Piersol (a.k.a. Berry) Cemetery

This burial index is complete to October of 2007. All gravestones have been photographed and read. Please see the listing and extr notes below. Piersol is designated as an Active Cemetery.

History: Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

Gravestone Photos:  Iowa Gravestone Photo Project  Complete set of photos

Plot Map:  Map from August 2007 [PDF File]


June 2007 - This cemetery is in good condition and well maintained via volunteer assistance and county funding. It is a county owned cemetery where burial lots are currently free. Some stones are on the ground and in need of repair. The original fence and large arched iron sign at it's entrance are no longer present. Piersol cemetery sits upon a hill in the country on a gravel road—so peaceful and beautiful - VT

Directions and Location Maps:

Interactive Location Map w/GPS
Directions Map

From North English:
  1. Take Hwy 149 heading North (Also marked as M Avenue)
  2. Turn East onto 335th Street and go 6 miles East (This road is paved and turns into 323rd Street at the junction of Q Avenue)
  3. Continue to R Avenue, turn North and go 1/4 mile (R Avenue is a gravel road)

Piersol Cemetery is on the right (East side of the road)

Coordinates: Latitude 41.5406 and Longitude -91.9621

Source and Credits:
Project Coordinator: Virginia Threlkeld-Larson. "Special thanks to Netha Meyer for her advice and record assistance and to all who have helped make this project a success!"
Gravestone & Cemetery Photos with notes by: Virginia Threlkeld-Larson (with a few photos by other contributors)
Transcribed by: Virginia Threlkeld-Larson, based upon Scott Romine's database. Virginia's update includes, all stones, markers, inscriptions and notes via re-canvassing of the cemetery completed October 2007. Scott compiled his database from his own canvassing, information based upon Pauline Lillie's history and former long-time sexton, Wayne "Sliver" Moffit, who is buried in Piersol.
Plot Map by: Scott Romine (current Piersol cemetery sexton)
Web page and technical assistance by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, Mar 2008
Media Source: Gravestone inscriptions and Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History
Cemetery Listing:

Extra photos are marked below as follows: family stone icon = Family stone.  memorial marker icon = Military/Membership marker.  plot marker icon = Plot marker (indicates a plot's corner boundary; usually made of cement measuring 4 x 4 inches by 8 inches deep).

