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Century Farms
Patron's Directory

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Allen, Wm. H. Lime Spr. Sta. Dir. Groc. & Res't. Warren Co., Pa. 1864 Lime Springs
Allen, Helen M. Vermont 1858 Lime Springs
Archer, Joseph Section 7 Grain Dir. & Farm Oneida Co., N.Y. 1868 Lime Springs
Archer, Mary J. Section 7 Oneida Co., N.Y. 1868 Lime Springs
Archer, Isaac Section 36 Farmer Derbyshire, Eng. 1869 Cresco
Brown, Rev. Chas E. Lime Spr. Sta. Pastor Baptist Ch. Oneida Co., N.Y. 1842 Lime Springs
Brown, Frances L. Lime Spr. Sta. Fulton Co., N.Y. 1842 Lime Springs
Barnhart, Henry D. Lime Spr. Sta. Wagon Maker Hoosick, N.Y. 1863 Lime Springs
Chesebro, Wm. O. Section 20 Farmer Cortland Co., N.Y. 1854 Lime Springs
Chesebro, Mary H. Section 20 Cattaraug's Co., N.Y. 1854 Lime Springs
Cook, Joseph Section 19 Grain & Stock Dir. Oneida Co., N.Y. 1854 Lime Springs
Cary, Sylvester L. Lime Spr. Sta. General Mdse. Erie County, N.Y. 1856 Glen Roy
Cameron, John T. Lime Spr. Sta. Produce Dealer Rockbridge Co., Va. 1841 Glen Roy
Daniels, W.F. Lime Spr. Sta. Agt. Groc's & Res't Canada West 1855 Lime Springs
Daniels, Mary G. Lime Spr. Sta. Yates Co., N.Y. 1856 Lime Springs
Davis, David D. Section 19 Farmer Wales 1869 Lime Springs
Davis, Ann Section 19 Wales 1869 Lime Springs
Evans, John Section 7 Farmer South Wales 1870 Lime Springs
Evans, Mary Section 7 South Wales 1870 Lime Springs
Fuller, David M. Lime Springs Arch., Builder & J.P. Washington Co., N.Y. 1861 Lime Springs
Foster, J.E. Lime Spr. Sta. Undertaker & Dir. In  Brooklyn, N.Y. 1871 Lime Spr. Sta.
Foster, Nellie Lime Spr. Sta. Freeport, Ills. 1856 Lime Spr. Sta.
Griffin, Henry F. Section 28 Farmer Chittenden Co., Vt. 1866 Lime Springs
Griffin, Mary E. Section 28 Farmer Albany Co., N.Y. 1866 Lime Springs
Hopkins, Saml. B. Section 19 Farmer Walworth Co., Wis 1862 Lime Springs
Hopkins, Ada C. Section 19 LaGrange, Ohio 1871 Lime Springs
Hill, Bradford Section 19 Far. & Prop. Glen Addison Co., Vt. 1868 Lime Springs
Roy Mills
Hill, Catherine C. Section 19 St. Davids, Can. W. 1868 Lime Springs
Howe, P.C. Section 13 Farmer Kent Co., Eng. 1851 Lime Springs
Howe, Melissa Section 13 Johnson Co., Iowa 1840 Lime Springs
Hewitt, Chas. C. Lime Spr. Sta. Hardware & Agl. Geauga Co., Ohio 1855 Glen Roy
Irvine, James Section 34 Grain & Stock LaPorte Co., Ind. 1858 Lime Springs
Irvine, Lottie L. Section 34 Stueben Co., N.Y. 1857 Lime Springs
Jones, Evan J. Section 27 Farmer Wakesha Co., Wis. 1868 Lime Springs
Jones, Winnie Section 27 Dress Maker Carrigan Co., Wales 1868 Lime Springs
Johnson, Lorin J. Lime Spr. Sta. Harness Maker Grafton Co., N.H. 1872 Lime Springs
Johnson, Ann Lime Spr. Sta. Middlebury, Vt. 1872 Lime Springs
Knowlton, Joseph Lime Spr. Sta. Hardware & Afl. Cattaran's Co., N.Y. 1854 Lime Springs
Knowlton, Jennie E. Lime Spr. Sta. Wilkesbarre, Pa. 1854 Lime Springs
Lewis, Wm. T. Section 22 Grain & Stock Far. Wales 1867 Lime Spr. Sta.
