Old Marengo Cemetery aerial view
Old Marengo Cemetery aerial view (Image: U.S. Geological Survey)

Old Marengo Cemetery

This burial index is complete to 1975 (see Pauline Lillie's history). According to the 1881 History of Iowa County, Old Marengo had at least 200 interments. 271 are listed here. Old Marengo is designated as a Pioneer Cemetery.

History: Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

Gravestone Photos:  Iowa Gravestone Photo Project

Plot Map: none

Condition: See Pauline Lillie's 1976 history (need update).

Directions and Location Maps:

Interactive Location Map w/GPS
Directions Map

From Marengo
  1. Turn left (east) at US-6 (1.0 mi)
  2. Turn right at N Avenue (0.5 mi)
  3. Turn left at 155th St (0.8 mi)

Old Marengo Cemetery is at the end of the road.

"East of Marengo on Hy. 6 past the Marengo I.O.O.F. cemetery to first road south to first road east which extends only as far as the cemetery" - comment by Pauline Lillie, 1976.

Coordinates: (DEC) Latitude 41.782753 Longitude -92.030196

Transcribed by: Fran Eichler from Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History; with updates from Netha Meyer (marked **) from her obituary collection.
Gravestone Photos by: Kaye Sanchez (83) and others.
Web page by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 20 Nov 2008. Permission given by Lou Eichler (Fran's husband).
Media Source: Iowa County Cemetery Stones & History 1844-1975 via gravestone inscriptions.
Cemetery Listing:

An obituary is available if an 'X' is marked in the Obit column and can be obtained from the Williamsburg Historical Commission. Obituary notes are marked in the Notes column with a double asterisk (**).