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Given Name

Date of Birth

Date of Death




K12(Illegible)C. F.Jul 26, 186837y
K03(Tree)no plot space
L01(Tree)no plot space
F22AdamsJack E.Jul 15, 1936Dec 9, 1999"I am the eternal optimist. The best is yet to come."
F23AdamsHarry W.Nov 6, 1905Nov 6, 1967shares stone with Orpha Adams
F23AdamsOrpha M.Jul 12, 1917Aug 31, 1987"May you rest with a dream on your mind, a smile on your face & a love so kind"
C15AggsonCleties V.Dec 21, 1913Apr 28, 19151y 3m 28d"daughter of H & M.C. Aggson" (back of stone); (per obit) Cledith Viola Aggson & also birth date -shares stone with Nina Netser.
C17AggsonHenryApr 5, 1869Jan 9, 1941Share stone with Mary Aggson.
C17AggsonMary C.Apr 23, 1892Jan 16, 1944Maiden name Netser; Children: Leland, William D., Leota, Cleties V.
M18AggsonMattieAug 26, 1874Apr 27, 1946per obit-given/ maiden name Martha Wade-daughter of James & Christina (Fry) Wade.
M18AggsonShermanDec 29, 1865Jun 27, 1943Shares stone with Mattie Aggson
G16BerryFrancis M.Dec 19, 1832Feb 6, 1927Small Father stone by main stone. (Francis Marion) Shares stone with Margaret.
G16BerryMargaretOct 7, 1832Jan 19, 1913maiden name is Lemley - Small mother stone by main stone.
G16LamarouxJohn Clark "J.C.L" - Foot stone of John Clark Lamaroux
G18BerryAddieOct 21, 1874Mar 14, 1941(Took care of her brother James A. Berry)
H18BerryJohn W.Jan 26, 1860Sep 14, 18655y 7m 18dson of F.M. & M. Berry - stone is broken at base (2006)
H19BerryGeorge T.May 5, 18666y 4m 9dson of F.M. & M. Berry
H20BerryThomas M.Dec 5, 18669y 9m 7dson of F.M. & M. Berry
H21BerryDora E.Sep 22, 1917Jul 11, 189220y 9m 19d"Dearest loved one, we must lay you in the peaceful grass embrace - But thy memory will be cherished - Till we see they heavenly face"; Daughter of F.M & M. Berry
N01BerryHenryMay 20, 188082y 7m 20dMother/Father engraved on south side of stone. Shares stone with Mary Berry.
N01BerryMaryAug 11, 187773y 8m 28dFather and Mother are gone.They lie beneath the sod.Our parents tho we miss you, we know you rest with God!
N02BerryHarmon H.May 17, 18735m 9dson of H.G. & M.L. Berry
N02BerryHenry G.Feb 12, 187736yshares stone with Harmon H & Margaret E. Berry
N02BerryMargaret E.Jan 11, 187211yDaughter of H. G. & M. L. Berry
G17Berry James A.Aug 1, 1853Sep 16, 1945James Alf Berry (was blind)
A23BlairJames M.Sep 18, 1950Sep 19, 1950
A24BlairRamona"In memory of"; "Rest in peace"; unusual stone
B27BlairEsther J.19221992Shares stone with Francis Blair
B27BlairFrancis O.19171956Royal Order of Moose marker- broken 9/2007
B29BlairJessie M.18971982Shares stone with Oscar Blair.
B29BlairOscar M.18871975
I14BootheChesley HarlanJul 26, 18644m 11d"Son of T.D. & L.A. Boothe"; stone set back in row
I15BootheLucy AMar 9, 187027y 1m 3d"wife of Truman D. Boothe"; stone set back in row
D14BucherAliceMay 18, 1868Sep 28, 1907Shares stone with Richard Bucher
D14BucherRichard Nov 5, 1846Feb 7, 1908G.A.R. marker
D14"A" plot marker
I25BurwoodElizabethMar 17, 188871yshares stone with Mr. & Mrs Josiah Maule - small aunt stone south of large Maule gravestone
D01CarterKatie M.Oct 14, 1893Jul 18, 1962per obit-maiden name: Hardy- married Wallace M. Carter on Jan 17,1912
D01CarterWallace M.Sep 24, 1891Nov 24, 1975per obit- Wallace Melvin Carter -Shares stone with Katie Carter
M21ChittickEllen WadeOct 21, 1917married Feb 11, 1937- Wade is her maiden name
M21ChittickEverett E.Aug 1, 1914Dec 8, 1997Shares stone with Ellen Chittick
O01ChittickIrmgardJun 6, 1947Sep 19, 1994married June 19, 1968- shares stone with Sanford Chitick
O01ChittickSanfordJun 27, 1945parents of Michaela
C03ClaypoolRuth M.Jun 17, 1928Jan 30, 2004"Mother of Wanda, Carolyn, Gary, Debra, Suzanne"; maiden name Moffit, divorced Don in 1972, was a twin, twin died at birth.
J24ClaypoolDaisy D.18741930Maiden name "Moffit"
J24ClaypoolHenry W.18641933shares stone with Daisy Claypool