Lewis, Elizabeth Section 22 Wales 1867 Lime Spr. Sta.
Miller & Son Lime Spr. Sta. Liv. & Sale Stable Clinton Co., N.Y. 1848 Lime Springs
Miller, Chloe E. Lime Spr. Sta. Clinton Co., N.Y. 1848 Lime Springs
Marsh, Hiram P. Lime Spr. Sta. Lumber Dealer Onondaga Co., N.Y. 1856 Lime Spr. Sta.
Marsh, Annie Lime Spr. Sta. Cattaran's Co., N.Y. 1855 Lime Springs
Marsh, M.M. & A.E. Section 21 Farmers & Drugg't Onondaga Co., N.Y. 1856 Lime Springs
Marsh, Sarah & Section 21 Farmers Cortland Co., N.Y. 1856 Lime Springs
Hattie A.
Marsh, H.C. Lime Spr. Sta. Grand Produce Dir. Ontario Co., Can. W. 1854 Lime Springs
Marsh, Adaline Lime Spr. Sta. Walworth Co., Wis 1854 Lime Springs
Medberry, Dr. Jos. N. Lime Spr. Sta. Phys & Surgeon Chautau'a Co., N.Y. 1863 Glen Roy
Ohlquist, Bros. Lime Spr. Sta. Boot & Shoe Store Sweden 1869 Glen Roy
Pike, Leonard W. Section 33 Farmer Windham Co., Vt. 1868 Glen Roy
Pike, Almeda Section 33 St. Lawrence, N.Y. 1868 Glen Roy
Pettit, Alonzo M. Lime Spr. Sta. Groc., Conf'r & P.M. Crawford Co., Pa. 1856 Glen Roy
Quinn, James Section 7 Far. & Supervisor Waterford Co., Ire. 1854 Glen Roy
Quinn, Harriet Section 7 Jefferson Co., N.Y. 1864 Glen Roy
Reed, Dr. John W. Lime Spr. Sta. Phys. & Surg Alburgh, Vt. 1855 Glen Roy
Reed, Ruth Lime Spr. Sta. North Hero, Vt. 1855 Glen Roy
Reed, Sabrina J. Section 32 Farmer Grand Isle, Vt. 1858 Glen Roy
Reed, Francis Section 32 Farmer Cornwall Co., Eng. 1858 Glen Roy
Rose, Jesse C. Section 30 Far. & Carpenter Trumbull Co., Ohio 1870 Glen Roy
Rose, Electa Section 30 Cortland Co., N.Y. 1870 Glen Roy
Roberts, Richard J. Section 28 Farmer North Wales 1867 Lime Springs
Roberts, Marg't E. Section 28 North Wales 1867 Lime Springs
Reynolds, Wm. P. Lime Spr. Sta. Wagon Maker Renssclaer Co., N.Y. 1863 Lime Springs
Reynolds, Bertha A. Lime Spr. Sta. Russia 1863 Lime Springs
Sage, Alonzo A. Lime Spr. Sta. For'n Lime Springs Schoharie Co., N.Y. 1858 Lime Springs
Mnfg. Co.
