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World War I

Format: Last Name * First Name * Age * Residence State * Born * Rank

Third Infantry, Co L
Non Commisioned Officers
Bunyan, Charles Otto 21 Keokuk Iowa Sgt.
Bossler, Raymond H. 21 Keokuk - Cpl.
Hewitt, Ray V. 32 Keokuk - Cpl.
McDaniel, Arthur B. 25 Keokuk Missouri Cpl
Vermillion, Louis G. 36 Keokuk Iowa Cpl.

Privates First Class
Barker, Ben C. 20 Keokuk Iowa
Breitenstein, Harvey Allen 23 Keokuk Iowa
McKenzie, Nicholas P., Jr. 37 Keokuk Iowa
Paardekooper, Garret Samuel 29 Keokuk Iowa
Rossi, Mal. 30 Keokuk Missouri
Wieder, William F. 19 Keokuk Illinois

Brown, Frank J. 26 Keokuk Illinois
Ewing, Earl D. 19 Keokuk Illinois
Ewing, Louis K. 19 Keokuk Iowa
Gibson, George 27 Keokuk Iowa
Hamrick, John L. 29 Keokuk Missouri
Heevner, William 20 Keokuk Iowa
Holmes, Ernest 18 Keokuk Iowa
Howes, William E. 20 Keokuk Illinois
Johnson, William J. 40 Keokuk Pennsylvania
McCarten, John 42 Keokuk Iowa
Pollard, Donald 26 Keokuk Iowa
Semones, Floyd 18 Keokuk Missouri
Semons, James Edward Lee 22 Keokuk Missouri
Stack, Thomas B. 35 Keokuk Iowa

Iowa Medical Profession
Armentrout, Coral Ray Capt Keokuk
Bess, Thomas Floyd Ernest 1st Lieut Ft. Madison
Brown, William Frank 1st Lieut Keokuk
Clark, Oliver Thaddeus 1st Lieut Keokuk
Coffey, Lee Matthew Capt Keokuk
Day, Philip Miller 1st Lieut Keokuk
Dierker, Frank Henry 1st Lieut West Point
Feightner, Robert Floyd 1st Lieut Ft. Madison
Fuller, Frank Manely Capt Keokuk
Gilfillan, Bruce Lock Major Keokuk
Gray, Henry Arthur Capt Keokuk
Grimwood, Walter Harry 1st Lieut Ft. Madison
Hall, Guy Jerome 1st Lieut Keokuk
Kinnaman, Clarence Horace 1st Lieut Keokuk
Narrley, George Raymond 1st Lieut Keokuk
Rankin, William 1st Lieut Keokuk
Reimers, Robert Stollt 1st Lieut Ft. Madison
Smith, Fred C. 1st Lieut Keokuk
Smith, Walter Albert 1st Lieut Donnelson
Traverse, Isaac Wilsey Capt Ft. Madison
Wahrer, Frederick Louis 1st Lieut Fort Madison
Wallace, James Carroll 1st Lieut Ft. Des Moines

Bauer, Geo., Keokuk, private, killed in action
Gibson, George, Keokuk, private, wounded severely
McCarten, John, Keokuk, private
; wounded, degree undetermined
Powell, Alvin, Keokuk, private, slightly wounded
Harter, Lester, Keokuk, lieutenant,
missing in action

Selective Service Draft Register 1917
Bregenzer, Robert G., 21
421 So. 19th St., Centerville Ia
Natural born 09 Nov 1895 Keokuk
Hotel clerk, Continental Hotel Co., Centerville
Partial paralysis, paralyzed limb

Soldier's Discharge Record
Hopley, Russell J.
Enlisted, or Inducted, Sept 20 1917, at Keokuk
Serving in first enlistment period at date of discharge
Prior service: None

Sharyl Ferrall
for Iowa Old Press/Iowa City Citizen, Iowa City, Johnson County
Polly Eckles for Iowa in the Great War/World War I Selective Service System draft registration cards, 1917-1918, United States. Selective Service System, Washington, D.C.; The National Archives, 1987-1988. D

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