Titler Cemetery

The Titler cemetery gravestone listing is complete up to 1975. Titler is designated as a Pioneer Cemetery.

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Condition: See Pauline Lillie's 1976 history (need update).
Directions and Location Maps:

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From Marengo:

  1. Head north on Eastern Ave toward E South St. (1.9 mi)
  2. Turn left at F15 Blvd (1.0 mi)
  3. Continue on L Ave (354 ft)

Black top roads lead there. Titler is on the corner of L Ave (County Hwy V66). It sits on top of a hill with a wonderful view of the valley.

Coordinates: (DEC) Latitude 41.8294470, Longitude -92.0829592

Plot Map: none
History: Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

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Gravestone Photos: Iowa Gravestone Photo Project
Transcribed by: Fran Eichler from Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History; with updates from Netha Meyer (marked **) from her obituary collection.
Gravestone and Cemetery Photos by: Jackie Fisher Ennis (6 entries with transcription notes)
Web page by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 12 Jul 2008. Permission given by Lou Eichler (Fran's husband).
Media Source: Iowa County Cemetery Stones & History 1844-1975 via gravestone inscriptions
Cemetery Listing:
An obituary is available if an 'X' is marked in the Obit column and can be obtained from the Williamsburg Historical Commission. Obituary notes are marked in the Notes column with a double asterisk (**).
Obit Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Notes
BlacketerEliza C.5 Oct 18591ydau of HB & AF
XBolgerMartha A.(Shelley)1 Aug 188236y 1m 5d**Age from obit
BrownJ. S.4 Nov 1853
BrownJennie21 Mar 18464 Sep 1917wife of JS
BrownKenneth Reno19081909
BrownKenneth Reno19081909Copier's note: Stone absent in 1975
CaldwellMinnie13 Feb 187232y 3m 22dwife of DW
CareyMary A.19 Nov 185511y 18ddau of Geo Carey, George Titler lot
CarryEmily J.30 Aug 1880dau of Wm & M
CarryIsaacAug 1851Age "about 3 yrs," son of W & M
CarryWilliam1 Apr 188851yDied in his 51st yr
CarterInfant22 Oct 1873dau of C & EE
CarterInfant22 Oct 1873dau of C & EE Carter, Isaac Titler lot
CarterOrpha2 Nov 18631m 23ddau of Charles & EE
CarterOrpha2 Nov 18631m 23ddau of Chas & EE Carter, Isaac Titler lot
CavenderG. B.Copier's note: Nothing more on stone
CurtwrightTheodosia A.23 Apr 186930 Apr 1903
EmrickDavidCo C 4th Ind Cav Indiana
EmrickJulia Ann18401872
FielderEdward O.18811963
FielderMamie A.19011934
GeoughThimothy A.19 Mar 186610m 5dson of M & S
GilbertCordelia22 Aug 18565y 6mdau of JM & NA
GilbertGeorge W.17 Aug 18453 Feb 1915
GilbertInfant28 Apr 1859dau of JM & NA
GilbertJas. M.13 Nov 187552y 1m 27d
GilbertMary A.28 Sep 1855date of death not filled in
GilbertMary A.25 Sep 18518ydau of JM & NA
GilbertMary C.Aug 18536m 4ddau of JM & NA
GilbertNancy A.13 Aug 187550y 10m 29dwife of Jas M
GivensBenjamin10 Jun 185845y 9m 7d
GivensHarriett2 Oct 18193 wksdau of B & A
GivensMaryCopier's note: Unable to read dates
GivensWilliam H.8 Jul 186322y 8m 15d
GoingsGeorge W.25 Dec 181821 Oct 1903
GoingsMary Jane1 Dec 193410 Mar 1901wife of George
GoingsTimothy H.19 Mar 186010m 3dson of N & S (Copier's note: Stone against tree)
GoodmanEldora8 Jun 18703 Sep 1873
GoodmanLeslie19 Jul 187216 Oct 1872Copier's note: Stone absent in 1975
GoodmanMary28 Oct 184017 Nov 1913
GoodmanThomas22 Feb 183615 Jan 1911
GoodmanWilber12 Nov 186712 Mar 1876
HansonMary J.Copier's note: Unable to read dates
HansonMary J.30 Nov 189358y 9mdau of E & BE Woods
HaughenburySarah7 Nov 188974y 11m 18dwife of William
HaughenburyWilliam25 Jun 184711 Dec 1911
HaughenburyWilliam6 Feb 189792y 5m 19d
LudmanJohn C.7 Jan 189346y 4m 6d
LudmanSusan15 Mar 188636y 1m 1dwife of John
McLaughlinGeorge W.Dec 187355y 6m 3dhus of C
MerrifeldMartha A.7 May 185524y 1m 2dwife of RM
MerrifieldBertie8 Aug 18709m 9d
MerrifieldInfantchild of RM & MA, Martha Merrifield lot
MerrifieldMargaret J.20 Aug 185220y 5m 8d
MerrifieldSerahan Sahann18 May 18511y 8m 3ddau of B Merrifield, Martha Merrifield lot
SchmellingWilliam J.8 Dec 186821 Apr 1913
SchmollingAnna L.21 Nov 18353 Feb 1897Wife of Wm J
SchmollingInfantdau of CH & JM (Copier's note: Unable to read dates)
SchmollingInfantson of CH & JM (Copier's note: Unable to read dates)
SchmollingWilliam J.21 Dec 182123 Oct 1896
ShellyJoseph8 Jun 188885y 9m 18d
ShellySarah Ann1 Jun 189380y 6m 16dwife of Joseph
SmollingChas. H.18731933
SmollingJennie1876Copier's note: Date not filled in
SpracklenAllgood18 Nov 18522y 4mson of DD & E
SpracklenMay E.27 Dec 18615y 1m 10ddau of DD & E
SpracklenOliver10 Sep 185510m 23dson of DD & E
SwezeyInfant9 Dec 1876Son of JC & MA
XSwezeyMrs. A. E.30 Oct.183828 Feb1918**dau of Thos & Thankful
XSwezeyThankful A.7 May 182025 Mar 187857y 10m 18d**Age from obit; wife of Thomas H
XSwezeyThomas H.9 Oct 1814 17 Mar 187863y 5m 8d**Age from obit hus of Thankful
TarneyBetsey E.1 Jun 189481y
TitlerGeorge11 May 187676y 11m 3d
TitlerGeorge S.son of Isaac
TitlerIsaac D.2 Feb 182530 Apr 1907
TitlerMargaret4 Dec 1831Mar 1902wife of Isaac
TitlerMary A.19 Nov 185511y 18ddau of George Carey
WannamacherEmilyCopier's note: Dates not visible
WannamacherGeorge1 Apr 18051865
WannamacherMargaretCopier's note: Dates not visible
WannamacherMaryCopier's note: Dates not visible
WebsterAdlaska C.11 Sep 18595y 7m 4dson of BE & RA
WebsterEdward6 Aug 18591y 6m
WoodsMary J.30 Nov 189358y 9mdau of E & BE Woods
WoodsSarah E.16 Sep 186216y