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Jasper County, Iowa
28th Iowa Infantry

Transcribed by Joan Achille
from the 1878 History of Jasper County, Iowa

This regiment was organized during the Autumn of 1862. It was made up as follows:

Co. A, Capt. W. C. Gaston, Benton County.
Co. B, Capt. B. W. Wilson, Iowa and Tama Counties.
Co. C, Capt. J. W. Carr, Powesheik County.
Co. D, Capt. S. P. Vanatta, Benton County.
Co. E, Capt. D. Stewart, Johnson County.
Co. F, Capt. J. A. Staley,
Co. G, Capt. Thomas Dillon, Iowa County.
Co. H, Capt. A. Wilson, Powesheik County.
Co. I, Capt. J. B. Kerr, Iowa County.
Co. K, Capt. John Meyer, Jasper County.

Miller, William E., of Iowa City was Colonel
Connell, John, of Toledo was Lt. Colonel
Lynch, H. B., of Millersburg, was Major

The regiment went into camp at Iowa City, where it remained several weeks. On the 10th of November 1862, the regiment, numbering 956 rank and file, was mustered into the United States service. 2nd November it was ordered to move to the seat of war, and arrived at Helena, AR, on the 20th, where it encamped in tents for the first time. Here in addition to other disease engendered, owing to the swampy encampment, the small-pox broke out.

January 11, 1863, it formed a part of Gen. Gorman's expedition, which ascended the White River to Duvall's Bluff. During this expedition, the men suffered severely from storms and cold. Returning to Helena, rude Winter quarters were built and the sufferings of that Winter will never be fully told. In February, the regiment assisted in removing obstructions from Yazoo Pass. Col. Miller resigned in March, succeeded by Lt. Col. McConnell.

April 11th, the Twenty-eighth, which formed a part of the Second Brigade, Twelfth Division, Thirteenth Army Corps, started on the Vicksburg campaign, in which the regiment participated. It was first under fire at Port Gibson, May 1st, where it lost 1 man killed and 16 wounded, but the brave boys never flinched. At the battle of Jackson, on the 16th, the regiment fought like veterans. Of the Twenty-fourth and the Twenty-eighth, Gen. Hovey says, "Scarcely more than six months in the service, and yet no troops ever showed more bravery or fought with more valor." Here, the regiment lost 22 killed, 65 wounded, and 13 missing. Four companies came out without a commissioned officer.

On the day of the capitulation of Vicksburg, the regiment received orders to march with three days' rations. Death, wounds and sickness had so reduced the regiment that only 250 men were able to join in the march. Maj. Lynch had resigned and had been succeeded by Capt. John Meyer. It participated in operations before Jackson, and on the 25th of July, took up its line of march for Vicksburg, which place it reached on the 27th. Soon after, it was transferred to the Department of the Gulf, and 13 Sep 1863, moved into Western Louisiana, under Gen. Franklin. 1 Mar 1864, Col. Connell with his regiment arrived in New Orleans, and crossing the Mississippi went into camp at Algiers; and a few days afterward, moved to Alexandria, to join Bank's Red River expedition, in which it participated. At the battle of Sabine Cross Roads, the regiment lost 80 officers and men; Col. Connell was severely wounded and captured. 22 Jul 1864, the regiment embarked on the "Arago", bade farewell to Louisiana, and 2nd August landed at Alexandria, VA. Soon after its arrival it went into camp near Tenallytown, whence, after two weeks' rest it joined Sheridan's army in the Shenandoah Valley. Lost 90 men at Winchester where it was in the thickest of the fight. Was again engaged at Fisher's Hill, where it captured a battery of six guns, a large quantity of ammunition and many prisoners, with a loss of only 4 men wounded. It participated in the battle of Cedar Creek, in which it fought early and late, in the Fourth Brigade of Grover's Division.

January, 1865, it was ordered to Savannah, GA, where it performed garrison duty for several weeks. Re-enforced Gen. Schofield at Newbern, NC, where it was assigned to the Tenth Corps, and where it remained until Gen. Joe Johnston's surrender, when it was ordered back to Savannah, where on the last day of July 1865, it was mustered out of service; after which it proceeded to Davenport, Iowa where it was finally disbanded, in August.

It is to be said that among all the volunteer regiments which composed the Grand Army of the Union, not one did its duty better than the gallant Twenty-eighth Iowa Infantry.