J25ClaypoolRalph P.Apr 14, 1899Apr 18, 1936Foster son - WWI veteran marker
E26CobbKathryn PearlFeb 19, 1952Kept maiden name Cobb- Shares stone with Wm. Musser
E27CobbDorthy V.Jul 29, 1915Nov 13, 1981Shares stone with Raymond Cobb
E27CobbRaymond L.May 7, 1917
N15CobbEstill A.19081996married Jan 27, 1932
N15CobbLucille M.1914Shares stone with Estill Cobb
N15"P" plot marker; faded /chipped
O10ConnellyWillie ElmoDec 27, 18931y 2m 2d"Only sleeping"; son of P.L. & L.C. Connelly
I21CroffordElexader B.G.Sep 26, 18645m 8dson of Cyrus & Rhoda
K05DeanMary M.May 22, 189058y 10m 19dwife of S.J.F. Dean
K06DeanSeth AAug 26, 188322y 7m 20d"Was from our household ___ voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our heart, which never can be filled"; son of J.F. & M.M. Dean; Eccl:21;7_1-200:_(_?unknown lines)
K10DeanFlorance A.Feb 19, 187616y 3m 21ddaughter of S.J.F. & M.M. Dean
N14DenisonBessie M.Sep 5, 1897Dec 3, 1979Shared stone of Bessie, George, and Helen Denison
N14DenisonGeorge W.Nov 8, 1892Nov 28, 1974
N14DenisonHelen M.Apr 19, 1928Jan 23, 1991
N14Denison"D" plot marker
O23DenisonPhyllis R.May 26, 1931"parents of Eric"; maiden name Hediger
O23DenisonRoss DaleSep 3, 1923Aug 23, 1993Obit states Ross Dale-Pvt, USMCR -wounded during WWII (per U.S.National Archives- WWII Causualities)
O06DietzeJames E.Apr 10, 1940Shares stone with Jane Ann Dietz
O06DietzeJane AnnMar 13, 1942parents of Larry David
H09DixonEdwin S.Aug 12, 18681y 11m 21dson of E.H. & S. Dixon
K20DouglasLina M.Nov 9, 1911wife of Roy Douglas
B30DuffyAlverda BlairOct 26, 1915Jan 26, 1987Mother of Larry, Francis, Robert, and Judy
B31DuffyBrandon M.Dec 17, 1984Aug 23, 1989"We love you"
B31DuffyRobertAug 29, 1940Nov 7, 2001small stone in front of Brandon Duffy
E01EmdeOra L.18811959
G06FoubertGertrude E.19031982parents of Bill, Doris, and Jean
G06FoubertJohn F.18981964FLT marker
O27FoubertDorothy PoltonNov 23, 1926Parents of Jerry and Randy
O28FoubertWilliam OrenApr 21, 1927Jul 30, 1997Married Oct. 2, 1945
O28FoubertPlot marker R & F present here
H14FurmanGayApr 10, 189923y 3m 7dshares stone with Harlan Furman
H14FurmanHarlan L.Sep 23, 18852m 4dchildren of F.J. & M.E. Furman
H15FurmanM. EllenJan 14, 1851Sep 21, 1928
H16FurmanRebeccaMay 30, 1828Dec 21, 186537y 5m 21dwife of David D.
K18FurmanMatilda D.Feb 27, 190738y 5m 15dwife of B.L. Furman
K19FurmanBradford L.18641938Father
K19 "M" plot marker- south & West of Bradford Furman
K21FurmanFrances M.19041938
K22FurmanHarrison W. Sr.18881939Father
K23FurmanHarrison W. Jr.1915
L22GarringerAnna RuthOct 1, 1924Apr 23, 2006
C05HallC.W.Jun 15, 1859Sep 30, 1921
C06HallDr. T.E.Apr 9, 190789y 10m 25dSmall father stone by Main stone. Shares stone with Louise Hall
C06HallLouisa C.Oct 4, 190983y 11m 18dhas small mother stone by large stone
C07HallCalla M.Jan 8, 18917m 25d"child of E. L. & A. M. Hall"; shares stone with Clarence Hall
C07HallClarenceApr 18, 188418d"child of E. L. & A. M. Hall"; shares stone with Calla Hall
L01HalletAmandaOct 25, 185918y 2m 23ddaughter of Solomon & Sarah A. Hallet
L02HalletElamAug 21, 185921y 5m 11d"son of Solomon & Sarah A. Hallett"; Stone now standing 8-2007
K24HalversonSarah Furman18951942
D02HardyFamily Stone
D02HardyGeorgeMay 23, 1860Jun 26, 1929was murdered/stabbed to death per article
D03HardyPeter MyronMar 29, 1917Nov 3, 1918
D04HardyJ.J.Nov 27, 1888Aug 29, 1917
E04HardyMary Emily18641949Shares stone with Peter Hardy
E05HardyAlma J.Feb 21, 191215y 5m 28ddaughter of P. and M.E, Hardy
E06HardyIra M.Mar 19, 189610y 5m 6dson of P & M.E. Hardy
E07HardyAnna C.Jul 15, 1826Apr 20, 1919
E07HardyJacobJun 30, 1825Sep 9, 1891Share stone with Anna Hardy
E17HevernAnnie G.May 5, 1856Nov 23, 189741y 6m 18dwife of H.B. Hevern
J12HevernRebecca L.Feb 19, 188627 y 1m 7dwife of H.B. Hevern
J28HolmesBethAug 19, 1908Feb 10, 1984OES - Ladies VFW marker
