Clothier Cemetery

This burial index is complete to 1975 (see Pauline Lillie's history). Clothier is designated as a Pioneer Cemetery.

History: Pauline Lillie's 1976 History

Gravestone Photos:  Iowa Gravestone Photo Project

Plot Map: none

Condition: See Pauline Lillie's 1976 history (need update).

Directions and Location Maps:

Interactive Location Map w/GPS
Directions Map

From North English:
  1. Head east on 335th St/W Washington St toward N Main St. Continue to follow W Washington St (0.4 mi)
  2. Continue on 335th St (1.4 mi)
  3. Turn left at N Ave (1.0 mi)
  4. N Ave turns right and becomes 325th St (381 ft)

Coordinates: (DEC) Latitude 41.5355646 Longitude -92.0407331; (DMS) Latitude 413208N Longitude 0920227W

Transcribed by: Fran Eichler from Pauline Lillie's Cemetery History; with updates from Netha Meyer (marked **) from her obituary collection.
Cemetery Photos by: Kris Townsend
Web page by: Stephen Williams
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 13 Jan 2009. Permission given by Lou Eichler (Fran's husband).
Media Source: Iowa County Cemetery Stones & History 1844-1975 via gravestone inscriptions.
Cemetery Listing:

An obituary is available if an 'X' is marked in the Obit column and can be obtained from the Williamsburg Historical Commission. Obituary notes are marked in the Notes column with a double asterisk (**).