Name Enlistment Date Remarks
Meyer, Lt. Col. John comm. Capt, Co K10 Oct 1862 prom. Maj. 14 Apr 1863, prom. Lt. Col. 15 Jun 1865, m. o. as Major
Wilson, Adjt. J. Wright as Q. M. S. 5 Aug 1862 prom adjt. 20 Oct 1864


Name Enlistment Date Remarks
Adams, Sgt. Nelson 5 Aug 1862  
Adams, Wm. J. 5 Aug 1862 wnd. at Alexandria
Aikins, John 7 Aug 1862 trans. to Inv. Corps 16 Feb 1864
Andress, Cpl. John F. W. 7 Aug 1862 wnd. Champion Hills, kld. in battle ofWinchester
Ashley, Wm. H. 13 Aug 1862 captd. at Winchester
Atwood, Capt. Merritt W. comm. 1st Lt.10 Oct 1862 prom. Capt. 14 Apr 1863
Baxter, Wm. W. 12 Aug 1862 wnd. and d. at Winchester
Beaderstadt, John 13 Aug 1862  
Beals, A. F. 13 Aug 1862 kld. at battle of Winchester
Bergstrom, John 9 Aug 1862  
Blanchard, Cpl. J. M. 6 Aug 1862  
Blanchard, Lucian 6 Aug 1862 disch. 7 Oct 1863 disabled
Bodley, Cpl. 5 Aug 1862 wnd., trans. to Inv. Corps 10 Apr 1864
Bodley, Joseph 5 Aug 1862 wnd. at Winchster
Briggs, E. E. W. 15 Aug 1862 trans. for prom. to Q. M. S. in Heavy Artillery
Brothers, Wm. W. 30 Dec 1863 captd. at Mansfield, LA
Brown, James M. 11 Aug 1862 dischd. 14 Oct 1863 disabled
Butters, John H. 7 Aug 1862 disch. 15 Jun 1863, died
Butters, W. H. 7 Aug 1862 d. at Helena, AR
Caldwell, Samuel M. 5 Aug 1862  
Callison, C. 9 Aug 1862  
Callison, A. P. 14 Aug 1862 kld. at Champion Hills
Connor,Cpl. Daniel E. 6 Aug 1862 captd. at Champion Hills, wnd. at Mansfield, kld. at Cedar Creek
Conrad, Geo. W. 4 Jan 1864  
Cox, S. B. 8 Aug 1862 d. at Milliken's Bend
Cure, Cpl. Abel A. 5 Aug 1862 d. at Ligonier, IN 16 Jan 1864
Davis, C. T. 8 Aug 1862 d. at St. Louis 6 Feb 1863
Dean, 1st Lt. Mahlon C. comm. 2nd Lt.10 Oct 1862 prom. 1st Lt. 14 Apr 1863
Dickey, Nimrod 3 Feb 1864 trans. to Inv. Corps, 5 jan 1865
Doak, Robert 8 Aug 1862 wnd. at Cedar Creek
Dunn, James M. 4 Aug 1862 trans. 8 Dec 1863 for prom. to 2nd Lt. 25th Regt. Corps d'Afrique
Durbin, Wagoner S. H. 5 Aug 1862  
Earley, Edward 4 Aug 1862 trans. 8 Dec 1863 for prom. to 1st Lt. 25th Regt. Corps d'Afrique
Effnor, Henry 8 Aug 1862 wnd. and captd at Champion Hills
Elliott, Cpl. John B. 7 Aug 1862 wnd. at Cedar Creek
Elliott, W. 11 Feb 1864 wnd. at Cedar Creek
Flover, David 7 Aug 1862 d. at St. Louis
Fregna, Robert D. 15 Aug 1862  
French, Leander 4 Aug 1862 disch. 12 Sep 1863 disabled
Friend, Samuel 10 Aug 1862 wnd. at Winchester, disch. 5 Jan 1865, wounds
Garner, Geo. W. 7 Aug 1862 disch. 30 Sep 1863 disabled
Gifford, Daniel 5 Aug 1862 wnd. at Winchester
Gifford, Jonathan 1 Aug____  
Graves, J. 30 Dec 1863 missing at Winchester
Green, Musician Jabez 10 Aug 1862 disch. 1 Apr 1863 disabled
Hamilton, James M. 8 Aug 1862 d. at Helena, AR
Hammack, Sgt. John 9 Aug 1862 wnd. at Sabine Cross Roads, kld. at Cedar Creek
Hammer, Elisha 8 Aug 1862  
Harris, E. 8 Aug 1862  
Harris, John B. 8 Aug 1862 d. at Memphis