J28HolmesHarold B.Jun 27, 1907Dec 24, 1986Mason- Shares stone with Beth Holmes
F03HudsonElla F.Oct 3, 1875Apr 21, 1939
F04HudsonJesse F.Feb 8, 1867Jan 31, 1944
G01HudsonMervin S.Apr 11, 1927Apr 8, 1954
G02HudsonEdna V.19051984Shares stone with Edward Hudson
G02HudsonEdward L.18981951
H01HudsonCharles D.Sep 28, 1957Aug 21, 1994
H02HudsonLawrence19001959shares stone with Thelma Hudson
H03HudsonLeona19322004maiden name Thompson
H03HudsonMerlin EugeneMar 12, 1928Mar 24, 1991US Army - Vietnam War marker
H04HudsonJohnette L.1937Nancy, Rick, Becky, Tommy, Terry, Kelly, John, Bruce,& Matt
H04HudsonThomas D.19341996married Oct 20, 1954- parents of Vick, Cindy, Delbert,
I02HudsonEvelyn MarieDec 26, 1940Married Nov. 20, 1959
I03HudsonArnold RayMay 31, 1936Nov 2, 2005Father of Charles-shares stone with Evelyn
B05Huggins Large Huggins family stone in front of Hattie & Edward's individual stones
B05HugginsHattie A.186219??small Hattie stone - no date of death recorded
B06HugginsEdward M.18661928small Edward stone
G19JohnsonHarriettJul 1, 1869Jan 27, 1965Maiden name "Berry"
G19JohnsonThomasSep 2, 1859Mar 20, 1951
J13JohnsonHarriett G. Jan 20, 1826Mar 27, 1897"Rest mother rest in peaceful sleep, But not in sorrow"; wife of A.G. Johnson; "Mother" written on top of stone
J13JohnsonLarge gray family stone with Johnson written on top.
J13JohnsonA.G.Dec 16, 1822Jan 23, 1910FTL marker - Father written on top of stone
J16JohnsonLucy P.Jan 17, 1859wife of Tho. Johnson
J16JohnsonTho.Apr 17, 186167y
J17JohnsonCaroline A.Aug 24, 1864Sep 16, 1864daughter of A.P. & M.F. Johnson
A09JordanMariam M.Aug 3, 1914Mar 29, 1915
A11Jordan Family Stone; ahead & North of Ray & Mamie Jordan's stones.
A11Jordan Plot marker; to South of Ray & Mamie Jordan's Family stone.
A14Jordan Family Stone; ahead & North of Frank & Martha Jordan's stones.
A14Jordan "J" plot marker south of Frank & Martha Jordan Family stone.
C27JordanClaraNov 2, 1923Parents of Frederick, James, Eugene
C27JordanKeithMar 29, 1918Mar 16, 2000"J" marker- shares stone with Clara Jordan
D27JordanCharles R.Mar 10, 1916Nov 19, 2002Married Oct. 14, 1939- Shares stone with M.Marie Jordan
D27JordanM. MarieJan 17, 1920Parents of Bill R., Rita Ann, J. B. Lloyd
D27"J" plot marker; North of their stone (in row line)
D28JordanHarry T.Sep 12, 1927Jan 28, 1991A3C US Air Force - Korea - Korean War marker
F11LamorauxRelia A.18551921
F12LamorauxDanielAug 8, 189688yShares stone with Sylvia Lamoraux
F12LamorauxSylvia A.Jul 6, 188972ywife of D. Lamoraux
F13LamorauxJohn ClarkJun 14, 189212y 8m 7d"It is well with the boy"; Son of George & Emily Lamoraux
F14LamorauxEmily J.Feb 21, 1836Feb 16, 1925maiden name: Netser- Shares stone with George Lamoraux
F14LamorauxGeorge S.Apr 8, 1834Oct 7, 1916small mother/father stone beside large stone
F15LamorauxEdgarMar 16, 1857Dec 20, 1945
F15LamorauxSarah EllenApr 5, 1861Jul 22, 1941
K03LaunrauxAlice AdelNov 17, 1861Dec 18, 188423y 1m 1d"Gone but not forgotten"; wife of Edward Launraux; daughter of Francis & Martha Wade
H31Le FeverJoe CharlesOct 6, 1915Jul 2, 1964WWII veteran marker- Shares stone with Luella LeFever
H31Le FeverLuella EMay 7, 1922Aug 1, 2006per obit.Her maiden name was Wade - With her parents names Henry & Carrie (Long) Wade.
H31 4 empty plots then an "L" marker(L faces south /W faces east -right beside each other
F01LeckerOra AdelineMay 16, 1899Oct 1, 1961Maiden name "Ponchaud"
G15LemleyJohnAug 17, 1805Jan 19, 1872John & Mary Lemley share stone.
G15LemleyMaryNov 20, 1802May 8, 1901
H17LemleySina C.Jul 29, 1844Oct 16, 1865
E10LitzenbergNellie G.Jan 12, 1853Jan 10, 1917
E11LitzenbergElizabeth H.Aug 23, 1855Feb 3, 1945maiden name "Hardy"
E11LitzenbergWilliam C.Oct 16, 1850Mar 28, 1931Shares stone with Elizabeth Litzenberg.
E12LitzenbergR.G.Jan 29, 1886Aug 28, 1977Brothers~Shares stone with John Litzenberg
E12Litzenberg John J.Oct 25, 1884Aug 25, 1962Brothers
