1874 Lee County Atlas
Landowners Index


Washington Township
List is of rural areas only.

Maps are difficult to read and there be some errors and omissions. History: Washington township is located in the second tier of townships from the north, and second from the eastern boundary. The first settlement was made by John Box, in 1833, near the present site of Fort Madison, and erected the first cabin the same year, and about this time Ebenezer Ayres, Mrs. Parmer and her two sons Devore and Licurges, Joshua Owens, Samuel Ross, James Smith, John Small, John Gregg, P.P. Jones, and Dr. Gilmore came. D.F. Box a son of John Box, was the first white child born in the township, in March 1835.

According to the census of 1872, there are in this township 189 dwellings, 193 families, 503 white males, 428 white females, 6 colored males, 8 colored females, 234 voters, 192 militia, 12 foreigners, not naturalized, 11,395 acres improved land. In 1872, there were raised 14,273 bushels of wheat, 63,225 bushels of corn, 21,474 bushels of oats, and 5,064 pounds of wool were shorn


(?)epsel, H. (?)runk, F. Alley, D.L.
Alley, S. Andrews Andrews, G.M.
Andrews, R. Baldwin, B. Barns, S.
Beck, V. Benbow, J.W. Blumberg, J.
Brinder(?), F. Brockway, Nancy Brockway, Nat.
Brockway, W. Brodt, A. Brooks, O.
Buck, M. Buck, W.G Bullard & Richard
Burton, Isham Burton, J.A. Burton, W.M.
Chickerwig(?), G. Cloud, W. Conra(?), G.
Conradt, Chas. Courtright, Hiram Cutler, O.
Davies, J.F. Davis, G.H. Davis, W.M.
Davis,Wm. Degen, J. Deighton, J & W
Dewy, G.H. Ditmer, E. Dobson, T.D.
Dow, W.W. Dye, H. Dye, Henry
Eaton, G.C. Eoff, L. Eoff, Leonard
Field, C. Fraune, H. Gedney, W.W.
Gibbs, B.F. Gilmer, M. Gilmer, Mrs. M.
Graham, Robt. Green, E. Gregg, S.
Gregg, T. Gregg, W.C. Griffis, Wm.
Guthrie, M. Guthrie, Milo Hale, S.M.
Harrington, J. Hayes, I.B. Hayes, O.T.
Hayes, S. Hesser, F. Hillis,C
Hinze, E. Houston,  Houston, J.F.
Hughes, H.W. Hull, L. Hyde, C.J.
Hyler, J. Jackson, J. Janse, Hector
Johnson,  Johnson, Aaron Jones, P.P.
Kammerer, G. Kentch, K. Kern, E.A.
Kern, T. Kinsler(?),J.F. Knapp, J.S.
Knemeier, F.W. Kuhlmeier, G. Lanac(?),J.C.
Lauther, Alex Lauther, James, est. Lauther, S.M.
Liddle, G.L. Lockwood, A.D. Malcom, Sarah
Mallett, T. Mansheim, C. Manshein, J.
Marder, F. Marsh, D.C. Marsh, I.L.
Marsh, L.L. Marsh, M. Marsh, W.M.
Mason, Wm. McComb(?), Wm. McConn & Parmer
McConn, D. McCord, W.L. McCready, D.,est.
McCready, M. McCready, Wm. McGreudy, D., est.
McNeill, Amos McNeill, S. McNeill, S.G., est.
McNeill, Solomon Meyertholen, H. * Meyertholen, H. *
Miller, C. Mills, E.H. Mitchell, John
Morgan, Thos Morrison, J. Morrison, Joseph
Morton, A.H. Mothershed, B. Mullen, B.
Neuble, J. Newton, C.R., est. Newton, J.W.
Nutt, Wm., est. Orm, F. Parmer & McConn
Powers, F. Pranger, N. Pranger, T.
Redman, C.K. Reichelt, J. Rerring(?), I.R.
Rice, A.L. Rice, Jonas Rice, W.O.
Richard & Bullard Richards, W. Richards, Wm.
Ritter, John Rogers, T.T. Rohker, E.
Sandrods(?), H. Sawdon, Robt. Sawyer, F.
Sawyer, Horace Sawyer, J. Sawyer, John
Sawyer, T. Sayer, Jos. Schmole, J., est.
Scholtz, H. Schroder, G. Schroder,Geo.
Schubert, J.G. Schwartz, J.B., est. Schwartz, J.G.
Schwartz, J.G., est. Shaw, M. Shaw, W.B.
Smith, D.D. Snapp, Simpson Snapp, W.F.
Sniff, E. Stein, J., est. Stenger, John
Stevenson, S.T. Stormes, D.,est. Taye, (?), B.M.
Tebb, J. Tibbets, D. Tibbets, W.
Vankyning,J.est. Vogt, Wm. Wakefield, T.J.
Walter, W.C. Wanka, H. Wanka, Wm.
Whitehead, Wm. Wiebeler, F. Wiggerjost, A.
Willard, David Willard, S.G. Willard, S.R.
Wilson, C. Wilson, David, est. Winterbotham, W.W.
Wright, Milton    

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