Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF&AM)

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons (AF&AM)  source:

Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Iowa at the Thirteenth Grand Annual Communication, Held in the City of Oskaloosa on Tuesday, June 2D, A.D. 1856,
A.L. 5856; T.S. Parvin, Muscatine, Grand Secretary;
Printed by Raymond, Foote & Eystra, Faust Printing House, 1856.


WM - worshipful master
GM - grand master
PGM - past grand master
DGM - deputy grand master
GSW - grand senior  warden
GJW - grand junior warden
SW - senior warden
JW  - junior warden
SD - senior deacon
JD - junior deacon
GT - grand treasurer
GS - grand secretary
Treas - treasurer
Sec - secretary
non-affiliated - definition not given
U.D. - under dispensation



Transcribers Notes: 
-Masonic lodges have three separate degrees or ceremonies: Entered Apprentice, Fellowcraft, and Master Mason, given in that order.
-A lodge is a group of Masons, meeting in a specific location at regularly scheduled times.  Many lodges meet in a building called the Masonic Hall. The state Grand Lodge grants charters (permissions)  to the Subordinate Lodges within that state. The subordinate lodges then operate under the bylaws and regulations of the Grand Lodge.
-The officers of a lodge are the Worshipful Master (presiding officer), Senior and Junior Wardens, Treasurer, Secretary, Senior and Junior Deacons, Senior and Junior Stewards, and Tiler (Tyler). The first five officers are elected and installed annually; the WM appoints the other officers each year.
-The WM generally serves for one year and then is called a Past Master, although as a PM  are equal in status to ordinary members.


No. 32, Hogin Lodge
Sigourney, Keokuk co.
Stated Meetings: Tuesday before Full Moon.
Grand Lodge Dues, $39
Chartered June 2d, 1852
Number of current members: 44
Hogin John C. 1855-56 officer: WM; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Burgess D.G. 1855-56 officer: SW; died Sept 28th, 1855
Long Joel 1855-56 officer: JW
Wait Wm 1855-56 officer: Treas; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Hogin Jas L. Jr. 1855-56 officer: Sec; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Secretary or Treasurer)
Buck Dudly 1855-56 officer: SD
Slaughter Daniel D. 1855-56 officer: JD; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Secretary or Treasurer)
Moody A.P. 1855-56 officer: Tyler
Beeks W.A. past master
Besser Nicholas fellowcraft
Blair William A. master mason
Buck Dudly master mason; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Carr James master mason
Cary J.M. (F.C.) suspended in 1854
Casey J.M. fellowcraft
Clark Jonathan T. master mason
Clemons Arora master mason
Cook Danl B. master mason
Crossman Joel master mason
Dalton Wm fellowcraft
Dice T.R. master mason
Ellis Geo P. master mason
Everts T. master mason
Goodheart Jacob master mason
Hall Seth E. entered apprentice
Hensley A.H. master mason
Hogin J.L. past GM 1854
Jones H.C. master mason
King O. master mason
Klet Caspar master mason
Landers Josia master mason
Lottspeach H. master mason
Lowe A.E. past master
McGee Samuel entered apprentice
McMillan John past master
Parish Benj master mason
Parker John T. master mason
Parmley W.S. master mason
Price A.C. master mason
Reynolds Eli entered apprentice
Rosecrans Daniel  master mason
Rosecrans C.W. master mason
Runnells Silas master mason
Searley Thos master mason
Shobe Silas master mason
Siverley M.T. master mason
Skillman E.H. master mason
Smith W.B. master mason
Starr J.C. master mason
Start Solomon E. master mason
Striegle Sebastian master mason
Towndrow W.N. master mason
Trotter John fellowcraft
Whitehead Jos master mason
Whitney Lyman master mason

No. 38, Richland Lodge
Richland, Keokuk Co.
Stated Meetings: Thursday before Full Moon.
Grand Lodge Dues, $15.50
Chartered June 8th, 1853
Number of current members: 18
Henderson D.N. [D.W.] 1855-56 officer: WM; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Dorr F.A. 1855-56 officer: SW; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Romig A.C. 1855-56 officer: JW
Edwards J.R. 1855-56 officer: Treas; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Secretary or Treasurer)
Carry A.B. 1855-56 officer: Sec
Grimsley Wm 1855-56 officer: SD
Davis A. 1855-56 officer: JD
Shafer D.C. 1855-56 officer: Tyler; elected as 1856-57 officer (either Master or Warden)
Ardery Wm A master mason
Crocker A. elected as 1856-57 officer (either Secretary or Treasurer)
Crocker Benj master mason
Davis Daniel past member
Gray J.D. non-affiliated
Harned S. past master
Heldely Vitus master mason
Henderson Thomas master mason
Johnson Wm master mason
Lemons Elison master mason
Lightfoot Wilford entered apprentice
Lundon O. master mason
Sheraden S. master mason
Wicher N.L. master mason


-Transcription disclaimer: - researchers should always consult original records for additional information or to verify the information in this data-base. I've made every attempt to transcribe accurately,  but there may be errors.


Credit: Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall  for the Keokuk co. IAGenWeb, Sept. 2005



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