E08LitzenbergerMary E.Dec 28, 188912d"Beautiful, lovely she was but, amen. I fall bud to earth to blossom in heaven"; daughter of W.C. & L.H. Litzenberger
E09LitzenbergerKatieFeb 5, 1888Dec 1, 18913y 9m 26d"__has taketh to his __ and carieth them in his bosom"; daughter of W.C. & L.H. Litzenberger. Inscription are illegible due to chipping.
B13LongCharles S.Oct 2, 1869Nov 17, 1952IOOF marker
B13LongMattieJan 9, 1876Mar 21, 1911Shares stone with Charles Long
B13Long Family Stone & a "L" plot marker north of Mattie & Charles Long
C19LongGeorge W.18651937shares stone with George Long
C19LongMary A.May 5, 1873Apr 16, 1918
C22LongGerald19181926son of John & Louise Long
C23LongRichard19342001son of John & Louise Long; L marker
F05LongMary E.18751949Shares stone with Oren Long
F05LongOren A.18671935IOOF markers- # 525
F06LongJ.W.Feb 27, 1836Jun 2, 1914
F06LongSarah J.Jul 7, 1844Nov 11, 1915Shares stone with J.W. Long
F24LongHugh J.18971979
F24LongIrma M.19081974Shares stone with Irma Long
F27LongClarence L.Sep 6, 1908May 17, 1975Parents of Mervyn, Shirley, Gary, John & Linda; married Oct. 6, 1928
F27LongDorothy E. Sep 19, 1913Feb 2007Shares stone with Clarence Long
F29LongMervyn L.Sep 9, 1930Feb 23, 2007Shares stone with Norma Long
F29LongNorma L.Mar 23, 1933parents of Sandi, Becky, Debbie, Kim, and Christi
G29LongCharles E.18991965Shares stone with Ida Long
G29LongIda S.19021987married Nov 19. 1923
G30LongGrace Elizabeth19261926
N06ManvilleGeorge W.Jan 25, 18581m 10dson of G.L. & S.M. Manville
I20MauleWilliam H.Apr 13, 1864son of David & Beata Maule 31y 10m 16d
I22MauleDavidMar 27, 186663y 5m 17d "Dearest Father, thou hath left us. Here thy last our deeply fret. But tis God that hath bereth us. We can all our sorrows heal"
I23MauleThomasMay 13, 187692y"I'll never leave thee nor forsake thee"
I24MauleEdward Nov 30, 1834Sep 20, 1900Father; GAR marker- father stone behind large gravestone- Share Large stone.
I24MauleErmildaJul 27, 1844Sep 7, 1879Mother; wife of Edw. - mother stone behind large gravestone
I25MauleJosiahDec 19, 188677y"I want to go to sleep"; small father stone behind shared large stone.
I25MauleMary S.Jan 15, 188382ywife - mother-small mother stone behind shared large stone. Daughters of Union Civil War Veterans 1861-1865 marker.
I25Auntstone labeled Aunt only- sits south of Josiah & Mary Maule stone-"foot stone"
I26MauleBentonJan 1893Jul 1893
I29MauleErmilda L.18941930
I30MauleJohn J.18661939Father- Shares stone with Myrtle Maule
I30MauleMyrtle S.18691931Mother
I31MauleJohn Jr.19011953
I32MauleThomas John IIDec 5, 1918May 3, 1985Cpl US Army WWII - American Legion marker
J22MauleMary S.Jan 15, 1863Oct 26, 1908Hosta Planter - shape of bed
J23MauleElizabeth B.Apr 16, 1861Mar 29, 1926daughter of Edward & Ermilda Maule
J26MauleCharlesMar 18, 1868Feb 20, 1937son of Edw. & Ermilda Maule
J27MauleThomasApr 8, 1878Apr 11, 1950son of Edw. & Erm. Maule
P05MerchantJenniferDec 15, 1979Jan 6, 2006Forever in our hearts
C02MeyersEmmageneAug 10, 1915Aug 19, 1985Maiden name "Moffit"
C02MeyersJoseph W.Dec 29, 1912Sep 6, 1985Shares stone with Emmagene Meyer
F28MiddletonGeorge E.May 4, 1946parents of Jeremy & Heather
F28MiddletonLinda L.Dec 26, 1951married Apr 5, 1969- shares stone with George Middleton
O15MilderTravis C.Jul 7, 1983Dec 9, 1993"placed in loving memory by Wayne, Loretta, Dirck & Jacob, Kimberly"
O15MilderTravis C."M" plot Marker to North of stone "Milder"
F07MillerElizabethNov 19, 188357y 5m 4d"Lovely in the silent grave We've laid our gentle mother Sweetly will she sleep now dream Of aught of care above her"; wife of R.R.
F08MillerRobert R.Nov 9, 1821Jan 16, 1894
N13MillerIda P.E.Nov 22, 18652y 6m 16ddaughter of James & M.C. Miller
B01MoffitDean A.Apr 24, 1913Aug 3, 1972Share stone with Sarah M. Moffit
B01MoffitSarah M.Jan 8, 1919Nov 24, 1976
B02MoffitBessie C.Feb 12, 1889Apr 13, 1967Shares stone with William Moffit
