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Log Cabin Chapter DAR Members, 1910

The following listing is the roster of the Log Cabin Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, in about 1910. This was extracted from "Iowa Daughters of the American Revolution, 1891-1911, Compiled by Mary S. H. Johnston, Historian, 1910-1911" and contributed for use on the Jefferson County site. The contributor asks that they only be credited as "Volunteer". Thank you, 'Volunteer', for contributing this wonderful bit of local history!

Fairfield, Iowa--Organized June 14, 1909--Charter No. 862

Member National # Ancestor(s) Address of Member
Helen A. Bean. No. 72834 John Bean. Miss Helen A. Bean, 202 No. Main St., Fairfield, Iowa.
Edna McCulley Cassel. No. 70311 Leodwick Clapp. Mrs. Andrew Cassell, Jr., So. Main St., Fairfield, Iowa.
Lucy M. Chidester. No. 70312 Lt. John Devoe, Jr. Mrs. E. S. Chidester, Packwood, Iowa.
Elizabeth C. Clark. No. 70313 Major Edward Clark. Mrs. Elizabeth G. Clark, 505 No. C. St., Fairfield, Iowa.
Bernice McC. Crail. No. 79874 Robt. Lattimore. Mrs. Chas. S. Crail, 411 W. Broadway, Fairfield, Iowa.
Mary C. Cunningham. No. 73685 Leodwick Clapp. Mrs. L. B. Cunningham, Glenwood, Iowa.
Lora B. Cunningham. No. 73686 Leodwick Clapp. Miss Lora B. Cunningham, Glenwood, Iowa.
Violet Flower. No. 70314 Isaac Flower. Miss Violet Flower, 124 W. Mountain Ave., Fort Collins, Colo.
Jennie C. Higley. No. 70315 Leodwick Clapp. Mrs. T. F. Higley, 307 E. Briggs St., Fairfield, Iowa.
Eliza M. McCrackin. No. 69875 Capt. Andrew Sharpe. Miss Eliza M. McCrackin, 505 E. Burlington St., Fairfield, Iowa.
Mabel Budell Myrick. No. 73472 Peter Snook. Mrs. Hobart C. Myrick, Stanford, Mont.
Matilda C. Ratcliff. No. 79876 John Crail. Mrs. B. S. Ratcliffe, Fairfield, Iowa.
Helen Higley Scoular. No. 69877 Lt. Daniel Higley. Mrs. W. F. Scoular, Care Kingston Manse, Greensburg, Ind.
Marion S. Shearer. No. 69878 Lt. Stephen Dodge. Mrs. Marion S. Shearer, Fairfield, Iowa.
Jane M. Steele. No. 43609 Capt. Bradford Steele. Miss Jane M. Steele, 505 E. Burlington St., Fairfield, Iowa.
Katherine Tappert. No. 73301 Samuel Moore. Miss Katherine Tappert, Care Public Library, Davenport, Iowa.
Eva C. Thomas. No. 72644 William Chidester. Mrs. H. D. Thomas.
Medelia Clarke. No. 37285 not given Mrs. J. E. Clarke, So. Main St., Fairfield, Iowa.
Mary B. Snook. No. 73302 Peter Snook. Miss Mary B. Snook, 201 E. Broadway, Fairfield, Iowa.

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