Harris, David 8 Aug 1862 wnd. at Middle Bayou, LA
Haskett,Jonas P. 5 Aug 1862 kld. at Champion Hills
Hawk, H. T. 10 Aug 1862 d. on hospital boat Ida May
Head, A. E. 9 Aug 1862 disch. 4 Feb 1864 disabled
Helphrey, S. W. 5 Aug 1862 d. at Carrollton, LA
Henricks, J. W. 9 Aug 1862 d. on hosp.boat Nashville
Hewes, Cpl. Jas. 8 Aug 1862 disch. 28 Feb 1863, disabled
Hews, John 8 Aug 1862  
Hiff, Wm. J. 4 Aug 1862  
Hinsdale, Cpl. A. M.   wnd. atPort Gibson
Houck, H. C. 9 Aug 1862  
Housel, Musician Thos. H. 18 Aug 1862 d. at St. Louis
Hutchinson, Geo. 8 Aug 1862 kld.at battle of Champion Hills
Jay, Thomas 7 Aug 1862 d. at Vicksburg
Jones, L. D. 6 Aug 1862 disch. 15 Jun 1863 disabled
Jones, Chas. 9 Aug 1862 disch. 31 Dec 1862
Keys, E. H. 4 Jan 1864  
Lloyd, J. 12 Mar 1864 wnd. at Cedar Creek, disch.11 Aug 1865
Martin, Wm. 7 Aug 1862  
McConkey, G. 5 Jan 1864  
McCord, Cpl T. T. 5 Aug 1862  
McCord, M. A. 18 Aug 1862  
McFarland, H. 4 Aug 1862 captd. at Winchester
Moffit, Hugh L. 4 Aug 1862  
Moffitt, Elias B. 16 Aug 1862 wnd. at Champion Hills, disch. 10 mar 1864
Mylin, 1st Sgt. C. W. 11 aug 1862 d. at Halltown, VA
Northcut, Wm. 15 Aug 1862 wnd. at Alexandria, captd at Cedar Creek
Oblenis, Wm. 2 Jan 1864 d. at Washington
Oldfield, S. 29 Feb 1864 wnd. at Cedar Creek
Parks, T. J. 14 Aug 1862 d. at Helena, AR
Patterson, Cpl. Wm. 15 Aug 1862 wnd. at Winchester
Patton, G. D. 5 Jan 1864  
Peer, J. B. 15 Aug 1862 wnd. at Winchester, disch .26 Dec 1864
Perkins, E. A. 5 Aug 1862 disch. 15 Mar 1864 disabled
Poots, Wm. 7 Aug 1862 d. at Millikens's Bend
Pope, Cpl. A. T. 15 Aug 1862 d. at Prairie City, LA
Post, D. A. 9 Aug 1862 wnd. at Champion Hills, died at Newton
Post, J. A. 11 Aug 1862  
Powell, G.B. 7 Aug 1862 d. at Milliken's Bend
Roberts, Cpl. C. L. 13 Aug 1862 wnd. at Fisher's Hill, VA
Rose, C. P. 15 Aug 1862  
Rose, Josiah 24 Aug 1862  
Saum. S. A. 8 Aug 1862  
Saunders, M. V. 8 Aug 1862 wnd. at Champion Hills, captd. at Mansfield
Sinder, John 7 Aug 1862  
Sinder, Amos 7 Aug 1862  
Skinner, G. 30 Dec 1863 disch. 23 Nov 1864 disabled
Smith, Sgt. John H. 15 Aug 1862  
Smoke, Sgt. DeWitt C. 7 Aug 1862 wnd. at Alexandria, disch 23 Jun 1864
Starr, Benson 7 Aug 1862 trans. to Inv. Corps 20 Nov 1863
Walker, Cpl. Geo. M. 6 Aug 1862 wnd. at Port Gibson, trans. to Invalid Corps, 15 Jan 1864
West, Solomon 5 Jan 1864 captd. at Cedar Creek
Whitehead, Austin 9 Aug 1862 wnd. at Winchester, disch. 5 Jan 1865, wounds
Wilson, Cpl. John C. 6 Aug 1862 wnd. at Champion Hills, disch. 31 Oct 1863
Wilson, G. M. 9 Aug 1862 trans. 16 Mar 1864 for prom. to Hosp. Steward U.S.A.
Wilson, J. S. 1 Aug 1862 wnd. and captd. at Champion Hills, kld. at Mansfield
Wilson. Sgt. J. Wright 5 Aug 1862  
Work, D. C. 5 Jan 1864 wnd. at Cedar Creek
Zollinger, 2nd Lt. J. R. as Sgt.5 Aug 1862 prom. 2nd Lt. 14 Apr 1863, wnd. at Jackson, MS

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