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David Roberds/Roberts Family
Early Settlers

My ancestor Phebe Roberds is
buried in Old Pilot Grove Cemetery.  Anna, Hiram and Violena
would all be her children.
The name was spelled Roberds
when they came to Iowa and
later changed to Roberts. This is
a picture of her stone,
note spelled Roberds. It was laying
on the ground near the gate
in 1991 when the picture was
taken. May be buried now.

Name: DAVID ROBER(D)TS, GG Grandfather, M
Birth: 20 Jun 1817 Wayne Co IN
Death: 19 Aug 1895 near Salem, IA Age: 78
Burial: Salem Friends Cemetery
Father: Walter Roberds II, M (1789-1881)
Mother: Hannah Johnson, F (1793-1884)
Other spouses: Elizabeth Grey, F

 David Roberds and his family moved to Iowa in ca 1841-42. His brother Jesse and himcame from Richmond, Indiana to Iowa together. They were at Pilot Grove in Lee County and at Salem, Jackson Twp in Henry County IA. We believe that two daughters and a son were born in Lee County at this time. David was dismissed from the Salem meeting for dealing in certs. issued as compensation for services of war in 1849. We find Phebe and children at Richland IN MM in 1852 and can trace them as they moved around IN. In 1860 they return to New Garden MM in IA. A deed was found in IN that showed that David and Phebe did own 80 acres about a mile and a half south of Joseph Roberts, farm in Hamilton County IN in the 1850's. ( a correspondent in 1990's, with me) He was surprised to find this because he said that David appeared to have little if any interaction with his family while there. He said Jesse came back many times and that he had pictures of Jesse's family, but had no information on David's at all. Phebe's stone has last name spelled Roberds. David's stone has it spelled Roberts. His brother Jessie and wife have Roberds on their stone. So the name changed at about the time of David's death.

Marriage: 26 Sep 1838 Wayne Co IN
Spouse: PHEBE BOND, GG Grandmother, F
Birth: 30 Jul 1821 Wayne Co IN
Death: 27 Jul 1866 Lee Co IA Age: 44
Burial: Pilot Grove Friends Cemetery in Lee Co IA
Father: Thomas Bond, M (1780-1845)
Mother: Mary Nation, F (1782-1858)

Can you imagine the type of life this woman had. She had a husband that moved her to IA in ca 1841-42. He was disowned by the Friends Church in 1849. It appears he became very restless after that and never was a member of a Friends Church again. He then drug his family all over Indiana for ten years.

1852 Phebe and ch get Richland MM in IN
1856 Phebe and ch get Westfield MM in IN
1859 Phebe & ch get Greenfield MM in IN
1860 Phebe and ch get New Garden MM in IA

New Garden Monthly Meeting was south of Salem but not far into Lee County IA. Six years and two children later Phebe dies and is buried in the Old Friends Cemetery at Pilot Grove in Lee County. This cemetery is about two-three miles north of the current Pilot Grove and is in the middle of a plowed field and unkept. How would you have liked to have been that mobile and the mother of small children with a new one every two or three years? She was 45 years old when she died. I imagine she was carrying a child at the time of her death, because it had been two years since the birth of her last child.

1 F: Ann E Rober(d)ts, GG Aunt, F
Birth: 18 Nov 1839 Wayne Co IN
Death: 26 Jan 1866 Pilot Grove IA Lee County Age: 26
Burial: Pilot Grove Friends Cemetery

2 F: Emily Jane
Rober(d)ts, GG Aunt, F
Birth: 22 Nov 1841 Wayne County IN
Death: 26 Dec 1902 Age: 61
Spouse: Pickett, M

3 F: Mary Ellen
Rober(d)ts, GG Aunt, F
Birth: 2 Mar 1844 Lee County IA
Death: 27 Apr 1915 Age: 71
Spouse: Clark C. Milleson, M

4 F: Betsy
Rober(d)ts, GG Aunt, F
Birth: 24 Sep 1846 Lee County IA
Spouse: John Wallace, M

5 M: Hiram
Rober(d)ts, GG Uncle, M
Birth: 9 Aug 1848 Lee County IA
Death: 10 Apr 1874 Either Lee Or Henry County IA Age: 25
Burial: Pilot Grove Friends Cemetery

6 F: Hannah Roberts, G Grandmother, F
Birth: 5 Jun 1853 IN
Death: 11 Jul 1887 At Her Home Near Salem, IA Age: 34
Burial: Salem Friends Cemetery, Salem, IA
Spouse: Joseph Dickinson Bogue, G Grandfather, M

The family lived near Salem IA. Hannah was pregnant with her fourth child when she was injured and died. She was in the barn and got hit in the stomach. Her baby died and rotted inside her killing her.

7 F: Anna (Indiana) Rober(d)ts, GG Aunt, F
Birth: 7 Apr 1855 Fountain City IN
Death: 3 Jul 1936 Age: 81
Spouse: Newton Potee, M

I have a letter showing that the Potee's lived in Mt. Pleasant at one time.

8 F: Velina Rober(d)ts, GG Aunt, F
Birth: 1 Jan 1858 Westfield IN
Death: 6 Jul 1869 Lee County IA Age: 11
Burial: Old Pilot Grove Friends Cemetery

9 F: Louisa
Rober(d)ts, GG Aunt, F
Birth: 25 Aug 1860 Lee County IA?
Death: 12 Jul 1892 Age: 31
Spouse: John F. Ketchan, M

10 F: Ruth Elma Rober(d)ts, GG Aunt, F
Birth: 15 Jul 1864 Lee County IA
Death: 23 Dec 1937 Age: 73
Spouse: Edward W. William, M

Moved to Twin Falls Idaho sometime after 1900. My grandmother Minnie Bogue was married to Charles Trueblood at their home, near Salem IA, in Dec 1900.

Contributed by Jean Leeper
grannyroots@iowatelecom.net  or  jeansjots@yahoo.com

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