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Alumni and Ex-Students of Iowa State College

...with notes from 1917

Class of 1907

Adamson, A.Q. B.C.E. Y.M.C.A., Shanghai, China    
Ageton, Maude B.S. Conata, S.D    
Atherton, Albert C. B.M.E. 3309 Wrightwood Ave., Chicago, Ill.    
Baker, Guy G. D.V.M. Spencer, Iowa    
Balthis, Russell B.S.A For. Service, Alamogordo, N.M.   Alumni Notes: Mr. R.F. Balthis has resigned from the Forest Service and has recently located at Grimes, Ia., where he will engage in truck farming.
Barber, Walter R. B.C.E. Spencer, Iowa    
Stange, Harriett B.S. Ames, Iowa BEYER  
Biller, David H. B.S.A. Spadra, Calif.    
Blackman, H.L. B.M.E. American Radiator Co., St. Louis, Mo.    
Bolser, Miles O. B.S. in E.E. LeMars, Iowa Old address  
Bonebright, H.C. B.S.A. Bozeman, Mont. Old address  
Burrows, Jas. M. B.C.E. 664 44th St., Des Moines, Iowa    
Cameron, E.A. B.S. in E.E. Keswick, Iowa    
Campbell, Foster B.S.A. Tongaloo, Miss.    
Cave, J. Harley B.C.E. Sand Point, Idaho    
Chambers, Jno. H. B.S.A. Corwith, Iowa    
Clapper, Leland B.C.E. Two Harbors, Minn.    
Clark, Jas. C. B.S. in E.E. 1010 Emerson St., Palo Alto, Calif.    
Clauson, C.C. B.S. in E.E. 421 So. Elk St., Bellingham, Wash.    
Claxton, Rob't I. B.S.A. Fayette, Iowa    
Cohegan, Orville A. B.S.A. 1210 Wolseley Ave., Winnipeg, Man.    
Cooper, Ralph L. B.C.E.; C.E. 128 Marshall St., Boone, Iowa    
Cotton, Harry E. B.C.E. City Eng. Dept., Omaha, Nebr.    
Coutts, Ross V. B.M.E. Grinnell, Iowa    
Crossley, Bruce W. B.S.A. Council Bluffs, Iowa   Events & Comments: Dr. F.W. Evans, pastor of the 1st Presbyterian church in Council Bluffs paid tribute to the memory of Bruce Crossley '07, in May 1917.
Crum, Roy W. B.C.E.; C.E. Ames, Iowa    
Dale, R.B. B.M.E.; M.E. 1127 Douglass Ave., Ames, Iowa   Alumni Notes: R.B. Dale (ME), who is with the Erie City Iron Works, at Erie, Pa., has just completed a successful term in Power Plant Operation at the Erie Y.M.C.A. for the Engineering Extension Division for the State College. He will attend a conference of Extension Workers at the State College in May.
Daniels, Arthur B.C.E. B&B Dept. Union Depot, Milwaukee, Wis.    
Danielson, W.A. B.S. in E.E. 1619 2nd Ave., North Seattle, Wash.    
Drennan, R.E. B.S.A. Canora, Sask.    
Dudgeon, Winfield B.S. Janna Mission, Allahabad, India    
Ellis, Lynn W. B.S.A. care Holt Mfg. Co., Stockton, Calif.    
Elliot, J.S. B.S.A. Woodward, Iowa    
Francis, Wm. B.C.E.; C.E. Arsenal No. 2, Havana, Cuba    
Furrow, Harry L. B.C.E. Hood River, Ore.    
Gearhart, F.C. D.V.M. Manila, P.I.    
Gilbert, P.L. D.V.M. Ottumwa, Iowa    
Grove, Richard A. B.S. in E.E. Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone    
Rule, Ada B.S. 1620 8th Ave. South, Ft. Dodge, Iowa HALLOWELL  
Hamilton, E.W. B.S.A. Moscow, Idaho    
Henninger, C.E. B.C.E.   deceased  
Henningson, H.H. B.S. in E.E. 1305 So. 36th St., Omaha, Nebr.    