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First Name

Date of Birth

Date of Death



BanksNellie11 May 18671y 2mdau FB & HJ
XBartlettJohn W.5 Aug 184423 Dec1871** Pvt, Co K, 49th Ohio Inf, US Army, GAR
BerkeyLucy B.--
BerkeyRobert14 Sep 188113y 1d
XBetzCatherine (Chenoweth)28 Feb 1888** W/O David
BetzDavid16 Jan 186465y 5m 29d
BogearJohn C.3 Jun 187013y 8m 22dson of Simon & M
BradfordAndrew20 Feb 186227y 4m 8dson of JG & PH
BradfordDovie--son of James & Barbara
BradfordFreddie1 Sep 18738y 1m 24dson of MV & NA
BradfordJames10 Apr 186060y 1mhus of PH
BradfordJohn F.20 Jan 185927y 4m 15dson of JG & PH
BradfordNancy A.12 Oct 186926y 1m 13dwife of MV
BradfordPrudence3 Mar 187675y 7m 23dwife of JG
BrimmerElizabeth J.4 Nov 187421y 7m 23dwife of Amasa
BryanAlbert Sherman28 Sep 186627 Feb 1887
XBryanAnna Elizabeth(Zahrt)10 Dec 184114 Oct 1900** w/o Isaac
BryanCharles Edwin21 Dec 18605 Sep 1884
XBryanIsaac10 Feb 18242 Apr 1908**"Father" marr Elizabeth Zahrt in 1861
BryanMary Catharine19 Apr 18635 Aug 1863
CamonSarah15 Sep 187028y 9m 10ddau of LP Green, wife of J Camon
XCampbellLucy18 May 187556y 8m 5d** Age from obit; wife of BC Campbell
CampbellSarah23 Aug 1873dau of BC & Lucy Campbell
CarnesHarriett D.7 Jan 18642m 11ddau of JS & ME
CarnesMildred2 Sep 18862y 11m 21ddau of JS & ME
CarnesWalter B.24 Sep 18716y 8m 26dson of JS & ME
CarnesWilliam L.5 Oct 18759y 8m 10dson of JS & ME
CartwrightMary A.27 May 1868
CartwrightSamuel27 May 1868Lt, Co F, 127th Illinois Inf, US Army, GAR, hus of Mary
CashmanMargaret E.25 May 18328 Apr 1899wife of FM Cashman
CeisAmanbee E.6 May 186625ywife of JM Ceis
XChenowethIsaac10 Jul 179210 Nov 1872** 1st marr Sarah Bailey, 2nd marr Elizabeth Hamilton (no stone)
ChenowethSarah7 Sep 179520 Dec 1854** 1st wife of Isaac
ChenowethUnknown17y 5m 2d
ChenowethUnknownCopier's note: Mother & Father stones only
ChildressRobert L.15 Feb 18622y 7m 8dson of HJ & S
ConeJohn P.9 Nov 187063y 4m 29d
ConstantineFrancis S.1872Pvt, Co G, 7th Iowa Inf, GAR
CoverElmer E.16 Sep 1871Son of L & M
CoverHarley7 Apr 18762yson of L & M
XCripeDaniel 20 jun 1819 31 jan 1894buried beside his first wife Mary Skyles Cripe
CripeMary (Skyles)15 Oct 186139ywife of Daniel
CritchfieldInfant6 Apr 1859dau of OW & Eliza J Critchfield
CritchfieldJames A.18445 Apr 186319y 9m 4dPvt, Co G, 28th Iowa Vol Inf, US Army, GAR
CritchfieldMary E.13 Feb 1860dau of OW & Eliza J Critchfield
CritchfieldOtha W.18 May 186039y
CrockerAmos5 Apr 1866
XCrockerArchie11 Mar 18783 Jan 18889y 9m 23d**Age from obit; son of Joseph & Elizabeth Crocker
XCrockerCarson B.22 Jan 188824y 25d**Age from obit; son of Joseph & Elizabeth Crocker
XCrockerMary L.15 Oct 186727 Jan 188820y 3m 12d**Age from obit; dau of Joseph & Elizabeth Crocker
DanskinJohn22 Nov 186364y
DeanGeorgia Ann15 Jul 18606y 7m 18ddau of DW & E
DesslochChristian15 Apr 186115 Jul 1883Native of Germany
XDillinAuradella9 Jul 185417 Feb 1888** Dau of William & Hannah
DillinEmma C.28 Sep 185310m 6ddau of WH
DillinInfant12 Mar 18523m 12dchild of O & E Dillin
DillinIsrael29 Nov 185153ydied in Sacramento CA
DillinJohn1833186229y1st Lt, 7th Iowa Vol Inf, US Army, killed 6 Apr 1862 at Shiloh TN
DillinJohn D.24 Jul 18673y 10m 11d
DillinLucinda F.22 Nov 18501y 7m 9ddau of O & E Dillin
DillinMary7 Sep 185149y
DillinPhedora C.14 Mar 18502y 5m 15ddau of WH
