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A Glimpse of Iowa in 1846
By John B. Newhall

Pages 60-69

Page 67.



     Burlington is a place of important trade, handsomely situated upon the west bank of the Mississippi river, being 1,429 miles above the city of New Orleans, 248 above St. Louis, and 80 miles below Rock Island.

     Burlington was the first seat of government after the organization of the territory of Iowa, and is the seat of justice for the county of Des Moines. It is under the municipal regulations of a city charter which authorizes the election of a mayor and six aldermen annually, and contains a population of upwards of 3,000 inhabitants. The view of the city, as presented from the opposite shore, or in ascending or descending the Mississippi, is extremely picturesque. The main part of the city is situated within an amphitheatre, formed by the surrounding hills, but the buildings are rapidly extending over these eminences and sloping declivities, and the neat white residences, frequently interspersed with spacious structures of


Page 68.

brick, rising above each other in each succeeding street, form a striking contrast with the forest crowned hills with which the whole is encompassed.

     The location of Burlington will always command a great and increasing trade; its position is such as to render it not only the great depository for a wide extent of the finest agricultural portion of Iowa, but also much of that fertile portion of Illinois embraced in the counties of Warren, Henderson, and Knox.

     Burlington is the residence of the Executive and Chief Justice of the territory of Iowa; contains many spacious warehouses and mercantile establishments, several churches and spacious hotels, one of which (the Barret House) would do honor to any city west of the Alleghanies.


     There are five tri-weekly mails that arrive and depart from Burlington-viz; to Peoria, Illinois; continuing east to Dubuque, via Bloomington and Davenport; to Fort Madison and Keokuk, continuing to St. Louis; one to Macomb and Rushville, continuing to Springfield, Illinois; also to Mt. Pleasant and Fairfield, continuing to Oskaloosa and Ottumwa.




     Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Produce, &c.

W.F. Coolbaugh & Co., Jefferson st.

J.B. Campbell, Jefferson st.

Wesley Jones, Jefferson st.

J. Fullerton, Jefferson st.

Copp & Parsons, Jefferson st.

Thomas Hedge, Jefferson st.

A.S. Shackford, Jefferson st.

J.G. Lauman, Water st.

B.T. David, Jefferson st.

J.S. Kimball & Co., Water, cor. of Jefferson st.

Wm. Garrett & Co., cor of Main and Jefferson st.

S.P. Lindemuth, Water st.

J.C. Partridge, Jefferson st.

Fear & Ralston, Water st

D.M. Ewing & Co., Jefferson st.

Luke Palmer, Main st.

Robert Armstrong, Jefferson st.

J. Pilger, Main st.

Wm. Mauro, Jefferson st.

__ Swan, Jefferson st.


Boat Stores.- S. & P. Lindemuth, Water st.; B.T. David, do.
     Druggists and Apothecaries.- C.W. Bodeman, S.M' Clendenin, J.F. Tallant.
     Watches and Jewelry.- A.W. Carpenter, G.H. Walden.
     Periodical Depot.- J.F. Tallant.
     Books and Stationery.- Wm. B. Skillman, Barret House.


     Printing Offices.- Iowa Territorial Gazette, (Dem.,) published on Saturdays, by Thurston & Tizzard; the Hawk Eye, (Whig,) published every Thursday- Edward & Broadwell, editors and proprietors.
     Stoves, Castings, Tin, &c.- John G. Foot, S.A. Hudson, Prugh & Cook.
     Burlington Foundry.-Hendrie & Foot.
     Shoe and Leather Dealers.- R.S. Adams. S. Van Dusen &Co.
     Saddle and Harness makers.- J.K. Field, H.B. Ware, George Armstrong.
     Steam Flouring Mill.- Walker & Co.
     Grocery and Provision Stores.- J.S. Schram, ____ Seargant, _____ Richey, P. Krichbaum, F. Eheman, &c.
     Coffee Houses.- Main Street House, Peter Rotharmel; Eclipse House, G.H. Marlow; Burlington Coffee House, Thomas Kitchen; The Arcade, Wallace Wightman.
     Gun and White Smith- D.S. Ebersol- also Manufacturer of County Seals and County Seal Presses.
     Shoe Manufacturers.- Oliver Cock, F.H. Fahling, L.P. Reed, B. Bamford, Jacob Dewein.
     Manufacturers of French Burr Milestones.- Lance & Ray.
     Coach Factory - Corse & Harriman.
     Furniture Warehouse, Cabinet Makers, &c. - Barker & Wait, Isaac Dewein, Bardruff & Withroe, Jas. Lochridge, Francis Bercht.
     Blacksmiths.- Thomas M'Cray, ___ King, C.H. Hawkins, Peter Funk, Wm. Vernon, Jas. Golden.
     Coopers.- Wm. Keelar, P. Kriechbaum, M'Creary.
     Stone Cutters.- Yates & Scott, Kane & Scott, Wm. Jones, Matthis Bartcher.
     Steam Saw Mill.- Jas. McKell.
     Butchers & Meat Markets.- Wilhelm & Coonrod.
     Tailoring Establishments.- M. Olmstead, Geo. Blickhahn, Geo. Temple, C.H. Miller, D.J. Sales, Helm & Thompson, John Buel, E.D. Morgan, Cook & Brockliss.
     Dyer. - J. Lawrence.
     Cigar Manufactories.- L. Teuscher, John Ghangenon.
     Livery Stables. - McCallon, Corse & Co., W.D. McCash.
     Vinegar Manufactory. - J.S. Schram.
     Ice Cream Saloons. - W. Whightman, M. Ritchey.
     Hotels.- Barret House, J.C. Fletcher, Western Hotel, M. Perkins; City Hotel, ___; American House, Thos. Sperry; Eagle Tavern, ___.

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