1874 Lee County Atlas
Landowners Index


Denmark Township
List is of the Rural Areas.

Among the first settlers of this township were John Whitaker, John N. Forest, John O. Smith, John Wren, Don McKenzie and Hardin Rattan. Mr. Whitaker erected a saw mill a the present site of South Augusta, as early as 1835. John O. Smith located near the present site of the town at Denmark in the spring of 1835. The village of Denmark was settled in 1836 by New Hampshire settlers. Among them were Timothy Fox, Lewis Epps, Curtis Shedd, Samuel Houston, Edward Hills and Cyrus Fletcher. In 1837 the town was laid out and named by John Edwards, who was on a visit from the east . A school house was built in 1837, Miss Eliza Houston being the first teacher. According to the census of 1872, there are in this township 170 dwellings, 175 families, 466 white males, 446 white females, 18 colored males, 20 colored females, 212 voters, 138 militia, 2 foreigners not naturalized, 6,063 acres improved land. In 1872, there was raised in this township, 4,897 bushels of wheat, 68,860 bushels of corn, 14,333 bushels of oats, 201 bushels of barley, and 6,450 pounds of wool were shorn.

Allison, J.Q. Brooks, Oliver, Brown, D.T.
Brown, E.H. Brown, Wm. Carter, D.S.
Case, Case, F.B. Case, H.S.
Chickering(?), Geo. Conaro, J. Conaro, James
Corey, R. Cowdrey, A.M. Davis, Wm.
Deeds, E.B. Delapp, T. Eggleston, C.W.
Elder, W.W. Epps, E., est. Epps, F., est.
Epps, G.L. Farnsworth, L. Fisher, A.M.
Fox, N.M. Fox, T., est. Fracser(?),A.
Gibson, E. Grinnell, A. Grinnell, D.
Gross, C. Groth, J. Hale, S.M.
Hawkins, H. W. Hays, D.C. Hays, J.A.
Hays, J.M. Hemmings, Wm. Hornby, Jas.
Hornby, Wm. Houck, J. Houston, Ira
Houston, Jno. Houston, S. James, E.
James, P. Johnson, E.A. Johnson, F.M.
Joy, N. Juel, P.F. Keller, D.
Kelley, A. Kendall, James Leverett, E.T.
Leverett, J. Leverett, Jos. Lockwood, T.P.
Loomis, Edwin Marsh, W. Martin, H.
Mills, H. Mills, H., Jr. Mills, Harlow, Jr.
Nutt, Anna Nutt, Wm., est. Orton, E.
Orton, P. Orton, T. Parshall, D ∓ SE
Paul, A. Platt, A.H. Quinton, Harlan B.
Quinton, R.B. Quinton, T.B. Rice
Rice, A.E. Sackett, C. Sharp, D.
Sharp, H., est. Shephard, H ∓ T Shephard, J.
Shephard, Jas. Shephard, W.N. Skinner, V., est.
Smith, J.H. Speaks,T. Spencer, W.P.
Starkey, H. Stevenson, G.E. Stevenson, Jos. E.
Stewart, E.F. Stiles, H. Swift, E.Y.
Taylor, T.S. Thompson, B. Tivis, Rebecca
Toors, F. Turck, A.W. Turner, E.
Turner, L.Q. Underwood, D. Vantnyl(?),H.M. ∓ F.P.
Whitmarsh, C.E. Wilder, F. Wilson, J., est.
Wilson, L ∓ H. Wissler, H. Wright,
Wussler, H.    

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