Pleasant Ridge Cemetery aerial view
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery aerial view (Image courtesy of Google)

Pleasant Ridge (Old Baptist) Cemetery

This gravestone listing is complete . Pleasant Ridge is designated as a Pioneer Cemetery.

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Condition: Unknown
Directions and Location Maps:

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North East East of Williamsburg

Coordinates: (DEC) Latitude 41.6802864, Longitude -91.9487885

Plot Map: None
History: Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

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Read by: L.A. & Alice Winborn, Pauline Lillie, transcribed by Fran Eichler, additions by Netha Meyer
Web page by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 30 Nov 2009.
Media Source: Gravestone inscriptions and Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History
Cemetery Listing:
An obituary is available if an 'X' is marked in the Obit column and can be obtained from the Williamsburg Historical Commission. Obituary notes are marked in the Notes column with a double asterisk (**).
ObitSurnameGiven NameDate of BirthDate of DeathAgeNotes
Boyd [children]Children of DD & M Boyd
BoydSylvin26 Feb 18882y 18m 6d
CarmichaelEllen25 Mar 189456y 9m 5dwife of JW
CarmichaelEmma9 Jan 18764y 3m 12ddau of JW & EM
CarmichaelNellie9 Jan 18766y 2m 19ddau of JW & EM
CarmichaelOrris3 Feb 18702yson of JW & EM
CarmichaelSophie9 Nov 188020y 10m 3dadopted dau of N & AM Sheets
ConnewayAndrew J.28 Sep 189075y 13d
DanielsJacob6 Mar 181915 Nov 188979y 9m 10dborn Sheffield VT
X DanielsJudson A.9 Jun 187336y 6m 2d** Age from obit; son of AL
DanielsMarie9 Apr 180313 Mar 1892
DanielsSusie9 Apr 188110 Dec 1899Dau of HB
Daniels[unknown]9m 12d
GrimmCatherine1827121 Aug 1885
GrimmCharles H.18181874
HastingsFather19 Jan 180829 Oct 1879
HastingsJohn5 Apr 18276 Jan 1908
HastingsLeroy14 May 18785m 23dson of AS & RE
HastingsMother4 Sep 180225 Mar 1877
HastingsOrlive A.1 Aug 182723 Feb 1896
HastingsSamuel7 Nov 187115y 5m 9dson of J & OA
HoletonEliza Jane17 Mar 18755 Feb 1883Dau of OM & SE
HoletonFrancis Elmer10 May 18828 Feb 1883Son of OM & SE, Mattie, Eliza & Francis all died of scarlet fever (prob Feb 1883)
HoletonMattie May30 Apr 187811 Feb 1883Dau of OM & SE
McLennanDonald M.26 Nov 1913
MerrilMarilla7 Feb 186-53y
XMurchisonClinton A.1 Jan 187229 Dec 189826y 11m 29dno stone; * S/O M/M A.S.
MurchisonMolly M.13 Mar 190036y 11m 18dno stone
NesmithDrusslah17 Mar 18711y 3m 16ddau of JH & ST
Peet6 Dec 18818 Aug 1888On lower edge Geo W (Ree?)
PickardSarah17 Aug 18204 Jul 1871Wife of SO Pickard
PriceAmanda16 Sep 184315 Aug 1871Wife of CG
PriceBurr14 Aug 18801y 15dson of Amanda & CG
PriceEdith & FlorenceInf daus of Amanda & CG
ReedGeorge W.6 Apr 18218 Aug 1888George Ree shares stone with Judson & Susie Daniels
ReedHerbert20 Oct 186728 Feb 1883No stone
SeymourAnnie22 Sep 18661y 20ddau of CW & SM
SeymourCharles W.14 Jun 189668y 3m 9d
SheetzAlta M. Merrel24 Feb 189257yno stone in 1973
SheetzJessie30 Aug 188524y 2m 8dson of MA & AM
SheetzMahlon A.18261904Co HSM Inf, GAR marker
XSnyderMary E.20 Jan 188346y 6m 16d**Age from obit; w/o Henry
TalbotAnna B.31 Aug 18857y 5m 2ddau of JF & MM Talbot
TalbotDaughter21 Aug 1885Dau of JF & MM Talbot (Copier's note: Born 5 Feb 1875 or 1878)
TalbotHannah E.14 Dec 182013 May 1913Died in Yuma, CO
Talbot[unknown]25 Jul 181922 Nov 1897Copier's note: Cannot read name-possibly Fuller), died in Kansas
TownsendEllen24 Aug 187733y 10m 12dwife of JN
TownsendInfantDau of JN & E
TownsendSusie L.No dates
XWalesChristiane26 Oct 182926 Mar 1908** Wife of Thomas
XWalesThomas29 Feb 183210 Jul 1916** marr Catherine McLennan 1871