Old Maas Cemetery aerial view
Old Maas Cemetery aerial view (Image courtesy of Microsoft Maps)

Old Maas (a.k.a. St. John's Lutheran or German Lutheran) Cemetery

This gravestone listing is complete to 1962 with possible additions. Old Maas is designated as a Pioneer Cemetery.

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Condition: Unknown
Directions and Location Maps:

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"Down by the Iowa River. A lane, for a drive off Hy. 6 which is east of South Amana about a mile then north."

Coordinates: (DEC) Latitude 41.7797288, Longitude -91.9487899

Plot Map: None
History: Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

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Read by: Pauline Lillie, transcribed by Fran Eichler, additions by Netha Meyer
Web page by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 1 Dec 2009.
Media Source: Gravestone inscriptions and Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History
Cemetery Listing:
An obituary is available if an 'X' is marked in the Obit column and can be obtained from the Williamsburg Historical Commission. Obituary and other notes provided by Netha are marked in the Notes column with a double asterisk (**).
ObitSurnameGiven NameDate of BirthDate of DeathAgeNotes
HeitshusenJ. Herman8 Sep 187021 Aug 1873son of JD & A
KahlerInfantSep 1880child of Mr & Mrs Barney
KahlerInfantApr 1875child of Mr & Mrs Barney
KahlerInfantApr 1869child of Mr & Mrs Barney (Copier's note: 4 little markers, Liena ? and Bernhan, part of Maas lot)
XMaasAmalia M.18 May 18765 Jun 1936** dau of M/M Heinrich Maas
MaasAnna4 Oct 179221 Feb 188081y 4m 17d
MaasAnna Barbara (Waltz)12 Aug 184520 Jul 1931** Wife of Henry, funeral @ St Paul Luth.
MaasBrand180019 Sep 187474y
MaasHarm10 Mar 179410 Apr 187177y 1m
MaasHenriette G. M.11 Aug 184529 Sep 187530y 1m 11d
MaasHenry15 Aug 18372 Aug 1914
MaasHierruht Incott Cerhard16 Mar 188220 Jan 189210y 3m 4d
MaasMathilda23 Nov 184023 Jul 186928y 8mwife of Johann
MonnighJ. D.19 Sep 1793Aug 1880
MuellerHermine C.21 Dec 186818 Aug 1886Hier Rubetin in Gott F & AM
OtteAnna K. Maas18486 Sep 187224ywife of John D Otte
PetershagenGesche M.7 Oct 18097 May 189282y 7mMother
PetershagenJohann H.29Aug 180729 Apr 189587y 8mFather
PundtAhlke M.31 Dec 182816 Apr 1916
PundtFredrich W.17 Dec 1828Oct 1915
PundtHermann Johanna19014 Sep 1905
ReickerAnnie or Carrie
ReickerJ & M1873
RentzChristopher D.185329 Oct 187118yson of JG & E
RentzJohann28 Dec 182126 Jul 1890
RentzMary E.4 Mar 181916 Jul 1901
RuhetAnna Kahnle13 Feb 186113 Dec 188120y 10m
SandersfieldFrau Von F. A.186617 Aug 188115y
SchwartingJohann25 Jun 18278 Jun 1869
VogtAnna M.8 Nov 184814 Jul 1928wife of Franz A
VogtCarl William18 Dec 188014 Aug 1891son of FA & AM
VogtFranz A.8 Jun 184223 Jul 1916
VogtMary Elizabeth8 May 187125 Nov 1874dau of FA & AM