Herr, Gertrude A. B.S. Ia. State College, Ames, Iowa   Naught Sevens Making Preparations
Hicks, L.J. B.S. in E.E. 447 Hamilton Ave., Detroit, Mich.    
Howard, Emily Carlotta B.S. Ames, Iowa    
Howard, Hal M. B.C.E. 1010 8th St., Red Oak, Iowa    
Hughes, Jas. R. B.S. in E.E. 1205 W. Governor St., Springfield, Ill.    
Hurd, Elmer B.S. in E.E. Natchez City, Wash.    
Johnston, J.W. B.C.E. 343 So. Dearborn, Fisher Bldg., Chicago, Ill.    
Schaub, Maud B.S. 520 So. Jefferson St., Springfield, Mo. KENNEDY  
King, Peter M. B.M.E.; M.E. 5046 Range View Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.    
Kirkpatrick, Ralph Z. B.C.E.; C.E. Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone    
Kupfer, Carl A. B.S.A. For. Service, San Francisco, Calif.    
Lage, Jno. B.C.E. 806 Curry Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa.    
Landes, Carl C. B.S. in E.E. 33 Fremont Ave., Santa Monica, Calif.    
Packard, Emma B.S. El Centro, Calif. LEONARD  
Dreher, Louise B.S. 820 13th Ave., W. Calgary, Alta. LEWIS  
Mather, Lillian B.S. Clarksville, Iowa LISTER  
Long, Loran B.S.A. Madrid, Iowa    
Ludens, David B.C.E. 1810 N. 16th St., Superior, Wis.    
Lyder, Lewis C. B.M.E. 341 16th Ave., Seattle, Wash.    
Lyman, R.A. B.C.E. Wibaux, Mont. Old address  
Madsen, Ben A. B.S.A. Davis, Calif.    
Madsen, Emma J. B.S. Moscow, Idaho    
Marsh, Frank JR B.C.E. Kalispell, Mont    
Mason, Francis D. B.M.E. Hedrick, Iowa    
Mather, Milo G. B.M.E. Clarksville, Iowa    
Meyling, T.T. B.M.E. 1614 High St., Keokuk, Iowa    
Mills, Marvin A. B.C.E. 1536 Woodland Blvd., Kansas City, Kans.    
Moles, Rob't D. B.C.E. 1600 So. 29th St., Kansas City, Kans.    
Moorehead, J.A. B.S. in E.E. Construction Dept. Gen. Elec.Co., Schenectady, N.Y.    
Moreno, Reuben D.V.M. La Platta, Arg. Rep.    
Morgan, Chas. K. B.C.E. 729 Cornelia Ave., Chicago, Ill.    
Morris, Della B.D.S. El Centro, Calif. JONES  
Morrow, Harry E. B.S.A. Aptdo 26 Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mex.    
Morris, E.L. B.S.A. 409 Federal Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.    
McClean, Geo. T. B.C.E. Astoria, Ore.    
McCullough, G.H. B.C.E. Storm Lake, Iowa    
McConnell, E.K. B.C.E. Marshalltown, Iowa Old address  
McCormick, Chas. M. B.S. in E.E. 1932 18th St., Boulder, Colo.    
McCune, H.A. B.S. in E.E. care Adj. General, Washington, D.C.    
McKinley, Angie B.S. 36 W. Main St., Marshalltown, Iowa    
Pratt, Nellie B.S. 1115 E. Spring St., Seattle, Wash. NASH  
Neely, Jno. B. B.C.E. 510 Oreor-Leslie Bldg., Kansas City, Mo.    
O'Bannion, A.L. D.V.M. Blythe, Calif.    
Packer, Jno. H. B.S.A. New Providence, Iowa    
Packard, W.E. B.S.A. El Centro, Calif.    