B02MoffitWilliam S.May 14, 1886May 7, 1965
B03MoffitMarthaJan 6, 1918Parents of Robert F. - Shares stone with Wayne Moffit
B04MoffitWayneJul 30, 1917Aug 21, 2006Known as "Sliver" Moffit, caretaker of Piersol/Berry cemetery
K13MoffitCarrie FrancesAug 11, 1867Aug 23, 1868Children of Jas. & Helen G. Moffit; shares stone with Purley Dale Moffit
K13MoffitPurley DaleSep 6, 1873Nov 12, 1874Children of Jas. & Helen G. Moffit; shares stone with Carrie Moffit
N03MoffitM.J. AnnOct 10, 18682y 2m 8dDaughter of J. & E. Moffit
N04MoffitBerthaMar 26, 1878Apr 30, 1884Children of G.W. & A. Moffit; shares stone with Aleck Moffit
N07MoffitCatharine C.18541936Large Moffit Grave stone, individual names behind large stone
N07MoffitHugh18461926Large Moffit Grave stone, individual names behind large stone
N07MoffitThomas J.18721885
N08MoffitElizaDec 4, 189268y 7m 16d
N08MoffitJohnMar 8, 189378y 10d
N11MoffitLorin A.Feb 11, 1884Oct 26, 1967Shares stone with Louise
N11MoffitLouise A.Apr 8, 1875Jan 23, 1952maiden name Ruegsegger-
N12MoffitAlva LorinJul 1, 1911Jul 15, 1953Share stone with Elna Moffit
N12MoffitElna RuthApr 8, 1917Dec 17, 2003Buried in N. E. Cemetery
N04Moffit AleckNov 18, 1890May 18, 1891children of G.W. & A. Moffit; shares stone with Bertha Moffit
E25MusserWilliam ThompsonSep 17, 1946Oct 16, 2005Shares stone with Kathryn P. Cobb
A06NetserMary E.Aug 14, 1847Nov 30, 1922maiden name Lamoraux-
A06NetserW.G.Feb 1, 1841Jun 5, 1918(William G.Netser)- shares stone with Mary Netser
A07NetserLillie E.18731966per obituary: b.12-29-1873, d. 10-30-1966; maiden name Moffit- shares stone with Daniel Netser
A07NetserDaniel S.18651949per obituary: b.10-11-1865 d. 9-29-1949
A08NetserBoyd M.19111982per obit: Boyd Moffit; b.3-9-1911 d. 3-2-1982; married Maxine Kindig on 12-24-1942
A08NetserMaxine19132001per obit: b. 6-23-1913 d. 9-24-2001, maiden name: Kindig~Shares stone with Boyd Netser
C15NetserNina L.Feb 2, 19106m 17ddaughter of M.C. Netser; shares stone with Cleties V. Aggson
C15AggsonA plot marker - Aggson - directly in front of N.Netser & Cleties shared stone
D08NetserRobert E. 1923son of Ira D. & E.B. Netser
D09Netserinfant dau.1917infant daughter of Ira D. and E.B. Netser
D10NetserEthel B.Feb 27, 1895Sep 30, 1987shares stone with Ira D Netser
D10NetserIra D.Feb 26, 1894Sep 20, 1966
D12NetserDonald W.Jul 27, 1920Jul 18, 1993Parents ofFred, Donald Jr., Janice, Gary, Becky, Debra, and Jeff
D12NetserElsie L.Jan 31, 1924married 4-5-1942- shares stone with Donald Netser
L03ParkerMary L.Dec 28, 18661y 6m"She holds her wings on a sunny Isle"
L04ParkerSanford R.Mar 30, 186223y 6dHe was a member of the 2nd Iowa Cavalry - Co. H - GAR
L10ParkerElizabeth J.Apr 28, 185731y 6m 18dwife of Orrin Parker
L11Parker Rockena D.Mar 3, 18612y 3m 13ddaughter of _ & S.E. Parker
A16PattersonLarge family stone
A16PattersonP plot marker
A16PattersonAddie M.18871927
A17PattersonCharles A.18861967
A18PattersonDean W.19211944WWII markers
A19PattersonS/Sgt. Roy J.19151945 Staff STG., Co. A 121st Inf. WWII marker
A20PattersonJean E.19212005per obit.-b.11-1-1921 d. 9-20-2005 (in Washington Co., Ia)
A21PattersonLarry D. 19461946Son of D. & C. Patterson
A22PattersonCarl T.19132000Share stone with Doris Patterson
A22PattersonDoris M19261969
D17PattersonBruce J.18871964
D17PattersonLetha B.18861970
D20PattersonGladys I. "children of B. J. & L. E. Patterson"; shares stone with Sadie.
D20PattersonSadie A."children of B. J. & L. E. Patterson"; shares stone with Gladys
D20PattersonP plot marker- south of Gladys & Sadie Patterson stone
C03PerrinDonna O.Apr 21, 1924Sep 24, 1988maiden name -Moffit
F02PonchaudJessJan 1, 1863Feb 25, 1941
F02PonchaudLillie M.Sep 17, 1871Jun 5, 1954shares stone with Jess Ponchaud
C01PophamSarah M.Oct 30, 1901
C01PophamWayne B.Dec 7, 1901Jan 5, 1967Shares stone with Sarah Popham
L14PophamCharley C.Apr 10, 18592dson of Wm & R. Popham