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BrandonAbigail14 Feb 1806 25 Feb 187367y 11dwife of JG
BrandonEunice2 Sep 1864 22 Oct 18673y 1m 20d dau of W & C (or G)
BrandonJefferson G.22 Sep 1816 19 Mar 189780y 5m 27d
BurnesBenjamin F.19 Nov 1873 19 Sep 187410m son of AJ & C
BurnsCecil H.14 Jan 189610 Sep 18967m 26dson of PJ & LM
BurnsDiadem S.9 Feb 18526 May 187018y 2m 27d wife of AJ
BurnsElizabeth C.20 Feb 183311 Jan 187329y 10m 21dwife of WH
BurnsJames R.30 May 18834 May 18851y 7m 5dson of WH & IE
BurnsJohnie31 Mar 18806 Apr 18844y 6d son of AJ & JC
BurnsWilliam P.13 Feb 187016 Oct 18708m 3d son of AJ & DJ (S?)
ButlerClarissa30 Dec 18536 Apr 189945y 3m 6dwife of AO
ButlerClifton R.17 Nov 1858 1 Apr 18634y 6m 14dson of RS & LC
ButlerElizabeth3 Nov 1863?stone broken, wife of R.W.
ButlerElizabeth J.21 Sep 185015 Dec 18544y 2m 24ddau of RS & LC
ButlerHattie M.24 Jan 187318 Aug 18741y 6m 24d dau of Elvie J
ButlerJoseph B.8 Apr 182524 Sep 185429y 5m 16d
ButlerLydia C.1 Nov 182425 Apr 189974y 5m 24d
ButlerRobert F.18324 Sep 186937y
ButlerRobert W.2 Jun 179924 Apr 186463y 10m 22d
ChapmanAlice J.18491918
ChapmanBessie H.23 Oct 189927 Jan 19011y 3m 4ddau of FO & EA
ChapmanCharles H.18471911 Co "O," 8th Iowa Inf, 1862-5 GAR
ChapmanEmma L.28 Feb 187912 Jun 18793m 12ddau of CH & AJ
ChapmanF. O.15 Jan 18333 Nov 190146y 4m 27d
ChapmanHarriet16 Mar 1838?26 May 187840?y 2m 10dwife of FO
ChapmanHenry12 Jn 182529 May 189469y 4m 17d
ClarkJames M.2 Jun 185216 Feb 18552y 8m 14dson of A & P
ClevengerSamuel3 Sep 18364 Dec 1871
ClevengerThomas H.26 Oct 185715 Jan 189032y 2m 19d
CunninghamAlta31 Jan 188217 Feb 188217ddau of HA & CA
DeWittJoseph H.17986 Feb 1867 In 69th yr of life, GAR marker
DixonMartha A.4 Jan 184425 Dec 186319y 11m 21dwife of JH
HallAbel10 Sep 182527 Jun 1903
HallByron K.8 Jun 18638 Oct 18718y 4mson of A & L
HallLouisa10 Apr 18311 Jul 1918
HallMary A.21 Aug 182827 Dec 185527y 4m 6dwife of Abel
HallPerry18 Jul 18696 Apr 18708m 18dson of A & L
HillArtemisia29 Jan 18464 May 185913y 3m 5ddau of J & C
HillCatherine19 Jun 181421 Feb 187762y 8m 2dwife of Jehu
HillJehu22 Mar 17908 Nov 186373y 7m 16d
HillJohn F.25 Jun 18652 Apr 18669m 7d son of WP & M
HillSophrona E.22 Jan 18483 Jun 186921y 4m 11d dau of J & C
HumphreysDelia12 Jul 183121 Oct 1895 wife of LN, 2 small stones with names Robert & Mary J on this lot
HumphreysInfant26 Jun 188829 Jun 18883d son of GA & Mira
HumphreysL. N.12 Jul 183113 Apr 190775y 9m 1d
HumphreysSarah A.C.17 Feb 18348 May 187440y 2m 21d
IngramHahala C. (or Mahala)24 Oct 184013 Apr 188039y 5m 19d wife of Henry
IngramInfant22 Jul 190223 Jul 1903 son of Frank & Effie
JonesIda M.23 Jan 186723 Apr 187710y 3m dau of RP & L
JustisRoberta19y 7m 23d no date of death on stone
JustusElizabeth G.29 Mar 182818 Nov 191183y 7m 19d
LittlejohnLovana L.16 Nov 182716 Mar 185426y 4m not sure of name, wife of Alex
LockridgeAndrew W.17 Oct 182126 Mar 186947y 5m 9dhus of EG
LockridgeAnna C.25 Nov 187124 Nov 1872
LockridgeEffie Clevenger22 Feb 18603 Dec 192666y 9m 11d Clevenger plot
LockridgeFranklin17 Nov 186727 Nov 186710dson of AJ & EG
LockridgeJames A.10 Aug 18315 Jul 1914
LockridgeLucy L.10 Mar 18383 Jan 1903
LockridgeOrval C.20 Feb 190817 Sep 1910
LockridgeRhoehama C.12 Sep 186728 Sep 18681y r 16d dau of AJ & EG
LockridgeRosetta3 Mar 188218 Aug 1903
LockridgeWilliam30 Dec 18607 Aug 18676y 7m 7d son of JA & L
LockridgeWilliam H.17 Oct 18607 Aug 1867
MarkwellAlbert P.186927 Jul 18712yson of WW & M
MarkwellAtha Mason7 Apr 181717 Apr 189275y 10d wife of AS
MarkwellInfant9 Mar 1860 infant dau of JF & A
MarkwellInfant6 May 1863 infant dau of JF & A
