Hixon (a.k.a. Dayton Cono) Cemetery

This burial index is complete to 1961 and probably 1970 and beyond (see Pauline Lillie's history). According to the 1881 History of Iowa County, Hixon had 200 graves. Only 105 are shown here. Hixon is designated as a Pioneer Cemetery.

History: Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

Gravestone Photos:  Iowa Gravestone Photo Project

Plot Map: none

Condition: See Pauline Lillie's 1976 history (need update).

Directions and Location Maps:

Interactive Location Map w/GPS
Directions Map

From Marengo
  1. Head north on Eastern Ave/V66 toward E South St (1.9 mi)
  2. Turn left at F15 Blvd/V66, Continue to follow F15 Blvd (4.5 mi)
  3. Turn left at 108th St/F15 2.0 mi

Hixon Cemetery turn-off is on the north side of the road.

"This cemetery is very hard to reach and includes driving thru a bean field, up a steep hill and past a field of cattle. From the man at the headstone establishment, 'stay to the left of the bean field, turn right at the red cattle gate and the cemetery is at the top of the hill'". - comment contributed by Jackie Ennis, 2004.

Coordinates: (DEC) Latitude 41.8555557 Longitude -92.1760163

Transcribed by: Fran Eichler from Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History; with updates from Netha Meyer (marked **) from her obituary collection.
Cemetery Photos by: Jackie Ennis
Web page by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 19 Nov 2008. Permission given by Lou Eichler (Fran's husband).
Media Source: Iowa County Cemetery Stones & History 1844-1975 via gravestone inscriptions.
Cemetery Listing:

An obituary is available if an 'X' is marked in the Obit column and can be obtained from the Williamsburg Historical Commission. Obituary notes are marked in the Notes column with a double asterisk (**).

