1874 Lee County Atlas
Landowners Index


Van Buren Township
List is of the Rural Areas. Maps are difficult to read and there be some errors and omissions

History: Van Buren is located in the third tier of townships from the north, is bounded on the west by the Des Moines river and Van Buren county, north by Harrison, and east by Charleston Township. It was settled in 1836, by Lewis D. Kent, Lewis Crow, Abraham Hinkle, Mr. Haggard - a Cambellite Preacher - and Mr. Chance. Lucinda Kent, or Gravel Crow, was the first white child born in the township. In April, 1837, Israel Cameron settled here, and in 1843 established the first day-school, in his yard, with fifteen scholars. David Galland settled here about the same time, and was the first Justice of the Peace in the township.

The following is from the agriculture census of 1872: Number of dwellings, 166; number of families, 166; number of white males, 477, number of white females, 429, number of colored males, 3; number of colored females, 3; number of persons voting, 196; number of militia, 118; number of foreigners not naturalized, 3; number acres improved land, 5,744; number of bushels of wheat in 1872, 4,691; corn 46,285; oats, 18,437; barley, 164; 2,088 pounds of wool shorn.


Anderson Anderson, E. Anderson, S.
Andersons, Jno,est. Anthony, M.E. Bank,H.
Banks, H. Barnes, W. Barney, H.
Barton, M. Barton, W. Batten, J.
Beaty, J.R. Becker(?),J. Borland, Mary
Brannaha, J. Brown, G. Brown, S.E.
Buckles, A. Buckner, est. Burke, P.
Butler, T. Butlin, Wm. Caldwell,J.T.
Cameron, M. Carver, W. Chapman, D.B.
Chapman, E. Chidester, Gray, Claypoole, L.
Conley, J. Cook Crow, Geo. R.
Currier, G.S. Curtis, S.R. Davidson, M.
Davis, A. Davison, G.B. Deeler,
Dice, J. Dillon, E. Doyle, J.W.
Dresser, R.W. Driscoll,M. Engelhart, F.
Engelhart, F.W. Ephland, J. Ephland, T.
Erskine & Walker Erskine, G. Fieldman, H.
Flick, I. Foster, J.S. Fowler
Frost, F. Frost, T. Goodrich & Miller
Goodrich, J. Grant, B.F. Grant, N.
Gray, I.P. Gray, Isaac P. Gray, R.
Hanna, J. Hansel, C. Harlan, A.W.
Harris, R.R. Hedding, I. Hedding, Ira
Heffleman, H. Hennies Herran, J.
Herron, J. Hinkle, A. Hinkle, J & A
Holdefer, Jno. Holmes, P.P. Johnson, C.
Johnson, C.C. Johnson, D. Johnson, J.G.
Johnson, O.C. Johnson, W.G. Jones, J.
Jones, P. Jones, S. Kellogg, E.B.
Kennedy, R.R. Kincaid, M. Klinesmith. J.
Knapp, C. Knapp, C. Krebill, J.
Lauterbach, J & J Lewis, J.C. Lucas, J.
Malhews, P. Mason, C. Mathews, A.J.
Mathews, P.M. Mattox, Wm. McAllister, R.
McCrary, G.W. McHenry, J.B. McKaig(?), J.S.
McKee, S.J. McPherson, O.H. Millard, Eli, est.
Miller & Goodrich Miller, J.D. Miller, S.F.
Monks Morgan, Rachel Morrissy, M.
Mose, D.B. Mumm, K. Neeland, J.
Neil, J. Noltbohm, H. O'Conner, D.
Palmer, S. Parsons, H.J. Pearson, H.
Philips, A. Redfield, S. Reed, Nelson
Reesman, J. Reid, H.T. Reid, Hugh T.
Reidy, J. Rice, Richards, Seth
Ridgeway, est. Ritchie, Jas Ritchie, Robt.
Robertson, W.J. Rube, J.G. Russell, P.
Salsgaver, S. Sample, H.W. Sanders, W.
Scott,J. Seth, J. Seward, F.
Seward, M.J. Sheperd, W. Simons, H.
Slaughter, S. Smith, J. Smith, Jos.
Smith. G. Starr, J.S. Starr, U.B.
Stone, L. Surena, P. Taylor J. est.
Thorp, J. Todd, Wm. Underwood, J.B.
Vandorn, W. Vores & Walsh, est Walker & Erskine
Walker, C.W.,et.at. Wallingford, J. Waln, H., est.
Walsh & Vores, est. Wanner, J. Warlerman, J.
Watts, J. Welch, est. Weyer, A.J.
Withrow, H.P. Wright Wright, C.J.
Young, M.    

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