DillinW. H.5 Apr 185734yCopier's note: Plus three broken stones
DoddsJames16 Apr 187368y 7d
DoddsManerva18 Mar 185848y 9m 22d
DoughertyBertha6 Jan 18741y 9m 6ddau of JH & LT Daugherty
EckertInfant12 Dec 186312 Dec 1863son of C & E
XEdwardsClinton18 Jul 185947ydrowned in Iowa River
EdwardsElizabeth H.20 Jan 186635y 5m 9dwife of EL
EyrichFreddie25 Feb 18769y 11m 16dson of GF & W Eyrich
EyrichMary3 Feb 18768y 4m 16ddau of GF & W Eyrich
EyrichWilhelmina27 Jan 187434y 8m 17dwife of GF Eyrich
FarleyJohn1877Pvt, Co D, 37th Iowa Vol Inf, GAR
FehlmanIvaneela18715m 26ddau of JM & MM
FennessyThomas182725 Nov 1882Born in Ireland, Pvt, Co B, 15th Iowa Vol Inf, US Army, GAR
FinneyJane R.18 Oct 1860wife of Rev Thom M Finney
FryAnn10 Apr 182430 Nov 1863wife of William
FryCharley20 Oct 18622 Nov 1863son of W & A Fry
FryMartha A.22 Nov 1829wife of William
FryMary12 Aug 184926 Aug 1863dau of W & A Fry
FryWilliam4 Jul 181728 Aug 1895
GarnsH. D.Copier's note: Stone broken off
GarnsJohn S. (Dr.)23 May 182327 May 1900
GarnsMildred E.2 Sep 18862y 11m 21dson of John S & ME Garns
GarnsWalter B.24 Sep 18716y 8m 21dson of John S & ME Garns
GarnsWilliam L.5 Oct 18753y 8m 10dson of John S & ME Garns
GeiseAmanda A. E.6 May 186626ywife of JM
GilleyEllen M.18491922wife of Silas
GilleySilas A. (Rev.)21 Apr 184630 Mar 1901Pvt, Co L & Co D, 13th Vol NY Arty, US Army, GAR
GoodmanBertha10 Jun 18722m 11ddau of J & SA Goodman
GoodmanBirta10 Aug 18721mchild of J & SA Goodman
GoodmanLewis H.3 Mar 18677m 19dson of J & SA Goodman
GreeneLevi28 Jan 187973y 5m 12d
GreenePermelia1 Dec 187459y 11m 1d
GreenePeter1 Nov 186985y 2m 15d
GreeneSarah15 Sep ?dau of L & P Greene
*HaasCaroline26 Jan 182724 Oct 1885** wife of Jacob
*HaasJacob25 Jul 182211 Sep 1872** husband of Caroline
HaasJoseph17 Jul 185730 Sep 1892
HaasMary23 Jun 186010 Aug 1869
HaasMary 23 Oct 186323 Oct 1863
HaasPhillip30 Jan 186027 Mar 1860
HailBarbara15 Apr 18153 Dec 1859wife of Robert S, born in Edinburgh, Scotland
HamiltonAda18 Jan 184823 May 1898
HamiltonMary5 Feb 18427 Dec 1864
HamiltonRobert19 Mar 183414 Feb 1895Pvt, Co G, 8th Iowa Vol Inf, Co G 28th Iowa Vol Inf, US Army, GAR
HammondMartha J.29 Sep 188567y 5m 14d
HardinIsaac12 Jan 1887Pvt, Co G, 8th Iowa Vol Inf, US Army, GAR
HendershottBell L. MatwesDec 1874
HendershottE. C. (Dr.)1 Jun 186542y
HendershottEmma Adline "Dollie"24 Sept 18566m 8ddau of Dr EC & AM
HendershottJennie Anne3 Mar 18625m 1ddau of Dr EC & AM
HendershottJohn Henry18 Sept 18531y 5dson of Dr EC & AM
HendershottSidney Breeze8 Aug 18601m 23dson of Dr EC & M
HendershottWillie3 Aug 18642dson of Dr EC & M
HenowethSarah7 Sep 179520 Dec 1854wife of LO
HowardHarry K.23 Aug 187418dson of TG & GK Howard
HoweEdward P.28 Jul 186325y
HoytAlice24 Nov 1876dau of JC & MC
HoytWilliam30 May 1871Son of JC & MC
HustonBirdie--6 wksdau of WL & A
IdaCarrie14 Jul 18717m
IrwinArthur A.12 Apr 185511m 18d
IrwinMyrtilie M.1 Sep 18532y 4m 4ddau of JB & A
JackSarah22 Mar 181523 Jul 1868Born in Bristol England, wife of CH Jack
JennesDaughter29 Apr 18757ydau of Willis Jennis
JennesEmma15 Nov 1863dau of Rev CS & C
JennesSon29 Apr 18759yson of Willis Jennis
XJennesWillis17 Apr 1872
JordonAlice22 Mar 187359y
JordonJohn6 Jan 187429y 3m 2dson of John
KeyeAlbert8 May 186917y 3m 23dson of HC & HS Keye
KeyeHenriette G.24 Sep 189271y 1m 4dwife of Henry