Stevens, Winfield S. Section 16 Farmer Wyoming Co., N.Y. 1846 Lime Springs
Stevens, Kate C. Section 16 Crawford Co., Pa. 1848 Lime Springs
Sanborn, Phila'r C. Section 27 Grain & Stk. Rais'r Stanstead Co., Can E. 1866 Lime Springs
Sanborn, Betsey Section 27 Teacher Stanstead Co., Can E. 1866 Lime Springs
Sadler, John Section 17 Farmer & Minister Rush Co., Ind. 1855 Lime Springs
Sadler, Rebecca Section 17 Preble Co., Ohio 1855 Lime Springs
Sloan, Ebenezer B. Section 28 Farmer Delaware Co., Ohio 1853 Lime Springs
Sloan, Mary Section 28 Marion Co., Ind 1853 Lime Springs
Smith, J.T. Lime Spr. Sta. Stone Mason Gloucesters're, Eng. 1859 Lime Springs
Smith, Lucy Ann Lime Spr. Sta. Cattaraug's Co., N.Y. 1858 Lime Springs
Theophlius, Daniel Section 17 Farmer South Wales 1868 Lime Springs
Theophilus, Marg't Section 17 South Wales 1868 Lime Springs
Thayer, Alonzo M. Section 34 Farmer Winnebago Co., Ills 1855 Lime Springs
Thayer, Sarah Section 34 Trumbull Co., Ohio 1860 Lime Springs
Velie, Peter, Jr. Lime Spr. Sta. Stk. Dir. & General New York 1861 Lime Springs
Velie, Anna E. Lime Spr. Sta. Teacher Dodge Co., Wis 1874 Lime Springs
Van Niman, Levi H. Section 22 Farmer & Stk. Dir. Wayne Co., Ohio 1856 Lime Spr. Sta.
Van Niman, Ange'a Section 22 Teacher Holmes Co., Ohio 1856 Lime Spr. Sta.
VanLeuven, Albert M. Lime Springs Merchant & P.M. Schoharie Co., N.Y. 1857 Lime Springs
Wood, Chas H. Section 34 Farm. & Land Dir. Madison Co., N.Y. 1855 Lime Springs
Woods, Johnston Section 22 Grain & Stk. Rais'r Westmorel'd Co., Pa. 1855 Lime Springs
Woods, Sarah Section 22 Columbiana Co., O. 1855 Lime Springs
Williams, Wm. R. Section 27 Grain & Stk. Rais'r North Wales 1871 Lime Springs
Williams, Winnie Section 27 South Wales 1871 Lime Springs
Williams, W.J. Section 22 Farm. & Scl. Dire'r South Wales 1867 Lime Springs
Williams, Mary Section 22 South Wales 1867 Lime Springs
Averill, S.B. Section 11 Farmer & Teacher Orange Co., Vt. 1856 Cresco
Averill, Henry K. Sr. New Ogn. Mcht. & Town Clk. Clinton Co., N.Y. 1855 New Oregon
Bartholomew, J.C. Section 24 Farmer, Blk, Sth. & Illinois 1854 Cresco
Beach, Reuben P. Section 31 Farmer Washington Co., N.Y. 1856 Cresco
Cunningham, H.C. Section 11 Farmer Delaware Co., Ohio 1867 New Oregon
Cole, Samuel M. Section 10 Farmer and J.P. Yates Co., N.Y. 1854 Cresco
Emmons, L.F. Section 32 Farmer Hartford Co., Conn 1856 Cresco
Farley, John J. Section 17 Farmer & Teacher Schoharle Co., N.Y. 1859 Cresco
Farley, Pheebe L. Section 17 Ontario Co., N.Y. 1859 Cresco
Ferrie, John C. Section 7 Farmer & Miller Saarbrucken, Prus 1856 Cresco
Ferrie, Barbara Section 7 Saarbrucken, Prus 1856 Cresco
Glass, Wm. A. Section 9 Farmer Westmoreland Co., 1864 Cresco
Hunt Bro. & Sister Section 18 Farmer Chautauqua Co., N.Y. 1854 Cresco
Hayes, J.D. Section 12 Farmer Tioga Co., N.Y. 1855 Cresco
Lewis, Thomas E. Section 1 Farmer Delaware Co., N.Y. 1854 Cresco
Mitchell, J.B. New Ogn. Nurserym'n & P.M. Franklin Co., Vt. 1856 New Oregon
Morse, George Section 9 Farmer Stueben Co., N.Y. 1856 Cresco
Petzenowsky, Jos F. Section 12 Farmer & Tailor Velis, Bohemia 1855 Spillville
Strawn, Chas. New Ogn. Farmer Canada West 1854 Cresco
Woodward, Wm. Section 16 Farmer Jefferson Co., N.Y. 1854 Cresco
Welch, Mrs. Agnes Section 12 Farmer Carroliton Co., 1854 Cresco
Can. W.
