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Metz School

Mound Prairie No. 1

New School House At Metz

A new schoolhouse now stands where the former one was consumed by fire. Although modern in every feature, with it's furnace and light, and no doubt up-to-date in every particular, where for comfort it will of course outdo its predecessor, yet we cannot be feel it can not exactly fill the vacancy as did the dear old school house which held so many sacred memories.

It stood for most a third of a century, near the average life of an individual, in our midst, where many began a life, which was as a steppingstone to success. More than a quarter of a century ago when the method of grading rural schools was in its infancy, the first class, consisting of five girls and boys were the first to receive diplomas from beneath its honored roof.

One of those is the first teacher now in the new building. Besides the benefits derived in an educational way, for more than thirty years it served the community for church purposes and many, many are the untold blessings it has left in our midst, until superseded June 14, 1911, by our new church for which our community is so thankful, and resulting much from the efforts put forth within its walls.

Along with its memories of joy there comes sacred memories of sadness, as many to whom our thoughts revert when our hearts bounded with joy, now are with us in memory only, and we recall the dear old school building as the last place where we once beheld the face of our lost loved ones.

Thus mingled with the sad, yet sacred memories will ever be cherished days of happiness and usefulness, as our thoughts carry us back to our old school days at Metz. May the memories of the new building and its occupants be no less sacred, but its blessings more complete. ~ Newton Daily News

Final Year For Building
Metz School Reunion

The Metz school used for classes for the last time this year, will hold a reunion Sunday, June 1, to mark 77 years of education.

Located two miles south of Sugar Grove grange hall, Metz school was opened in 1879. Records and pictures of the school's history will be on display at the reunion and refreshments will be served by the Community Club.

The reunion will get underway at 1:30 p.m. at the schoolhouse. The event is open to the public with special invitation to all former pupils and teachers. The present term had 27 pupils with Mr. H. A. Monroe, Newton, as teacher.

The school was built on property purchased from James L. and Margaret Sims, August 12, 1879. At the time the property was in Sherman township. At a later date it became Mound Prairie No. 1. This is the second school house on the site. The first was burned in a fire during the summer of 1912.

The present building will remain intact and will be used as a voting place.

During its many years the school took care of all grades, primary through eight, until the fall of 1953 when sixth through eighth grades began attending at Washington elementary school in Newton.

There are many oldsters still alive who were among the first attending the school.

Lucie Wing, Newton, route 2, said that in her family there are four graduates who attended Metz. Her father, Fred Engle Sr., attended during the first term of school." ~ Newton Daily News, June 1958.

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