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AllenElizabeth J.4 Apr 18338 Oct 1902
AllenJackson M.20 Nov 187131 Mar 1875
AllenJacob C.18 May 187428 Mar 1875
AllenMary C.12 Sep 185930 Nov 1867
AllenWilliam30 Jun 18287 Jan 1919
Alverson ?Anderson28 Jun 18316 Jun 1897Copier's note: Similar to Mareno Arvedson stone
Arvedson ?Mareno5 Jun 18391 Jan 1908Copier's note: Similar to Anderson Alverson stone
BakerWilliam186727 Sep 188215yson of M & M
BecklerMichael 23 Sep 1824 2 Feb 1911 86y 4m Original. read as 2 Oct 1785-2 Feb 1871
BecklerNancy25 Jan 182625 Sep 190175y 8mwife of Michael
BecklerReuben M.1 Apr 186623 Jan 1918
BrandoenburcElizabeth26 Mar 186926 Nov 18767y 8m
BrandoenburcKatherine23 Jun 187323 Nov 18762y 7m
BrandoenburcThresea5 Jul 18735 Mar 18774y 8m
BrownAnne9 Jul 18119 Feb 189078y 7m
BrownIsaac C.19 Jun 181419 Jul 187965y 1m
BrownJoseph5 Apr 18505 Sep 18577y 5mson of IC & AE
BrownMyles1 May 17951 Aug 187883y 3m
BuckerHarleyCopier's note: Unable to read
BuckerMaggie5 May 185419 May 187723y 14dwife of G
CarterInfantDec 1868Dau of HH & G/C
XCarterJohn30 Nov 188181y 7m**Age from obit; H/O Hannah
XCarterJohn T.28 Dec 18532 Mar 1918** marr Lorinda Davis 1887
CarterMary187222 May 18786ydau of WM & E
CarterReuben? Jun 18709 May 187111mson of WF & Ellen
CarterSarah A.18653 Dec 188116ydau of HH & G/C
CrawfordStephen18401913SA GR Co E 4 Iowa Inf
DormanLaura20 May 18824 Feb 1901
DormanMary C.1868Dau of S & C (Copier's note: six broken stones against stump)
DormanSamuel18134 Sep 187360y
FoulerE.20 Aug 179710 Sep 187982y 20d
FurnaceCory3 Aug 18803 Oct 18822y 2mdau of JF & M
FurnaceLeatha E.31 Mar 184318 May 188542y 1m 18dwife of WM
FurnaceMary Jane25 Jan 181910 Nov 188465y 9m 15dwife of Robert
FurnaceRobert24 May 181316 Mar 190086y 9m 22d
FurnaceW. M.12 Sep 184222 Jan 1909Copier's note: Often spelled Furnas
HesseyD. A.17 Apr 185817 Mar 187617y 11m
HesseyMrs. Sidney A.27 Mar 184929 Aug 1913
HixonElmer E.3 Mar 186310 Apr 188320yson of I & M, in Athens Co Ohio
HixonJohn4 Jan 18589 Dec 188022y 11mson of Isaiah & Mary, in Athens Co Ohio
HixonMary A.5 Jan 183019 Jan 186939y 14dwife of Isaiah
HixonReuben27 Nov 185527y 10m 9dson of J & M, in Athens Co Ohio
HixonWarren7 Nov 186029 Mar 1919
HortonWilliam184212 Apr 185917y
HutsonAlexander9 Oct 17966 Mar 1875Copier's note: No stone from Iowa Co History, pg 702-707
JacksonGeorge W.187010 Nov 18711yson of CW & HM
JolleyJackson3ychild of Wm E
JolleyJacob10mchild of Wm E
KellarAnnieWife of JM (Copier's note: about 4 broken stones in a pile here, unable to read Kellar stone)
KellyRebeccah181215 Sep 185139ywife of Austin
KimbalWilliam A.23 Mar 18742y 4m 19dson of JT & PA
LehmanVernon L.19141921
LongleyHenry W.186430 Mar 18684yson of JL & AR
MacyAbigal E.? Jan 185126 Nov 185110mdau of JG & MA
MacyAlfred184518 Sep 186419yson of JG & MA, killed in Battle of Winchester
MacyAnn E.? Oct 185520 May 18567mdau of JG & MA
MacyEnos184719 Jun 186518yson of JG & MA, Jackson Augusta Georgia
MacyHannah1851187423ywife of I
MacyJ. G.27 Sep 181321 Nov 186754y 1m 24d
MacyMarySep 1819Apr 1900Wife of JG
MacyWilliam3 Jul 18403 Oct 186222y 3mson of JG & MA, killed in Battle of Corinth Mississippi
MeeksEarl10 Feb 191011 Jul 1911Son of WM & NA
MeeksElizabeth B.8 Dec 184229 Jun 1911
MeeksFrances B.19 May 184113 Jan 188147yMuskigham Ohio
MeeksUlis S.187325 Dec 18752yson of F & E
MeeksWilliam R.18641932
MillerAaron18641865Son of S & M
MillerMalinda5 Apr 18332 Dec 1906Wife of Samuel
MillerRufus18491865Son of S & M
MillerSamuel8 Mar 180828 Jul 1896
MillsMaria5 May 186210 Sep 18631y 4m 5ddau of B & E
MillsRufus30 May 18495 May 1865Son of S & M
MontgomeryRoy15 Jul 187915 Apr 18811y 9mFurnas lot
MyersAnnaWife of M (Copier's note: Broken stone)
MyersCharles HenrySon of G & H (Copier's note: Unable to read dates)
MyersCornelius3 Jan 18488 Oct 187426y 9m 5d
MyersElvira18586 Nov 187618ydau of LG & S
MyersHephzibah21 Sep 180312 Oct 189077y 21dwife of George
MyersL. G.6 Sep 183727 Nov 189154y 2m 21d
RoseFrank4 Feb 18567 Feb 1876Born in Germany
RoseInfant26 May 1878Son of F & M
SayersAmos186924 Sep 18712ydau of B & M
SayersCecelia15 Aug 1877Dau of B & M
SchuchertJoseph185524 Feb 187823yson of J & JR
ScrumoeourRussellCopier's note: Unable to read
ScrumoeourThomasCopier's note: Unable to read
StephenBell11 Mar 184017 Dec 1888Wife of JB
StuckenbruckCatherine3 Jun 182418 Dec 1912Wife of William
StuckenbruckInfant1 Nov 18941 Nov 1894Child of HR & RL
StuckenbruckSophia184815 Jul 187628ywife of Wm F
StuckenbruckWilliam28 Nov 181416 Aug 1875
TalbottColumbus28 Dec 187028 Apr 18732y 4m
TalbottEmma L.16 Jan 186916 May 18789y 3mdau of AA & NA
TracySabahp22 Dec 1808Jan 1883Wife of Robert; "Mother"
VanscoykeElamCo B 73rd Ind Inf (Copier's note: Unable to read dates)
VanscoykeI. M.22 Aug 1872
WhiteMargaret180328 Aug 188481ywife of Joseph
WhiteMary B.13ydau of JE & M (Copier's note: Unable to read dates)
WhiteSamuel J.22yCopier's note: Unable to read dates
WorthMilton22 Jul 185422 Sep 18542mson of H & Anna

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