Death Index: Book 5, 04 Jul 1941 - 30 Dec 1958

This volume of Death Records is not yet complete. It has been alphabetized.


This volume has been alphabetized, but original order can be reconstructed by examining page and line numbers.

The Victor IOOF Cemetery was changed to Memorial Cemetery in 1986. Parnell Cemetery: the only known cemetery in Parnell is St. Joseph's.


Legend for column M (Marriage Status): M=Married, S=Single, W=Widowed, D=Divorced.

Author: Clerk of the District Court (Iowa County, Iowa)
Published: Iowa County IAGenWeb Website, 22 Apr 2008, 304 records, 51 pages. Republished 16 Oct 2017 after the Sunshine laws were clarified.
Repositories: Iowa County Courthouse - Office of the County Recorder, Marengo, Iowa County, Iowa; (no microfilming done)
Transcribed by: LaVerna K. Moser.
Media Source: Original records
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