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Burial Index by Surname

Cemeteries Except Newton Union

Based on obituaries from Newton Daily News 1978-2004, excluding 1999-2001

Obituaries for these names plus Newton Union Cemetery are available by searching the IAGenWeb/Jasper obit board or from the Jasper County Genealogical Society.

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Surname (Maiden)First & Middle Name (Spouse)Date of BirthDate of DeathCemetery
Yamen (Maher) Mary 22-May-1919 25-Jul-1988 Colfax Highland
Yarham (Ballard) Marguerite L. (Ray) 30-Aug-1904 7-Dec-2003 Cremation
Yoakum Harold C. (LaDonna Thake) 25 Oct 1924 24 Sep 1995 Newton Memorial Park
Yoakum (Brown) Anna Jane 2-Jun-1901 30-Sep-1988 McKeever
Yoakum (Eatwell) Elma (Clarence) 28-Oct-1921 1-Jun-1981 Graham
Yoakum (McCuen) Ethel Jane (Orville) 26-Feb-1913 8-Dec-1987 Graham
Yochum John W. 24-Jun-1921 15-Nov-1987 Cremation
Yoder (Kling) Junella Marie 20-Mar-1959 4-Sep-2003 Sugar Grove
York Sherman 20 Feb 1896 20-Nov-1978 Newton Memorial Park
York (Edmundson) Verva Pearl (Sherman) 29 Sep 1896 1-Mar-1981 Newton Memorial Park
Yost (Brock) Marjorie (Ernest Gerald) 4 Mar 1914 29 Sep 1997 Sugar Grove
Young Gerald (Lela Simpson) 24 Mar 1924 28 Mar 1995 Kellogg Our Silent City
Young Howard C. (Marguerite Kool) 5 Jun 1907 7 Dec 1991 Monroe Silent City
Young Kenneth W. (Mary Emeline Bean) 10 Apr 1903 27 Nov 1991 Palo Alto
Young (Bean) Mary E. (Kenneth W.) 28 Jan 1903 2 May 1989 Palo Alto
Young (Braley) Florence M. (Delmar E.) 11 Sep 1906 21 May 1995 Rock Creek
Young (Garver) Clara H. (I. V.) 30 Aug 1885 10-Aug-1979 Kellogg Our Silent City
Young (Warner) Mabel Lillian (Frank) 31 Jan 1889 8-Mar-1985 Kellogg Our Silent City
Youngkin Hallie E. 29 Mar 1899 9-Jan-1984 Lynnville Woodland
Yowell Clarence E. 4-Jan-1911 26-Dec-1984 Monroe Silent City

Transcribed by Ernie Braida, 2004