Wheeler, Daniel Section 1 Far. & Well Driller Jefferson Co., N.Y. 1851 Cresco
Abbott, L.F. Cresco Dentist Buffalo, N.Y. 1871 Cresco
Anderson, A.E. Section 10 Farmer & Teacher Sweden 1853 Cresco
Barber, Emmet Cresco Surveyor St. Lawrence Co., N.Y. 1870 Cresco
Barbor, Edw. Cresco Painter Fayette Co., Iowa 1856 Cresco
Blandin, Joseph Cresco Billiard Parlors Cornwall, Eng. 1865 Cresco
Brown, J.H. Cresco Carp. & Mem. State Green Co., Penn. 1851 Cresco
Beadle, Aug Cresco Town Site Prop. & Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 1855 Cresco
Grain Dealer
Ballard, S.C. Cresco Blacksmith Warren Co., Penn. 1868 Cresco
Brierley, Wm. Section 29 Farmer Yorkshire, Eng. 1870 Cresco
Bateman, Elizabeth Cresco Farmer Tioga Co., N.Y. 1855 Cresco
Barker, Jeremiah Cresco Farmer & Co.Aud. Boone Co., Ind 1857 Cresco
Burke, John B. Cresco Cooper Baraboo, Wis. 1871 Cresco
Caward, Geo. W. Cresco Agt. For (Z Kings) Ontario Co., N.Y. 1869 Cresco
Iron Bridges
Crandall, H.E. Cresco Grocery, Flour &  Calhoun Co., Mich. 1856 Cresco
Culver, Horace Section 29 Farmer Madison Co., N.Y. 1844 Cresco
Clemmer, J.J. Cresco Physician & Drugs Fayette Co., Penn. 1856 Cresco
Crouch, George F. Cresco Ed. Peoples Rep. Monroe Co., N.Y. 1860 Cresco
Daughenbaugh, W.J. Section 2 Farmer Center Co., Penn. 1867 Cresco
Dobson, W.B. Section 18 Farmer Queens Co., Ire. 1854 Cresco
Dobson, Mary M. Section 18 Farmer Pittsburgh, Penn. 1854 Cresco
Dolph, Rev. John Cresco Pastor M.E. Ch. Essex Co., N.Y. 1874 Cresco
Doolittle, Moses R. Section 29 Stock Farmer Rutland Co., Vt. 1856 Cresco
Doolittle, Jane F. Section 29 Cheese Man. Rutland Co., Vt. 1857 Cresco
Dunn, Van R. Section 2 Farmer & Mason Mentor, Ohio 1856 Cresco
Dunn, James Crawford Co., Pa. 1856 Cresco
Everingham, B.D. Section 34 Carpenter Niagra Falls, Can. 1847 Cresco
Evans, D.V. Cresco Traveling Agent Douglas Co., Ills. 1855 Nora Springs
Forry, Moses Section 23 Farmer York Co., Pa. 1867 Cresco
Ferris, Elias K. Cresco Hydropathist & Broome Co., N.Y. 1855 Cresco
Brick Maker
Ferris, Ida May Cresco Teacher Kane Co., Ills. 1855 Cresco
Foeshee, A.G. Cresco Farm Machinery Agt. Schuyler Co., N.Y. 1866 Cresco
Graham, Robt, H. Cresco Barber St. Mary Co., Md. 1867 Cresco
Genshaw, Chas Cresco Furniture Dealer Mecklenburg, Ger. 1857 Cresco
Gillett E. Section 23 Farmer & J.P. Yates Co., N.Y. 1855 Cresco
Holway, Wm. N. Cresco Insurance Agent Winneshiek Co., Ia. 1855 Cresco
Hart, C.C. Cresco Trader Wisconsin 1871 Cresco
Hoyt, Osmund N. Cresco Co. Supd. Of Schools Canada, East 1856 Cresco
Hughes, Edward Cresco Dealer in Agt. Imp'ts McHenry Co., Ills. 1864 Cresco
