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Annals of Iowa

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ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume I, No. 5, July 1882

Memoir of Col. Wm. G. Coop

Recollections of the Johnson County County Bench and Bar

Thought in Education

Observations on Tornadoes in Iowa



ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume III, No. 1, January 1884

A Memoir of Indian Names in Iowa with Their Significance

Early Schools in Iowa



My Schools and Scholars No. IV

Mrs. Dr. Dunlap Instantly Killed

Books and Publications of the Day



ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume III, No. 5, July 1884

Iowa and Andersonville

Two Prominent Iowans

Alexander Clark's Admission

Historical Fragments, Historical Grounds

Iowa at the World's Fair

History of Red Polled Cattle


ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume III, No. 4, October 1884

Women in Iowa

The World's Exposition at New Orleans

First White Men on Iowa Soil

The Dead of 1884








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