oliphant, by James M. Denison, 3. P.
April 18, Franklin Kimble to Lidia Bristol, by C. W. Phelps, J. P.
April 24, David Rickey to Mary Coon, by Rev. John Stocker.
May 22, Harvey Dwyer to Elizabeth Bartlett, by C. W. Phelps, J. P.
May 29, Robert C. Cregg to Mary E. Dowing, by Rev. Win. C. Rankin.
August 25, David Willson to Mercy Brody, by C. W. Phelps, J. P.
September 22, Casper Nick to Christena Briney, by John Stewart, J. P.
October 9, James Huntington to Aurilla Archer, by Thomas Goudy, J. P.
November 21, John Henderson to Manilla N. Howard, by L. M. Strong, 3. P.
December 1, William B. Harrison to Emma Osborn, by Thomas Lockhart, J. P.
December 24, Andrew Jackson McKean to Abah Day, by Rev. Jesse L. Bennett.
December 27, Joseph Jackman to Mary Ann Hall, by Rev. Jesse L. Bennett.


January 1, Daniel Morland Peet to Sally Eliza Tryon, by Rev. Jesse L. Bennett. *(see article)
January 11, Win. Stephen Trimble to Martha Drummon, by Joseph Hale, 3. P. *(see article)
January 20, Mark Joslin to Elizabeth Hale, by Rev. Thos. P. Emmerson.n *(see article)
February 8, Edward L. Hays to Mary Elizabeth Kramer, by Rev. John Stocker. *(see article - bride only 10 years old)
February 26, Joseph Mounce to Maria Christian Shoe, by Rev. Jesse L. Bennett. *(see article)
March 2, Hugh Brody to Joanna Osborn, by James M. Denison, 3. P. *(see article)
March 12, Charles Pinckney to Amanda Brown, by Rev. Jesse L. Bennett.
March 21, Edwin Birdwell Spencer to Martha Davis, by James M. Denison, 3. P. *(see article)
April 17, Harry Oliver to Elizabeth Jane Bigger, by John Hunter, 3. P. *(see article)
April 18, John King to Martha Matilda Torrence, by L. M. Strong, 3. P. *(see article)
April 23, Philip Steinbaugh to Elizabeth Frileigh, by L. M. Strong, 3. P. *(see article)
April 27, James M. Denison to Mary Jewel, by Hartsell Hittle, 3. P. *(see article)
April 30, John Robbins to Margaret Ann Fagg, by Rev. Jesse L. Bennett. *(see article)
May 7, Gamaliel Walker to Sarah Catharine Winton, by Rev. Israel L. Clark. *(see article)
May 16, Nathaniel McBride to Christeen Kramer, by Rev. Win. C. Rankin.
June 1, Nelson Crow to Eliza Lane, by Isaac Butlar, 3. P.
June 26, Solomon Peckham to Harriet Brown, by James Gilliland J. P.
June 26, Edward R. Birney to Catharine Cummings, by John Wolf, 3. P.
July 9, Samuel Brazelton to Martha Freeman, by David W. King, 3. P.
July 16, Lyman D. Bardwell to Sarah Kinsinger, by David W. King, 3. P.
August 22, Hugh Simmons to Hannah Simmons, by Rev. Win. C. Rankin.
September 5, Hiram Joslin to Sarah Jane Hale, by Thomas Goudy, J. P.
September 14, Chambers Thompson to Rachael Barr, by L. M. Strong, 3. P.
October 8, Thomas Hose to Eliza Jane Willis, by Rev. Isaac Searles.
October 12, Thomas Lewis to Elizabeth Davis, by Hartsell Hittle, 3. P.
October 20, Alexander F. Camp to Mary Wilcox, by John Wolf, 3. P.
November 16, Seth Baker to Prudence Higley, by Warren E. Morey.
November 19, Thomas Gainer to Catharine Lewis, by David W. King, J. P.
November 21, John Corey to Margaret Smyth, by Rev. Salmon Cowles.
December 7, Calvin W. Phelps to Mrs. Mary Stall, by A. Simmons, J. P.
December 8, John McD. Bromwell to Rebecca Milner, by L. M. Strong, J. P.
December 13, Samuel W. Durham to Ellen Wallcott, by L. M. Strong, J. P.
December 25, William Brazzleton to Ruth Minton, by L. Lewis, J. P.
December 26, Samuel W. D. Cone to Mary Dodd, by L. M. Strong, J. P.


January 1, William Williams to Mary Angeline Nordyke, by L. M. Strong, J. P.
January 25, Oliver Vanderwork to Maria S. Elliott, by Thomas Goudy, J. P.
February 7, N. B. Brown to Catharine Craigo, by L. Lewis, J. P.
February 22, Thomas S. Downing to Caroline A. Keys, by James L. Thompson.
February 29, Horace Metcalf to Mary Jane Hollenbeck, by L. M. Strong, J. P.
March 28, Bral Dorsey to Eliza Jane Railsback, by David W. King, J. P.
April 7, James Ely to Lavina Beeks, by Horace N. Brown, J. P.
April 17, William Heaton to Elizabeth Sutton, by Horrace N. Brown, J. P.
April 18, Garrison Crow to Mary A. Simmons, by Freeman Smith, J. P.
April 23, Hiram Deem to Helen Mary Barnett, by John David, J. P.
April 26, William Cress to Jane Cumming, by John David, J. P.
April 28, George A. Patterson to Eliza Jane Emmons, by John David, J. P.
May 19, George Cantonwine to Mary Malinda Lewis, by Isaac Searles.
May 20, Timothy Stivers to Elizabeth Baugh, by Nelson Rathbun, M. XL C.
May 30, Alonzo Heaton to Rebecca Heaton, by John Davis, J. P.
July 21, John F. Cumbertin to Rilla Oliphant, by John Hunter, J. P.
July 25, John L. Berry to Mary Williams, by David W. King, J. P.
August 7, Joseph E. Boyd to Elizabeth Smith, by John David, J. P.
August 8, Joseph Usher to Lydia Mariah Williams, by John Hunter, J. P.
August 27, William I. Corson to Cynthia Vaughn, by Jesse N. Seeley.
September 5, William A. Waller to Adaline A. Shipman, by John Hayden, G.M.
Sept. 27, William Hamilton to Agnes Matilda Hunter, by John Hunter, J. P.
October 3, Charles Hinkley to Mary Helms, by Perry Oliphant, J. P.
October 10, Joseph Derbin to Melissa Kirkpatrick, by Daniel Rogers, J. P.
November 28, William Greene to Louisa M. Higley, by John M. Baals.
December 8, John S. Cully to Nancy Mounts, by John Hayden, M. G.

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