Irvine & Walters Cresco Bakery & Restaurant Huron Co., Ohio 1871 Cresco
Johnston, Catherine Section 36 Farmer Niagara Co., N.Y. 1862 Cresco
Kellow, Wm. Cresco Grocer England 1856 Cresco
Lent, A.D. Cresco Sash & Blind Manfr. Dutchess Co., N.Y. 1866 Cresco
Lowry, Jacob J. Cresco Druggist & Jeweler Dearborn Co., Ind. 1857 Cresco
Lee, T.W. Cresco Attorney at Law Filchbay Prov., Que 1856 Cresco
Lee, Almira Cresco Vocal & Inst. Music Stanstead Plain, Que. 1860 Cresco
McCarty, M.A. Cresco Pastor of Church of Boston, Mass 1871 Cresco
Assumption B.V.M.
Milz, John Cresco Merchant Prussia 1854 Cresco
Marshall, C.A. Cresco Farmer & Congl. Min't Dublin, Ire. 1857 Cresco
Munson, Oliver G. Cresco Drug Clerk Howard Co., Iowa Cresco
Mead, W.R. & F.J. Cresco Eds. Iowa Plain Dealer Montgomery Co., N.Y. 1855 Cresco
Miller, Fred Cresco Harness Mkr. & Dear'r in Bavaria 1862 Cresco
Shoe Findings
McCollum, Jas., M.D. Cresco Physician & Surgeon McConnellsville, O 1866 Cresco
Malthey, H.A. Cresco Harness & Saddlery Lake Co., Ills 1864 Cresco
McCullow, P.J. Cresco Cooper Philadelphia, Penn. 1855 Cresco
Miller, C.H. Cresco Painter Cologne, Prussia 1857 Cresco
Noble, Mrs. H.D. Section 4 Farmer Genesee Co., N.Y. 1862 Cresco
Newton, S.J. Cresco Boot & Shoe Maker Bennington Co., Vt. 1870 Cresco
Noyelles, Marshall & Cresco Electric Physicians
Noyelles, R.M. De Cresco Buffalo, N.Y. 1874 Cresco
Owen, W.R. Cresco Dir. In Gen'l Produce Wales 1865 Cresco
Patterson, Wm. H. Cresco Co. Rec. & Real Erie Co., Penn. 1857 Cresco
Est. Agent
Pitcher, H.W. Section 9 Farmer Lewis Co., N.Y. 1866 Cresco
Paul, Edward Cresco Farmer Norfolk, Eng 1871 Cresco
Phelan, Robert Cresco Lumber Dealer Ireland 1856 Cresco
Platt & O'Malley Cresco General Mdse. Franklin Co., Vt. 1866 Cresco
O'Malley Cresco General Mdse. Ireland 1866 Cresco
Potter, Lemuel Jr. Section 26 Farmer & Stk. Dealer Carroll Co., N.H. 1854 Cresco
Russell, Wm. Section 33 Farmer Odeltown Dom., Que 1863 Cresco
Rutherford, Thos. J. Section 9 Farmer Jefferson Co., Wis. 1867 Cresco
Rumsey, Wm. Section 25 Farmer Stueben Co., N.Y. 1855 Cresco
Russell, James Cresco Carri'e & Wagon Mkr Middlesex, Vt. 1870 Cresco
Richardson, J.W. Section 34 Farmer & Carpenter Prov of Ontario 1869
River, Abrant Section 13 Farmer Canada, East 1858
Russell, Thomas T. Cresco Harness Mkr. & Madison Co., N.Y. 1874 Cresco
Horse Tamer
Shaw, John Cresco De Noyelies House Livingston Co., N.Y. 1868 Cresco
Smith, L.E. Cresco Ed. Cresco Times Newton, Can. West 1873 Cresco
Skinner, J.W. Cresco Carpenter & Joiner Tolland Co., Conn 1852 Cresco
Stimpson, A. Cresco Patent Medicines Oxford Co., Me. 1868 Cresco
