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Index to the 1940 Federal Census
(sorted by head of household)

This page is a brief introduction for the 1940 Federal Census Index for Jefferson County, IA. This Index includes everyone enumerated in the county, and is sorted alphabetically according to the Head of Household. About half the columns from the census form were used in this Index in order to keep this file as small as possible. With the information presented here you can find the actual census image at the National Archives website if you wish to keep a copy. Since many people were boarding with other families, they may not be listed as a Head of Household. Use your browser's 'Find' feature to search the page if you can't find your person(s) listed alphabetically.

There are many spelling irregularities in this census due to some enumerators writing quickly or sloppily. Where the census asks for the place the person was living at as of 1935, many responded with 'Same house' or 'Same place'. Often this appears as 'Sane pluce' or some other amusing variation. Sometimes an Occupation or Industry will be similarly goofed up. Where errors occur with regard to names, I have attempted to provide the correct spelling. At times there may be more detail in the Comments column at the far right of the page, especially if an asterisk is present.

This Index is a 2.62MB text file and may be quite large for those with dial-up connections. I'd appreciate any feedback if the page takes too long to load; it can be broken into smaller files.

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