1874 Lee County Atlas
Landowners Index


Pleasant Ridge Township
List is rural areas only.

History: This township was laid out in 1837, sectionized in 1838, and came into market in 1838-9. The first improvement in the township, of which we have any account, was made in the northeast part, at what is known as "Clark's Point, by Mr. Clark. The first settlement were made by William and Thos. Clark, Alex Cruickshank, Edward Enslow, Jno. and David Enslow, Jno. Burns, Thos. Foggy, Mr. Kirkpatrick, and Geo. Berry. The first school-house was built of logs, in 1839, on Sec. 16. The first school was taught by Geo. Berry, in 1837, in a dwelling house, owned by M. Kirkpatrick. The first sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. Pittner, a M.E. circuit rider. The first church was built on Sec. 16, by the Methodists. Edward Enlow was the first Justice of the Peace. The township is well watered by Skunk river on the north and Lost creek in the southwest part. Coal is found in the northern part. 

Allen, A.P. Allen, C. Alter, A.H.
Altman, G. Archibald, A. Babcock, L.B.
Baker Balm, B.T. Balm, J.T.
Barr, R. Bascomb, A. Baumgers, H.
Benbow, Wm. Berry, G. Berry, J.
Berry, W., est. Billman, G. Binford, B.
Binford, E. Bissell, F. Bittman, B.
Boeding, H. Bond, N.H. Boughton, G.S.
Box, F.M. Box, N.J. Brewer, F.H.
Brown, M. Burton, A. Burton, A.H.
Burton, C.H. Burton, E.G. Cale, Jas.
Canaday, O. Canaday, W. Cannaday, R.
Case, H.S. Case, O. Case, Z.T.
Casey, J.A. Church, J.V. Church, Jas. V.
Clark, S. Creel, W. Dammons, Wm. est.
Danover, J. Denney, E. Eidson, G.S.
Enslow, A.M. Enslow, E.H. Enslow, T. Worthington
Everingham, Jos. Foggy, A. Foggy, Adam
Foggy, Andrew Foggy, G., est. Foggy, Jas.
Fordenwalt, D. Foreman, W.L. Fosdick, H.O.
Fox, C.W. Fox, Caroline, Fox, N.M.
Fullenkamp, GH and J Fullenkamp, H. Fuller, J.G.
Geeseka, R. Gibson, E. Goldsmith, J.
Goody, A. Goody, J. Goody, Jos.
Goody,F. Graham, B. Griffin, J.
Griffin, Jacob Hamilton, G. Hammar, Wm.
Harvey, I. Harvey, J.L. Hazen, J.B.
Hegge, D. Hellman, H.H. Hendrick
Hersteine, J.,Jr. Hersteine, J.,Sr. Hertzley, D.
Hirshler, J. Hondrick, C. Hornby, O.K.
Hosier, A.M. Hosier, H. Hosier, I.
Hosier, M.L. Huntley, Jackson, G.
Jackson, R. Jarrett, E. Johnson, C.
Johnson, J. Johnson, S. Johnston, J.M.
Keeler, L. Kempker, H. Kennedy, J.
Kennedy, S. Kilbrick, M. Kilbride, M.
Klopfenstein, Peter Koreman(?) W. Kruze, L.
Lessenger, J.H. Lichte, P. Little, I.C.
Lockwood, Oscar Logan, A. Lutz, J.
Manning, A. Marsh, L. Matlock. M.L.
McCabe, J.C. McCabe, W.H.H. McCann, D.
McCoy, J. McKee, Thos. Mehl, J.
Menke, D. Miller, N.D. Miller, P.
Mueller, G. Murray, J.M. Murray, Mary
Newby, A. Newton, Martha Newton, O.
Oswalt, est. Pallen, A. Parkins, S.
Peckumn(?) Perdew, E. Peters, S.
Pickard, H. Price, F.A. Rhum(?), H.
Richey, Jas. est. Risser, J. Roberts, J.
Sappe, H.H. Schantz, P. Scheir, J.
Sheldon, F. Sheldon, F. Shelpley, Jane
Shepley, Luke, est. Shigler, M.B. Shipler, L., est.
Shulte T. Shulte, D. Shulte, Wm.
Simmons, S.C. Snook, J.C. Spicer, C.
Stenberger, A. Stephenson, J.S. Stevenson, G.E.
Stewart, A. Stewart, E.M. Stewart, J.A.
Strothman, C. Taylor, F. Thornburg, H.
Thornburg, J and D Thornburg, J. Timpe,F.
Trevitt, J. Valiant, H. Van Sickle, W.
Webber, H. Welch, Thos. Williamson, A.
Williamson, J.D. Winneke, Elizabeth Wofe, C.
Woodman, J., est. Woodmansee, J.S. Woollen, A.J.
Young, J. Young, L.  

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