Smedley, A.B. Cresco Master of State Jefferson Co., N.Y. 1849 Cresco
Strother, Worden Cresco Far. & Dir. Agr. Imps Fauquier Co., Va. 1858 Cresco
Stone, Sylvester A. Cresco Clerk Co. Courts Tompkins Co., N.Y. 1857 Cresco
Stone, Mrs. J.C. Cresco Milliner & Dress Mkr. Rutland Co., Vt. 1857 Cresco
Seamann, Anton Cresco Butcher Arnsdorf, Prussia 1869 Cresco
Trumble, Wm. H. Cresco Boot & Shoe Maker Glasgow, Scotland 1866 Cresco
Thurber, C.S. Cresco Postmaster Delaware Co., N.Y. 1854 Cresco
Thompson, James Section 23 General Mason Work Edinburgh, Scotland 1855 Cresco
Taft, Madison Section 23 Farmer Oswego Co., N.Y. 1857 Cresco
Upton, J.G. Section 13 Farmer Hillsboro, N. H. 1852 Cresco
Webster, J.F. Cresco Mayor & prop. Richland Co., Ohio 1857 Cresco
Webster House Cresco
Wright, A.D. Cresco Banker & Attorney Oswego Co., N.Y. 1859 Cresco
Weld,  Prof. L.T. Cresco Teacher St. Joseph Co., Mich 1872 Cresco
White, Alexis Section 20 Farmer Winchester, N.H. 1856 Cresco
Webster, Calvin F. Cresco Far. & Clk, of Courts Richland Co., Ohio 1856 Cresco
Wheeler, N.B. Cresco Plasterer Harrisburgh, Penn. 1858 Cresco
Woodward, A.B. Cresco Drayman Woodstock, Vt. 1870 Cresco
Briggs, Thomas Section 10 Farmer Lincolnshire, Eng. 1852 Leroy, Minn.
Bartlett, Judah Section 24 Farmer Delaware Co., N.Y.. 1870 Saratoga
Bennett, Jas. E. Section 27 Farmer Fair Haven, Mass 1855 Riceville
Brown, James Section 34 Farmer & Gard'ner Fifeshire, Scotland 1860 Riceville
Banks, Zacceheus Section 9 Farmer Fairfield Co., Conn. 1856 Riceville
Bowers, Chas P. Section 7 Farmer New York 1852 Riceville
Cuddy, John Section 5 Farmer Union Co., Ills. 1865 Leroy, Minn.
Clark, L.H. Section 32 Farmer Onondaga Co., N.Y. 1868 Riceville
Chandler, Alfred B. Section 34 Far. & Carriage Mfr. Piermont, N.Y. 1854 Riceville
Cutting, Abijah B. Section 21 Farmer Waitsfield, Vt. 1854 Riceville
Dickerson, A.B. Section 4 Farmer Worcester Co., Mass. 1867 Leroy, Minn.
Fellows, James C. Section 30 Far. & Brick Mfr. Roseawen, N.H. 1855 Riceville
Fassett, Lucius Section 7 Farmer Allegany Co., N.Y. 1855 Riceville
Fassett, Asahel Section 7 Farmer Rutland Co., Vt. 1853 Riceville
Fox, Marshall Section 28 Farmer Cattaraugus Co., N.Y. 1859 Riceville
Fox, Laura E. Section 28 Farmer Orange Co., Vt. 1854 Riceville
Harris &  Section 12 Farmers Essex & Chenango 1863 Chester & Le'oy
Harvey, Wm. F. Section 29 Cong. Clergyman Merrimac Co., N.H. 1862 Riceville
Hendricks, James Section 30 Far. Stk. Dir. & Prop. Norway 1853 Riceville
Hendricks House
Jacobus, Ralph Section 4 Farmer & Superv'r Steuben Co., N.Y. 1867 Leroy, Minn.
