Spicer Cemetery

This gravestone listing is complete to the Fall of 2003. Spicer is designated as a Pioneer Cemetery.

History:  Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

Gravestone Photos:  Iowa Gravestone Photo Project

Plot Map:  Drafted Plan with Burial Locations


"Restoration on Spicer began in the Spring of 2002 and was completed in the Fall of 2003. It was transformed from an abandoned, shoulder-high tangle of brambles and brush to a lovely, serene and well cared-for cemetery." - Sandy.

Directions and Location Maps:

Interactive Location Map w/GPS
Directions Map

2 miles East of Homestead off the Highway 6 Trail

Coordinates: (DEC) Latitude 41.761735, Longitude -91.846095

Read by: Sandy Snyder and Dave Snyder, 1 addition burial, without a stone, noted by Pauline Lillie.
Restored by: Sandy and Dave Snyder. The County Commissioners, the Pioneer Cemetery Committee, Randall Betz & Ken Mather, and many others helped us accomplish the restoration.
Map by: Dave Snyder (measurements & drafted plan)
Web page by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 30 Nov 2009, updated with more burials and a map 24 Aug 2011.
Media Source: Gravestone inscriptions and Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History

Cemetery Listing:  An asterisk (*) indicates an entry not listed in Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History book.

Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathAgeNotes
BarnettSusan M 3 Apr 185511m 5dDau of I & Laurel A; *
BoltonGeorge E 6 Oct 18651y 2mSon of E & E
BoveeMaggie 20 Feb 18763y 2mDau of Wm & Ellen
BrewittJames 12 Nov 185?10y1852 or 1853 ?; *
BurgessA. Betsy 7 Nov 186414yDau of Albert
BurgessAnn 11 Oct 186426y 
BurgessJames 13 Nov 186438ySon of Albert
CollinsJohn M 19 Jul 185723y 2dSon of Wm & Maria
CookAdelia M 11 Jun 187226y 5m 18dWife of Eli S
CookEttie May 4 Aug 18722m 29dDau E S & A M
EllisJohn 13 Oct 187344y 9m 11d[Lillie's book has "John E"]
GouffMary 3 Sep 186358y 5m 27dWife of S; [Lillie's book had Groff]
HaringJ T E  15yFootstone only; *
HartwellJohn Henry 3 Nov 185515y 7mSon of J L & E
HeatleyCasson A 18 Sep 18591y 7m 3dSon of E C & Louisa
HeatleyEdward 9 Aug 185926y 2m 9d 
HibardAlmira 1 Jan 1860 Dau of L B & Mary; [Lillies book had "Almira M"]
HunterIda J29 Aug 185729 Mar 18591y 7mDau of Jas & Martha; [Lillies book had "Hibard, Ida J, 31 Jan 1850, 1y 7m, Dau of Hans & Marty"]
HustedMartha4 Dec 183614 Nov 185619y 11m 10dWf of George Husted, Dau of Thos Sherlock; *
KilgoreEdith E 19 Aug 18672y 5m 10dDau of H & M; [stone found in June 2003, inscribed "Here rests fond parents hope and pride, Their little rosebuds side by side"]
KilgoreFlorence M 23 Sep 18641y 14dDau of H & M; [stone found in June 2003, inscribed "Here rests fond parents hope and pride, Their little rosebuds side by side"]
McCoyGeorge 5 Sep 18593mSon of J & M
McCoyJohn 9 Sep 1882  
MurphyDavid M 11 Oct 18723y 4m 22dSon of F D & S A
MurphyHannah I Apr 1861  
NorthupFrank 21 Jan 188027y 2m 10dSon of Nathan & Harriet (Sherlock); *
NorthupLydia22 Jun 19632 Nov 18634m 10dDau of Nathan & Harriet; [Lillie's book shows 5m10d]
SherlockA Oct 1853 Dau of Luke & Eliz; *
SherlockEliz17 Aug 181920 Mar 1878 Wife of Luke
SherlockEmily Aug 1863 Dau of Luke & Eliz
SherlockJohn H ?-?-? Son of Luke & Eliz; *
SherlockLuke6 Oct 18188 Nov 188264yAge 61 on stone is incorrect; [Lillie's book had age 81y]
SherlockTommy18731877 Son of Thos & Alice
SpicerClara 26 Apr 185814y 11m 12dDau of Wm & D
SpicerGeorge W 8 May 185214dSon of Wm & D; [Lillie's book had George N]
SpicerMary K 8 Jul 18639y 6m 8d[Lillie's book listed this entry as "Henry K", Son of Wm & D; same date and age]
SpicerMaria 28 Feb 186015y 2m 11dDau of Wm & D
SpicerNathan179616 May 187377y 1m 13dPatriot War of 1812
SpicerWilliam31 Mar 181912 Oct 1889 [In Lillies' book. Listed this entry as "no stone"]
SpicerWilliam H 11 Jul 18533y 11m 18dSon of Wm & D
SpragueRhoda A 10 Sep 18511y 4mDau of H F & M
TaylorHarvey 15 Nov 186024y 17d*
TaylorOliver P 10 Dec 185524y 23d*
WaiteChloe Lodema 5 Oct 187414y 3m 10dDau of A & E J
WaiteEdward 17 Oct 187423y 4m 16dSon of A & E J
WrightMary   Small stone leans on spouse Newell’s stone; *
WrightNewell 18 Aug 186254y