L15PophamEliasAug 27, 1863 2y 2dson of Wm & R. Popham
M14QuigginsFreddyMar 24, 1865"Our Little Freddy"; son of J.J. & S.J. Quiggins
H11RayEmily E.18561922Mother; wife of George L. Ray - small mother stone to side of larger stone.
H11RayGeorge L.18481923Father stone to side of large stone. shares stone with Emily Ray
B21RobertsOliverMay 16, 1900Sep 14, 1960
B21RobertsSadieMar 5, 1905Jul 25, 1994Shares stone with Oliver Roberts
B22RobertsPhyllis JeanOct 1, 1929
B22"P" plot marker in front of P.Roberts stone
L21RobertsCarrollSep 1, 1937Aug 17, 2007
E20RockFlorence A.Mar 26, 190762y 11m 9dmaiden name Rowe
E21RockFrank M.Jan 26, 1872Mar 28, 1931
E23RockArchie C.Jun 6, 1867Jul 22, 1940Share stone with Katie Rock
E23RockKatie A.Jul 25, 1867Jun 4, 1944maiden name Gaffney
O26RomineR plot marker
A01RoweMearle C.Dec 29, 1933May 31, 2000"In memory of"; ET2 U. S. Navy (per obit, m.Eva Ann Brown on 12-29-1967; Mearle Clayton Rowe, b. Rural Ia County, Iowa.; Son of Edward James Rowe & Velma Gladys Maplethorpe); Children of Mearle & Eva Ann Brown: Kathryn, Kimberly, Kandi; Divorced & remarried 26 April 1976, Rockwall, Texas- cremated.
A02RoweRalph E.Oct 28, 1931Dec 16, 1979E MCM US Navy - Korea - Korean War Marker- d. Pensicola, Florida
A03RoweBeverly J.Mar 18, 1932Mar 1, 1975Shares stone with Russell Rowe
A03RoweRussell R. Apr 24, 1929Jun 5, 1986Full name: Russell Royce Rowe per obit
A04RoweEdward J.Mar 13, 1891Nov 27, 1986full name:Edward James Rowe m. Velma G.Maplethorpe Sept.16, 1924. Shares stone with Velma Rowe.
A04RoweVelma G.Oct 2, 1897May 14, 1969Full maiden name: Velma Gladys Maplethorpe- Shares stone with Edward Rowe
A05RoweF.M.Sep 28, 1853Jun 19, 1912smaller father stone present; Fredrick Marvin Rowe per obit- Shares stone with Mary Catherine.
A05RoweMary CatherineFeb 1, 1859Apr 10, 1943smaller mother stone present - Maiden name Berry
E14RoweFamily stone
E14RoweMarvinJul 23, 1810Apr 28, 1885Father
E16RoweEdward J.Sep 25, 1848Jun 5, 1894son of M and L.A. Rowe
B07RuegseggerMary L.Aug 10, 1877Jun 27, 1959
B08RuegseggerFred R.Sep 11, 1873Jan 18, 1944
B08Ruegsegger-Wade Large family stone, "W" plot marker, & small father/mother stone.
G22RuggMary M.Apr 8, 190077y 2m 28d"Mother"; wife of J.A. Rugg
J29ShawBetty J.Mar 31, 1924Apr 11, 1997Shares stone with W. Wayne Shaw
J29ShawW. WayneJul 2, 1917Sep 13, 1991Parents of Becky, Vicky, Rick, Terry
E26SnareGay CarlosDec 22, 1892Jul 20, 1963
E26SnarePearl EdnaSep 6, 1899Dec 3, 1974Shares stone with Gay Carlos Snare
I07SuiterCatherine E.May 6, 187329ywife of J.M. Suiter; stone broken in 3 places in 2007
E28Thompson"T" plot marker
E28ThompsonC. VinceApr 1, 1925Mar 1, 1990
E28ThompsonShirleyNov 24, 1934
I01ThompsonMarilyn L.Oct 25, 1929Nov 21, 1991
I01ThompsonWayne T.Aug 4, 1916Jan 9, 1979Vietnam War marker
K04TruslerLillie E.May 27, 188126 y 6m 11dwife of John H. Trusle; shares stone with Bessie N. Trusler-
K04TruslerBessie N. Oct 11, 18801y 6mDau. of J.H. & L.E. Trusler
K09Truslerinfant sonAug 25, 1878Infant son of J.H. & L.E. Trusler
I06unmarked grave
N05unmarked grave
O35unmarked grave. Reported first grave - Piersol - depression of tree, large rock, and grave.
P13unmarked grave
B23unmarked grave
C10unmarked grave
C14unmarked grave
D05unmarked grave; stone marker-
G07unmarked grave
G14unmarked grave
G26unmarked grave; R marker
H12unmarked grave
H25unmarked grave; R marker
I11unmarked grave
I16unmarked grave
O02unmarked grave
B09WadeCatherine A.Aug 16, 1845Mar 11, 1909"Mother"
B10WadeJames R.Mar 1, 1830Sep 23, 1909"Father"
B16WadeW plot marker south of family stone
B16Unknown Charles J.surname possible Wade or Jordan
B16J plot marker ahead north & then west Charles J (unknown) stone
B17WadeMaggie E.Feb 8, 19137m 22ddaughter of E.F. and L.E.
B17L Plot marker (between Charles J (unknown) & Maggie Wade stone
B18WadeCharles J.Nov 13, 1913Apr 17, 1932shares stone with Edward E & Laura E. Wade