Mildrum, Orrin Section 29 Farmer & J.P. Middlesex Co., Conn. 1856 Riceville
McCook, Thos. Section 30 Farmer Derry Co., Ire. 1856 Riceville
Mills, Francis A. Section 27 Farmer Westchester Co., N.Y. 1869 Riceville
Maltby, Wm Section 19 Farmer Jefferson Co., N.Y. 1856 Riceville
Mather, Rev. F.C. Riceville Pastor M.E. Church Union Co., Ohio 1853 Riceville
Minor, W.D. Section 31 Farm & Feed Mill Pennsylvania 1867 Riceville
Patterson, David Section 17 Farmer Licking Co., Ohio 1852 Riceville
Patterson, Benj. Section 8 Farmer Licking Co., Ohio 1850 Riceville
Ricker, Hazen Section 30 Farmer & Butcher Orange Co., Vt. 1854 Riceville
St. John, Issac H. Section 4 Farmer Delaware Co., N.Y. 1857 Riceville
Sawyer, James Section 22 Farmer London, Eng. 1861 Riceville
Spencer, Geo. B. Section 8 Farmer & J.P. Franklin Co., Ohio 1850 Riceville
Seely, Darius Section 25 Farmer Delaware Co., N.Y. 1856 Saratoga
Seely, Mary E. Section 25 Delaware Co., N.Y. 1856 Saratoga
Teeple, Mrs. Eliza Section 6 Farmer Schoharie Co., N.Y. 1852 Riceville
Wentw'th, Frank A. Section 5 Farmer South Berwick, Me. 1858 Leroy, Minn.
Watson, Ralph Section 19 Farmer Scotland 1856 Riceville
Axtell, Henry A. Section 31 Farmer Hampshire Co., Mass. 1858 Busti
Axtell, Elenor P. Section 31 Farmer Hamden, Me. 1864 Busti
Burgess, Joseph Section 31 Farmer Somerset Co., Me. 1863 Busti
Bandle, Wm. Section 17 Farmer Wurtemburg, Ger. 1865 Busti
Clark, John C. Section 6 Farmer Allegany Co., N.Y. 1865 Riceville
Clark, Elizabeth Section 6 Farmer Ohio 1865 Riceville
Fallgatter, Aug. W. Section 7 Farmer Dodge Co., Wis. 1864 Busti
Hutton, Alex Section 10 Farmer Edinburgh, Scot 1856 Saratoga
Hutton, Euphemia Section 10 Farmer Edinburgh, Scot 1856 Saratoga
Heinmiller, John H. Section 17 Farmer Albany Co., N.Y. 1864 Busti
Haaf, Peter J. Section 16 Farmer Wurtemburg, Ger. 1860 Busti
James, Preston B. Section 16 Farmer Tennessee 1862 Busti
Mead, Willis Section 31 Farmer Warren Co., Penn. 1857 Busti
Mead, Lodana A. Section 31 Farmer Erie Co., Penn. 1857 Busti
McDonnell, John M. Section 14 Farmer Picton, Canada 1865 Busti
Peterson, J.H. Section 6 Farmer Sweden 1852 Busti
Robinson, Truman Section 6 Farmer Warren Co., N.Y. 1859 Busti
Robinson, Susan R. Section 6 Farmer Warren Co., N.Y. 1859 Busti
Sisco, Levi Section 28 Farmer Troy, Vt. 1865 Busti
Sisco & Andraws Section 28 Farmer Somerset Co., Eng. 1869 Busti
Transcribed by Roseanna Zehner
Copyright 2004