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Annals of Iowa

Historical Introduction

1863-1869,  1870-1879,  1880-1889, 1890-1899 1900-1909,  1910-1919 1920-1929

ANNALS OF IOWA, Vol. One, January 1863 
Introduction Rockingham Township Davenport Township
Chapter I History of Scott County with Memoir of W. Barrows, Esq.  
  Letter of Adj. L.A. Duncan, of the 42d Regt. Iowa Vol. Infantry
Chapter II First settlement of Buffalo Township  


ANNALS OF IOWA, Number II, April, 1863

Article II. History of Scott County Letter of U.S. Attorney General Bates Poetry, Indian Graves
Letter of Col. Wm. E. Small Letter of J.F. Fykes, S.Q. White and Others Letter of Hosea B. Horn
Letter of O.E. Daggett, D.D.. Letter of M.L. Morris, Qr. U.S.A. Letter of Gen. F.J.  Herron
Letter of Col. John Shane Letter of Thomas J. Jones, Chief Eng., U.S.N. Editorial Notices
State Deaf & Dumb Institution Anniversary of the State University  


ANNALS OF IOWA, Number III, July, 1863

Sketch of Geo. L. Davenport, Esquire (pg 97) (Picture) De Bow's Review (pg 98)
History Of Scott County, Cont. (pg99) First Regiment of Iowa Infantry (pg 135)
Letter of Brig. Gen. Jer. C. Sullivan Letter of G.W. Eastman, Esquire Das Kirken Blatt
Iowa Religious News-letter's Notice Postage of this number (pg 141) Du Buque, its History, etc.
Harper & Brothers' Publications Notice and Circular of the State University
The State University of Iowa Iowa Religious News-letter's Notice


ANNALS OF IOWA, Number IV, October,  1863

History of Scott County, Iowa Memoir of Antoine Le Clair, Esquire, Of Davenport, Iowa
Roman Catholic Church (pg 169) Presbyterian Church (Pg 171) Wa-Kon-Shuts-Kee Scalping Knife
Letter of Hon. Eliphalet Price 183 A Biformed Kitten 185  
The Rebel Flag of the Twenty-sixth, Louisiana Regiment  
The Arkansas Campaign Flag of Gen. Curtis, Letter of Major Heath Editorial Notices, Annals of 1864
Faculty of State University of Iowa, 1863-1864  


ANNALS OF IOWA, Number V, January,  1864

Salutations to the Readers of the Annals, by the Editor Dakota Historical Society 195
Personal Sketch of Hon. Hiram Price of Davenport, Iowa The Seasons of 1863
A Sketch of Col. D.S. Wilson, of the Sixth Reg't. of Iowa Vol. Cavalry History of Scott County 207
Biographical Sketch of Brigadier General Benjamin Stone Roberts 200 Congregational Church, Scott Co
Presbyterian Church Trinity Church St. Luke's Church
First Methodist Episcopal Church Second Baptist Church Second Presbyterian Church, N.S
First English Lutheran Church First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church
The Reformed Protestant Dutch Church Pleasant Valley Township 224
LeClaire Township Letter of the Late Col. W.M.G. Torrence
Officers of the State Historical Society for 1864 Editorial Notes
Proposed Amendment of the Charter  


ANNALS OF IOWA, Number IV, April,  1864
History of Scott County, Cont. Le Claire Township 243 Princeton Township
The Court as a Tree Hickory Grove Sloperville & Liberty Township
Report of the Joint Committee Appointed to Visit to the State University 280 Territorial Seal of Iowa 264
Prof. Agassiz and His lecture 276 Biographical Sketch of Hon. G.C.R. Mitchell 262
Seal of the State of Iowa 266 The Name "Iowa" 268 Death of E.R. White 275
Presentation of the Flag of the Twenty-second Regiment to the Society 270
Editorial Notes State University of Iowa  
Obituary of Capt. Jonathan S. Slaymaker of Davenport, Iowa, Who Fell at Fort Donelson, Feb 15, 1862 283