MarkwellJosephine26 May 185118 Sep 187120y 3m 22d dau of JE & A
MarkwellMargaret5 Jan 18403 Feb 1915
MarkwellW. W.13 Jan 183822 Jun 1920 GAR marker
Mason 2 graves - mortuary markers, paper gone
MatlenInfant1 Apr 1868 infant dau of W & RA
MatlenWilliam182431 Jan 1869 In 45th year of age
McKinstryAlexander17 Aug 18163 Apr 1902
McKinstryEdwin S.6 Mar 186223 Oct 1867 son of Alexander & Rebecca
McKinstryRebecca8 Sep 182510 Jan 1914 wife of Alexander
MullinA.J.15 Apr 187315 Apr 1873
MullinAdella Lamora9 Sep 182719 Aug 1900
MullinJoseph20 Feb 182222 Aug 1900
MullinMary Jane6 Jan 185031 Jul 1852
MullinRobert Bruce22 Dec 18472 Oct 1866
PettiboneAlbert24 Dec 18182 Dec 189475y 11m 8d
PettiboneCaroline5 Dec 18243 Jan 187550y 28d wife of A
PettiboneEdward16 Aug 185519 Jan 188226y 4m 23d son of A & G
PettiboneSarah184124 Jul 186827y age in 27th year of her life
PhillipsMartha A.1 Jul 18604 Oct 1878
ReedDaniel W.29 Jul 183529 Jan 185721y 6m
ReedElizabeth J.9 Aug 184019 Nov 186525y 3m 10d wife of George
ReedHenry K.18018 May 186059y
ReedJane1 Nov 18026 May 186764y 6m 5dwife of HK
ReedLoyd11 Sep 190513 Aug 19093y 11m 2dson of RE & G
ReedMary J.3 Nov 183820 Apr 187437y 5m 17d wife of George
RogersWilliam Thomas18497 Dec 194192y
RogersInfants two infants buried with Josephine & William, AR on one stone
RogersJosephine 19 Jun 18671 Feb 188729y 7m 12d wife of WT
SearsAmma4 Aug 18715 Sep 18721y 1m 1ddau of RB & E
SearsCharlie14 Sep 188121 Sep 18817d son of RB & M
SearsCurtis30 Apr 179930 Oct 189596y 6m
SearsFrancis E.18711872
SearsMary Etta23 Mar 184620 Apr 189952y 27d
SearsMyrle Morrison18951904
SearsNancy14 Apr 18011 Sep 188887y 4m 17d wife of C
SearsRome18681928 IOOF marker
SearsRufus B.1 Apr 184724 Jan 1933
SibelCatherine1 Mar 182319 Mar 1913
SimmonsAmelia22 Apr 186729 Dec 18678m 7d dau of E
SimmonsAndrew J.14 May 182417 Jan 1907 Father
SimmonsDavid A.11 Mar 186115 Oct 1901 son of AJ
SimmonsElizabeth8 Jan 18062 Nov 186559y 9m 24d wife of T
SimmonsEmely11 Dec 18473 Dec 186719y 11m 22ddau of F
SimmonsJoel A.8 Oct 18578 Jun 18588mson of AJ & S
SimmonsM. C.13 May 18421 Aug 190260y 2m 18d
SimmonsPearl M.30 Nov 187228 Sep 18739m 28dson of M & MJ
SimmonsSalinda7 Apr 182225 July 1868Two stones Mother
SimmonsSarah J.17 Jan 185217 Sep 187119y 8m dau of AJ & S
SimmonsSolinda7 Apr 182225 Jul 186846y 3m 18d wife of AJ
SimmonsThompson1 Nov 180222 Jan 188885y 2m 21d
SimmonsWesley16 Mar 184919 Feb 186919y 11m 3d son of F
StatlerAngeline5 Jan 18475 Oct 1926
XStatlerBert H.18 Dec 187027 Apr 189726y 4m 9d**S/O C.W.
StatlerBonie (?)2 Jul 18597 Feb 18607m 5d dau of CW & Nancy
StatlerC. W. Sgt, Co "I," 26th Iowa Inf, GAR marker
StatlerMary A.7 Jan 185615 May 18563m 18ddau of CW & Nancy
StatlerMaud 30 Dec 1914 IOOF marker
StatlerNancy20 Aug 183030 Jul 187241y 11m 10dwife of CW
StatlerThomas J.5 May 185721 May 18581y 16d son of CW & Nancy
Stenc/StengChristiana26 Oct 18313 Jan 1923
Stenc/StengColumbus18611928 son of F & C
Stenc/StengFrederick17 Nov 182215 May 1902
Stenc/StengLizzie18631931 dau of F & C
Stenc/StengSophia14 Aug 185928 Jul 188727y 11m 14ddau of F & C
SwopeChildren children of JH & ME Swope, no names or dates
SwopeJ. H.15 Jan 18416 Mar 190160y 1m 21d
SwopePolly26 May 181928 May 186546y 2dwife of William
SwopeWilliam27 Jan 182817 Feb 189466y 20d
ThompsonWilliam B.16 Mar 186321 Feb 186411m 5dson of J & M
WilsonAnna M.29 Nov 185830 Jun 187516y 7m 1d wife of CS
WilsonJames E.3 Dec 183528 Dec 1906 Pvt, Co "B," 142nd N.C. Inf, Civil War, GAR marker
WilsonMargaret9 Aug 184916 Jul 189141y 11m 7d wife of JE

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