1874 Lee County Atlas
Landowners Index


Des Moines Township

Names of Rural Landowners

Village of Vincennes is not included. The early settlement of this township was made by John Phillips, Johnson Meeks, James and William Allen and William and Robert Mix. At this time Vincennes was a thriving little village. The 1872 Township Census showed 188 dwellings and 188 families. There was 13,368 acres of improved land. 

Ache, C. Allen, W.S. est Alvis, H.J.
Avery, A. Bailey, William, Sr. Baker, J.H.
Baldwin, O. Barker, Mary C. Barney, H.
Barney, J. Beckley, A.and S. Best, Mary A.
Bertram, J. Birge, C.P. Bond, S.B.
Brown, C. Brown, O. Brown, William
Buechler, M.C. Carlson, Lars Carr, I.W.
Carr, J.T. Carroll, James Cheney, N.
Church, C.W. Cochran, W.J. Code, J.
Code, T. Coffman, J.A. Corbin, A.
Cross, D. Cruze, J.B. Davidson, B.
Davis, L.A. DeLaisy DeVall, B.and J.
Erskine, G. Fowler, C. Freeman, O.
French, A.S. Griffith, R. Gunniss, M.
Hakb, H. Hamilton, R. Hampton, J.
Hancock, D.A.G. Hanson, H. Haskell, A.
Hilbert, F. Jacobson, A. Johnson, P.
Jorden Keller, P.H. Kilbourne, G.E.
Kliess, C. Lambert, R. Larson, Charles J.
Laumann, G.S. Laumann, T.B. Layton, George
Leonard Lightner, D. Lightner, J.and H.
Lind, S. Mallby, L.B. Marlett, J.G.
Mason, C. McCarty, P. McGlashen, M.
McKell McKell and Co. Meeks, Johnson
Meltz, S. Miles, Heirs Miller, S.F.
Moore, T and D.M. Nelson, C. Newberry, A.B.
Newberry, J.W. Newell, L. O'Conner, M.
Olson and Peterson Overall, Heirs Parrish, I.
Parsons, C. Pearson, C.A. Peterson, Andrew G.
Peterson, Carl Peterson, John Porter, William
Rambo, H. Rankin, Mrs. Ross, T.
Ruddick, Anna E. Ruddick, Elzia J. Rumbough, A.
Sample, H.W. Sample, W.S. Sargent, N.
Scalan, B. Shefield and Vekell  
Shelly, J.W. Smith, M.J. Stanwood, G.
Starkweather Steiner, J.B. Stevenson, G.
Sturgis, Helen C. Swansonn, J. Tellford, Ann M.
Testman, P. Testman, S. Tillus, J.B.
Van Fleet, W.B. Vidal, P. Von Phul, Waters
Walsh, Heirs Washburn, S.S. Heirs Washburn, E.H.
Washburn, F.S. Washburn, H. Wellquist, J.
Whetstone, J.N. Wickersham, E.J. Wilkenson, H.
Williams, P. Wilson, F. Wylie, J.

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