Perrin, Arthur C. B.M.E.; E. 707 8th Ave., Spokane, Wash. Old address  
Perry, Henry F. B.S. 326 5th St., Ames, Iowa    
Pettinger, Florence J. B.S. 5419 Univ. Ave., Chicago, Ill.    
Pew, Wm. H. B.S.A. Ames, Iowa   Naught Sevens Making Preparations

Alumni Notes: W.H. Pew (Agr) was in Fort Worth, Texas last month, where he officiated at the National Feeders' and Breeders' Show. He superintended the students 'judging contest and acted as judge of Shorthorn cattle in the show ring.
Porter, Bert G. B.S.A. Sacramento, Calif.    
Rea, Florence J. B.S. Pocatello, Idaho Old address  
Reading, Chas. M. B.S.A. Churdan, Iowa   Alumni Notes: Charles M. Reading (Agr) is engaged in the hardware & implement business at Churdan, Ia.
Remington, B.S. B.C.E. Ft. Francis, Ontario    
Robb, Luella B. B.S. 930 Duff Ave., Ames, Iowa    
Roby, Chas. A. B.C.E. 415 Pine St., Waterloo, Iowa    
Rubel, Walter G. B.M.E. 1413 No. 47th St., Seattle, Wash.    
Rundall, Mabel I. B.S. St. Johns, Ore.    
Sayre, Herbert A. B.M.E.; M.E. 1811 College Ave., Des Moines, Iowa    
Scherling, Gustave J. B.S. in E.E. 400 Montclair St., Detroit, Mich.    
Templeton, Ella B.S. Madrid, Iowa SCHLEGEL Alumni Notes: Ella (Schlegel) Templeton (Sc) writes from Tucson, Az., that they have been enjoying the mild climate of Arizona and find it very beneficial.
Semmons, H.G. B.S. in E.E. 50 Congress St., Boston, Mass.    
Sieben, Ira L. B.S.A. Geneseo, Ill. Old address  
Simpson. H.H. B.S.A. Longmont, Colorado    
Skelley, Frank V. B.S. in E.E. Tri City Ry. Co., Davenport, Iowa    
Skinner, Benj. B. B.C.E. 97 Kenmore Place, Brooklyn, N.Y.    
Smith, Earle D. B.S.A. Maxwell, Iowa    
Snaveley, Wm. A. B.S. in E.E. 402 Frasch St., San Antonio, Texas    
Snyder, Davis C. B.S. Center Point, Iowa    
Soukup, Edw. B.S. in E.E. 518 B. Ave. West, Cedar Rapids, Iowa    
Stahl, Chas. J. B.S. in E.E. 138 So. 10th St., Lincoln, Nebr.    
Stange, C.H. D.V.M. Station A., Ames, Iowa    
Stanton, Edgar W. JR B.C.E. Gridley, Calif.    
Stuart, Walter C. D.V.M. West Union, Iowa    
Stuhr, Walter B.S. Chicago, Ill.    
Taylor, Paul P. D.V.M. not given    
Todnem, Oscar H. B.E. in E.E. Box 641, Morenci, Ariz.    
Trotter, Leonard E. B.S. in E.E. 1877 E. 75th St., Cleveland, Ohio    
Tunis, Fred L. B.S. in E.E. 310 Trenton Ave.,Wilkinsburg, Pa.    
Uhl, Willard F. B.S. in E.E. Room 902 Elec. Ry. Chambers, Winnipeg, Man    
Wallis, Roland S. B.S. in E.E. 618 North St., Ames, Iowa   Alumni Notes: R.S. Wallis (CE), assistant professor in Civil Engineering at Ames, is the happy father of a son, born last month. Mrs. Wallis will be remembered as Glendora Bryant, Ex-'09.
Walters, Delphine Blanche B.S. Ogden, Utah    
Walters, Howard L. B.S. in E.E. 7330 Dante St., Chicago, Ill.    