B18WadeEdward E.Jan 15, 1883Nov 25, 1972
B18WadeLaura E.Feb 3, 1884May 6, 1977
B19Wadeunmarked grave of Laura Wade's grandchild
C09WadeB.F.18581905"Brothers"- Shares stone with William
C09WadeWilliam E.18201900"Brothers"
G27WadeCarrieMay 24, 1902Sep 14, 1981Share stone with Henry Wade
G27WadeHenryMar 8, 1879Jun 4, 1966Marker present
G28WadeHenry Lee19241995 WWII marker
J04WadeBridget J.May 1, 1881Jun 16, 1967
J04WadeWilliam F.Mar 15, 1879Feb 20, 1940
J05WadeAlonzo E.May 16, 1893Oct 6, 1914Information is on family stone only.
J06WadeLillian E.Mar 22, 1896Apr 28, 1902Has small individual stone. Information is on family stone
J07WadeDavid E.Jun 20, 1897Apr 7, 1902Has small stone behind family stone. Information on Family stone.
J08WadeIda L.Mar 13, 1878Mar 25, 1896Has small individual stone to the North of family stone with her name on it. Information is on Family stone.
J09WadeAlonzo E.Mar 29, 1852Jan 7, 1902New stone - IOOF marker
J10WadeFamily marker stone
J11WadeMary C.Oct 13, 1854Aug 25, 1938
J18WadeFannieApr 12, 1871Sep 20, 1960Mother- shares stone with Francis Wade
J18WadeFrancisNov 9, 1866Mar 22, 1918Father; IOOF marker
J19WadeMilo F.Sep 15, 1906Aug 5, 1932
K01WadeAnna M.18681955
K01WadeWilliam E.18621949share stone with Anna Wade
K02WadeEthelJun 26, 18887m 25ddaughter of W.E. & A.M. Wade
K16WadeAllenMay 21, 191210m 11d son of Francis & Fannie Wade
K17WadeSadieSep 5, 19011y 7m 23ddaughter of Francis & Fannie Wade
L16WadeChristianaMay 9, 1853Jan 25, 1917Share main stone with individual name stones behind it.
L16WadeJames A.Apr 9, 1849Nov 7, 1903W plot marker north of their stone
L16Large gray colored "W" plot marker - was sitting next to L16 stone.
L17L.S.G."S.G.L." stone -unknown who it refers to (unknown if stone is related to Francis Wade family.)
L17WadeFrancisJan 1, 189585ysmall father stone behind large shared stone.
L17WadeMarthaMar 16, 190779y 11m 28d"Our parents have gone to a mansion of rest, to the glorious land and by the Diety blest"; small mother stone behind large stone.
L17Wade Family stone; W plot marker directly in front of stone.
L18WadeAngie ChapmanJul 9, 1856Sep 30, 1926Angie on smaller stone beside large one- plot marker stone "W" set on large gravestone.
L18WadeDickFeb 10, 1857Dec 15, 1930Dick on small stone by larger gravestone- F.T.L. marker #355 at gravesite.- Shares large Stone with information with Angie Wade.
L19WadeHarrisonMar 25, 1893Nov 8, 1966Shares stone.
L19WadeMargaretDec 11, 1893Nov 9, 1983
M20WadeCatherine18861922Shares stone Frank Wade
O07WadeCarroll J.Feb 23, 1912Sep 16, 1981Shares stone with Goldie Wade
O07WadeGoldie O.Sep 26, 1920Jun 22, 2005"parents of Joan, Jane, David, and Samuel"; maiden name Longwell
I08WatkinsMary E.Sep 16, 18638y 9mdau of Wm. J. & S.J.
I09WatkinsJames F.Mar 1, 186214y 5m 7dson of Wm. J.& S.J. Watkins; stone on ground - 2007
I10WatkinsWilliam S.Sep 12, 18671y 10m 29dson of Wm. J.& S.J. Watkins
C16no plot space - "A" Plot marker
D09Netserinfant dau.1917infant daughter of Ira D. and E.B. Netser
E29ThompsonT marker - Thompson
E30ThompsonT marker - Thompson
F31LongL marker
G03illegible stone
G04illegible stone
G05illegible stone
G23RuggR marker - Rugg
H10R marker
H30R & W plot markers
H35R & L plot marker
L20plot open?
M05MoffitE.M. (marker for Eliza Moffit?)
M17no markings on stone
N10MoffitJohn"J.M." marker
O03D marker
O20M marker
O31F marker
Cillegiblewhite stone -south of J.J. Hardy
Cillegiblewhite stone-south of J.J. Hardy (gone as of 9/15/2007)
?WW.E.stone is broken & the only writing on the stone is "W.E.W.", its original location is also unknown. Presently lying on it's side on another stone.
?E(Johnston) RoweLucy A.Sep18, 1821Oct 5, 1929Notation: Per obituary, married Marvin Rowe on 14 May 1843-in Illinois. 1856 moved to Ia City, Ia.

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