1874 Lee County Atlas
Landowners Index


Green Bay Township
List is of the Rural Areas. Maps are difficult to read and there be some errors and omissions

Green Bay is in the extreme eastern part of the county, in the second tier of townships from the north. It is bounded on the south and east by the Mississippi river, north by Skunk river and west by Washington Township, the township is encircled on the west and south by a range of bluffs, extending for several miles, the township resembling the appearance of a bay. The soil is a deep, black loam, and superior to any in the county for the production of corn, wheat, oats, etc. There is a bay in the southern part of the township about five miles long and one-fourth of a mile wide, emptying itself in the Mississippi river at the southwest corner. Wm. Lucas named the township, but whether he chose the name from its appearance as such, or because it contained a bay, we are not able to say, but the name is very appropriate.

According to the census of 1872 there are 109 dwellings, 109 families, 307 white males, 258 white females, 140 voters, 96 militia, 4 foreigners not naturalized, 5,409 acres improved land. In 1872, the crops raised in the township were 10,859 bushels of wheat, 112,075 bushels of corn, 8,919 bushels of oats, and 935 pounds of wool were shorn


Allee, JC & SJ Allley, H., est. Ash, M.J.
Ash, S. Ash, Sarah Bacon, J.H.
Bell, J. Blakslee, C.C. Blakslee, Wm.
Blumberg, Joseph Bradford, Rachael Bradley, J.
Brewer, B. Brodt, A. Brodt, August
Brown, J. Buck, Morton Bueschel, G.
Burke, S & E Carney, Wm. Carter, J., est.
Chestnut, H. Chestnut, R. Comisford, J.
Comisford, M. Conradt, G. Cook, D.W.
Cook, E. Craig, T.D. Crawford, G.W.
Cuningham, T. Davis, G.W. Dunkin, H.
Ervin, N. Fraeser, Rex Fry, T.
Fry, Thomas Gedney, N. Gerloff, C.
Gibbs, B.F. Gore, S. Gore, Susan
Grant, D.D. Grant, G.S. Griffis, Wm.
Haupt, J. Hedrick, J. Heebner, J.
Henderson, Jas. E. Hyter, John Hyter, Samuel
Johnston, A. Jones, J. Kaelin, L.
Kelley, Ellonisa Kelley, J. Kelley, O.
Kent, S.E. Kern, S.A. Klinginsmith, J.
Lachmann, C. Lachmann, Carl Lachmann, E.
Lange, F. Lange, G. Lange, H.
Lanon(?), M.E. Layton, E.A. Liddle, W.
Liddle, Wm. Looker, J.M., est. Luten, T.
Marsh, W. Matteson & Gage McCannon, D.
McConn, D. McCord, Robt. Miuder(?)J.
Morgan, A. Morgan, Jno., Sr. Morgan. J.
Myers, J.F. Nutt, H. Nutt, R.A.
O'Neil, Wm. Pallerson, Robt. Peel, A.
Peel, Allen Peel, J., est. Peel, M.
Peel, S. Peel, T & S Peel, T & V & J
Pritchett, R. Rand, E.H. Richardson, S.F.
Rogers. M.H. Rorer, D. Schlapp, Et.el.
Schmole, John, est. Scott, W. Scott, Wm.
Shaw, W.B. Shephard, J.H. Shephard, Mary
Shephard, Phebe Shephard, T & J Shephards, Geo., est.
Shubert, C. Smith, Peter Sourwine(?), V.
Spicknall, Ann Stempel, Heirs Stenger, J.
Storms, Daniel Storms, G.W. Storms, J.J.
Tebbs, J. Tebbs, James Tebbs, Joseph
Thurston, W.A. Tierman, M. Toof, J.T.
Tucker, J.W. Unterkircher, J. Vogler, est.
Vogt, W. Wanka, H. Westcott, C.L.
Whiteside, S. Wilde, J. Williams, J.B.
Wilson, C. Windmeyer, Wirsig, August
Wirsig, J. Wirsig, John,G. Yaley, F.
Yaley, G.W. Zingre, Jno.  

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