Warren, Carroll I. B.C.E. Lock Box 612, Duluth, Minn.    
Watters, Vernon G. B.C.E. Live Oak, Fla.    
Wentworth, E.N. B.S.A.; M.S. Manhattan, Kans.    
Whallon, Paul B.S. in E.E.   deceased  
Whitacre, H.D. B.S. in E.E. 308 E. 2nd St., Tucson, Ariz.    
White, Fred R. B.C.E. Ames, Iowa    
Whitehead, D.V. B.C.E. 3213 Minnehaha Ave., Minneaolis, Minn. Old address  
Willits, Earl V. B.S.A. R.F.D. No. 1, Union, Iowa    
Wilson, Louis A. B.C.E. Sibley, Iowa    
Wilson, Milburn L. B.S.A. Fallon, Mont. Old address  
Winkelhaus, L.C. B.C.E. Room 908, 226 W. Jackson Blvd. Chicago, Ill.    
Woodruff, Jno. D. B.S.   deceased  
Wood, Jas. F. B.S. in E.E. Box 415, Juneau, Alaska    
Barr, Marion (Mrs.) none 1131 25th St., Des Moines, Iowa Ex-student  
Bassett, Jerone S. none Fredrica Hotel, Little Rock, Ark. Ex-student  
Blanchard, Frank T. none Albion, Iowa Ex-student  
Bobst, Alfred E. none Gen. Elec. Co., Schenectady, N.Y. Ex-student  
Brown, W.E. none Fairbury, Nebr. Ex-student  
Byam, C.Y. none Hubbard, Iowa Ex-student  
Maharg, Mary none Audubon, Iowa Ex-student; DAVENPORT  
Dillon, Sidney F. none Red Oak, Iowa Ex-student  
Draper, Jas. F. none Rutland, Iowa Ex-student  
Gearhart, Frank B. none Box 1362, Manila, P.I. Ex-student  
Gleim, Chas. D. none Arlington, Iowa Ex-student  
Young, Florence none Rolfe, Iowa Ex-student; GRANT  
Hubbard, Henry A. none Ranier, Minn. Ex-student  
Houston, Clark none Columbus Jct., Iowa Ex-student  
Mueller, Ernest W. none Van Meter, Iowa Ex-student  
McMillan, J.B. none Rock Rapids, Iowa Ex-student  
Naylor, Erwin C. none Elk River, Minn. Ex-student  
Naylor, Nellie M. none Ames, Iowa Ex-student  
Paine, Raymond S. none Goldfield, Iowa Ex-student  
Pitts, Gideon S. none Taopi, Minn. Ex-student  
Ogden, Lena none 1024 No. 33d St., Omaha, Nebr. Ex-student; POTTER  
Richie, R.W. none Allerton, Iowa Ex-student  
Robertson, Ralph D. none 2626 Benvenue Ave., Berkeley, Calif. Ex-student  
Scantlebury, Ed. C. none Hampton, Iowa Ex-student  
Smith, Laura E. none Avoca, Iowa Ex-student  
Smith, S.L. none Prairiesburg, Iowa Ex-student  
Stevenson, Chas. W. none Smith Creek, Mich. Ex-student  
Stuhler, Kate none Monticello, Iowa Ex-student  
Douglass, Grace none Tecumseh, Nebr. Ex-student; TINSLEY  
Lorenzen, Winifred none Gilmore, Iowa Ex-student; VanALSTINE  
Miller, Florence none 1313 Tuam, Houston, Tex Ex-student; VORSE  
White, Eugene A. none 418 No. Cheyenne, Tacoma, Wash. Ex-student  


General Transcription notes
~Transcribed by Sharyl Ferrall for the IAGenWeb Iowa History Project
1) The Alumnus of Iowa State College; Alumni Directory, June, 1914, Vol. IX, No. 9
2) The Alumnus of Iowa State College, April, 1917, Vol XII, No. 7

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