KeyeHenry B.17 May 187555y 7m
KruseAnna31 Apr 187214 Oct 1881dau of J & K Kruse
KruseAnna14 Jun 190691y 3m 18d
KruseEmma Magdalena2 Aug 188414 Dec 1897dau of P & L Kruse
KruseJohn19 Mar 17908 Jan 187888y 10m 11d
LakedentAmbreb S.20 Sep 186852y 10m 8d
LanningE. T.20 Jun 1896Pvt, Co G, 7th Iowa Vol Inf, US Army, GAR
LanningWinnie11 Aug 18811y 1m 20ddau of E & CL Lanning
LeaderSarah10 Oct 18608y 11m 16ddau of T & A
LeonardEsther S.30 Aug 186430y 10m 14dwife of Volney C Leonard
LindsayMartha A.15 Mar 1855dau of D & E Lindsay
MaasSarawife of MF Maas
MacyArla Faye8 May 189711 Mar 1898dau of RW & Mabel Macy
XMarbleSarah M.24 Jul 18487 Sep 187224y 11m 13d** Age from obit; wife of Melzar F
MartinLucius1879Pvt, Co G, 28th Iowa Vol Inf, US Army, GAR
MathewsBenjamin12 Oct 185126y 7m 17d
McConnellJ. E.25 Aug 185835y 6m
XMcElroyFreddie10 Oct 18717 Sep 18753y 10m 28d** Age from obit; son of J & EA McElroy
McKnightG. W.3 Mar 188134y 10m 3d
MeadBetsey A.1ddau of Samuel & Betsey
MilesElizabeth H.27 Feb 186512y 1m 26ddau of Thomas & MA
MilesIsabell14 Feb 18212 Aug 1882wife of Thomas
MilesLucy A.2ydau of Thomas & M
MilesNancy A.2 Mar 186543y 5m 4dwife of Thomas
MilesSon2yburied with Thomas Miles
MilesThomas24 Feb 18235 Jul 189976y 4m 11d
MillerCatharine23 Apr 18555y 3m 16d
MillerEldora28 Mar 18568m 3ddau of John & E Miller
MillerJohn Margellos24 Jun 18552y 3m 14d
MooreGeorge W.13 Apr 18592y 7m 22dson of JI & MA Moore
MooreThomas23 Aug 18569y 22dson of JI & MA Moore
MorrisHelen22 Jul 1872dau of Daniel Greeley
MorrisonLewis Cass20 May 1851son of WC & J
MorrisonMary Elizabeth27 Aug 18523mdau of WC & J
XNewbernElizabeth A.25 Sep 180818 Sep 1885** W/O William, Born in New Jersey
NewbernPhineas F.17 Jan 187121y 7m 21d
XNewbernWilliam B.19 Aug 181025 Feb 1891** Marr Elizabeth Fries, Born in New Jersey
NicholasWilliam H.5 Apr 186727y 6d
NortonCarlia11m 9dchild of Pozaro & EA Norton
NortonCharlie27 Aug 18671y 11m 9dchild of Pozaro & EA Norton
PaineDaughter6m 14dburied with James Paine
PaineJames A.25 May 181327 Nov 1865GAR
PotterAbigal24 Apr 181218 Oct 1868wife of Amos Potter
RatcliffIda A.14 Sep 18571y 10mdau of M & EA
RatelsIda A.11 Sep 18571y 10ddau of R & E Ratels
ReedJohn3 Nov 18037 Jan 1901
ReedWilliam R.23 Nov 186122y
ReynoldsAder (Dr.)27 Mar 187568y 7m 24d
RigUnknown7m 8d
RisdonDavid17 Aug 185466y
RosengroveAgnes17 Jun 187038y 2m 5dwife of AJ
RushMargaret8 Apr 186944y 6m 22dwife of Zebedee Rush
SalsburyJohn11 Mar 186051y 2m 7d
ScottEdward H.19 Dec 182117 Apr 190381y 4mborn Perry Co IN, Edward & Elizabeth married 17 Nov 1844
ScottElizabeth Cashman12 Jul 182522 Jun 190074y 11m 10dborn in Perry Co IN
ScottGrant A.5 Aug 186823 Feb 1869
ScottIsaac W.20 Sep 186116 Jul 1935
ScottJohn F.8 Mar 186630 Aug 1881
ScottLavina N.3 Sep 18453 Apr 1916
ScottS. A.5 Aug 186823 Feb 1869
SeamanFrank E.21 Aug 18682y 29dson of WN & SM Seaman
SerrinLincoln"Son of JR & S Serbin Copier's note: No dates"
SherrerMary A10 Apr 1872wife of David
SkilesAramenth17 May 1865wife of John Skiles
SkilesIsaac20 Mar 185660y 11m 10dson of J & A Skiles
SkilesMiram20 Mar 185815y 2m 20ddau of J & A, born in Joseph County IN
SkinarJoseph23y 4m
SkinarSeleste25 Jan 18558y 8m 5ddau of J & M
SlocumCleo C.30 May 18624y 4m 26d
SlocumEmma A.31 Oct 186138ydau of MM & MA
SlocumMartha I.25 Nov 186410y 1m 7dwife of CC