ANNALS OF IOWA, Number IV, July,  1864

An Address Delivered Before the Hawkeye Pioneer Association of Des Moines Co., Iowa June 2d, 1858 (pt 2) 355
History of the Congregational Church of Dubuque 312 Iowa News Papers -- 1864   290
History of Davis County, Iowa 292 Organization Boundry
Timber294 First Settled First Election 296
First Election Col. Carpenter Davis County Court
Davis County Seat Is Named 303 Davis County Second Election Two Sheriffs in Trouble
Sheriffs in Trouble History of Marshall County 309 The Prince Imperial 326
Numismatic Collection of Alfred Sanders Esq. of Davenport, Iowa 327  


ANNALS OF IOWA, Number IV, October,  1864

Address Delivered Before the Hawkeye Pioneer Association of Des Moines Co., Iowa Jun 2d, 1858 (pt 2)
History of the Congregational Church of Dubuque (pt.2)  362 Great Seal of Iowa ... Again
History of the First Presbyterian Church of Muscatine, Iowa Hummer's Bell 332
Editorial Notes  334 History of Davis County, Claim Laws 340,
A Biographical Sketch of Captain Hosea B. Horn, of Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa 337
Davis County First Attorney 343 Davis, A Constable in Trouble 344 A Hairy Nation 345
Davis County Millings 346 David County Post Office Matters Davis County A Constable Puzzled  349
Bogus Money  350 Black Hawk 352 Montrose Apple Trees 370
Pioneer or First Settlers Association 365 Rev. (Capt.) James W. McKean 374
Constitution of "The Society of First Settlers of Muscatine, Iowa, Organized February 9th, 1856.  366
"Hawkeye Pioneer Association of Des Moines County, Iowa, Organized January 2d, 1858 368
The State "Orphans Home" 375 Historical Society 382 Editorial Notes383



ANNALS OF IOWA, No. 9, January 1865

Proceedings of the State Historical Society  424 Brigadier General Samuel A. Rice of Iowa 386
History of Davis County, Iowa: Chapter II (pt. 2)404 A Claim Jumper 413
Second District Court 406 Court House 407 Whiskey Trial 408
 Mr. Kister' Statement 409 A Spree    Marriage Ceremony  414
Where We Came From 417 Constitution of the Pioneer Settler's Association of Scott County, Iowa 418
Old Books 423    


ANNALS OF IOWA, No. 10, April 1865 435

From an Address Delivered Before the Iowa State Teacher's Association, Aug 24th, 1864
Meeting of Old Settlers, Muscatine County Pioneer Settler's Festival of Scott County
History of Davis County, Iowa: Chapter II (pt.3) Judge Wright's Address
Meeting of the Old Settlers of Dubuque Editorial Notes


ANNALS OF IOWA, No. 11, July 1865

Organization of Association of Early Settlers Henry Rowe Schoolcraft


ANNALS OF IOWA, No. 12, October 1865


ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume VII, No. 1, Iowa City, January 1869


ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume VII, No. 3, Iowa City, July 1869

The Army of the Southwest and the First Campaign in Arkansas

Early History of Iowa (cont.)

The Pioneers of Marion County

History of Mahaska County (cont.)

The Indian Tribes of the West

History of Webster Co, Iowa

Rise and Progress of Business Education in Iowa

Recollections of the Early Settlement of Northwest Iowa

Old Soldiers


ANNALS OF IOWA, Volume VII, No. 4, Iowa City, October 1869

The Army of the South-West and the First Campaign in Arkansas

The Early History of Iowa

History of Webster Co, Iowa

The Indian Tribes of the West-Their Language, Religion and Traditions

A Sketch of Clark County, Iowa

Recollections of the Early Settlement of Northwest Iowa

North and South Railroads in Iowa

The War and Abolition in Missouri  






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