SlocumMattie2 Dec 186132ydau of MM & MA
SmithDaniel H.1875Pvt, Co B, Iowa Vol Inf, US Army, GAR
SmithSamuel W.14 Dec 1873Pvt, Co H, 23rd Illinois Inf, US Army, GAR
SnavelyH. May
SnavelyLulu D.22 Nov 1870dau of WA & MJ
SnavelyM. N.2m 7ddaughter
SnavelyW. R.2y 11ddaughter
Snavely Leah May23 May 18631ydau of WA & MJ
SowderInfant15 Apr 18551y 5m 1 dalyson of DS & M Sowder
SowderThomas18 Dec 1851son of DS & M
StevensMary26 Feb 186714ywife of Edward Stevens
StewartArchibald60y 7m 12dConsort of Lucinda A.
StewartLucinda A.23 Feb 18231 May 1852A consort of Archibald Stewart
StewartMargaretApr 1852Copier's note: 4 unmarked stones - broken off ; 2 broken stones
TalbotSarah18 Sep 18761m 5dwife of Joseph
TeagardenL. J.23 Sep 186443y 9m 8d
TeeterElizabeth1 Apr 186934y 2m
TeeterJ. W.9 May 186260y 10m 17d
XTeeterJohn B.4 Jun 187424y 7m 17d** Age from obit
XThorntonElizabeth (Chenoweth)24 Sep 182011 Jan 190166y 2m 27d** W/O William G (no stone)
ThorntonJohn H.4 Apr 182730 Mar 1877Pvt, Co C, 4th Iowa Cav, US Army, GAR
ThorntonSamuel179011 Mar 1860War of 1812, Pvt, 1st Regt Ohio Vols
ThorntonWilliam G.2 Apr 181518 Jul 1863Pvt, Co E, 24th Iowa Vol Inf, US Army, GAR
TilfordWilliam1 Jul 1870Pvt, Co K, 140th Indiana Vol Inf, US Army, GAR
UmbargerCharles12 Oct 1852son of JW & E
UmbargerPhebe C.12 Sep 18516mdau of JW & E
Unknown2ystone broke off at name, behind Fennessy stone
WardDoddridge10 Aug 186863y 7m 21d
WardHarvey V.20 Dec 187721 Nov 187811m 1dson of JA & LL Ward
XWardJohn A.22 Oct 184324 Mar 1919  ** Pvt, Co B, 28th Inf, US Army, GAR, marr Louisa Justin 2 apr 1868, marr Susan Hulburt 6 Aug 1900
WardLouisa L.18516 Nov 1890wife of JA Ward
WardMargaret18 Feb 182115 Feb 190939y 7m 10dwife of Asahel Ward
WardMary E.3 Jul 1859dau of JA & LL Ward
WardSusan E.29 Mar 18711 Apr 1932wife of John A Ward
WatrousAbby15 Sep 1854
WatrousAlvy12 Mar 188821y 3m 7ddied in Pitsbury, Crawford Co, KS
WatrousEzra31 Aug 187049y 2mdied Orland, Steuben Co, IL
WatrousPhoebe Bisbee3 Jun 189228y 3m 11ddied in Orland, Steuben Co, IN
WatrousS. D. S.13 Oct 187375y 11m 11d
WatrousWelthy25 Apr 187261y 1m 12ddied in Chicago IL
WatrousWilliam C.1 Sep 185324y 23d
WilliamsAlma P.29 Apr 18442 Mar 193658y
WilliamsCharles E.11 Nov 189914 Nov 1899son of John & Lucy E Williams
WilliamsCharley11 Dec 19043 Aug 1907son of HD & MW Williams
WilliamsG. W.1875Pvt, Co B, 28th Iowa Vol Inf, GAR
WilliamsJohn D.22 Dec 18353 May 1919
WilliamsLloyd11 Dec 190023 Apr 1916son of HD & MW Williams
WilliamsNelliedaus of GW & A Williams
WilliamsNettiedaus of GW & A Williams; shares stone with Nellie
WilliamsRalph W.12 Oct 18671y 7m 4dson of Samuel & Fanny
WilliamsSon (Infant)4m 19dson of GW & A Williams
WilliamsW. W.Co C 28th Iowa Inf, GAR marker
WilliamsWinfred M.4 Aug 189815 Feb 1920dau of John & Lucy Williams
WilliamsWinnie8 May 1878dau of John D & Alma Williams
WillisAlice Mae24 Aug 189819 Feb 19022y 11mdau of TJ & Mary B Willis
WrightJohn W.11 Feb 1856
YaleF. I.29 Nov 180319 Feb 187431y 11m 6d
YaleJulia A.11 Sep 1866
ZahrtElizabeth4 Aug 181613 Mar 188958y 9m 8d
ZahrtHenry9 Sep 180929 Jun 188172y 7m 9d
ZahrtJohn H.183826 Apr 190171y 9m 20dPvt, Co C, 28th Iowa Vol Inf, US Army, GAR
ZimmermanAnna21 Nov 186862ywife of Conrad
ZimmermanInfant 28 Oct 186821y 10mson of C A &

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