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The following people are willing to lookup information in the records which they have access to.   If you have any records that you could look up information and wish to volunteer, please contact the county coordinator. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated!

When asking for someone to look up something for you, please observe these guidelines:

  • Limit your request to 1 or 2 specific names.

  • Provide as much appropriate information as you know -- names, dates, places, relationships.

  • Be patient, these people are volunteers and may not always be able to respond to your request immediately. And, please, don't forget to thank the volunteer for their time and effort.

"Record of Heirs & Estates of Descedents" The index page has been transcribed. There is lookup information available on the page for these records.

Pat White has volunteered to lookup Cemetery Records.  The cemeteries were transcribed in the 1980's and are bound books in the library.  All she asks in return is a donation to the Henry County Heritage Trust or to your local historical society.
Joan Achille has access to an 1888 Henry County, Iowa Portrait and Biographical Album and has volunteered to look up these biographies if you let her know the person's name and their spouse's name. Sometimes information is found on the spouse's page. Contact: Joan Achille at: joanach@wayfarer1.com
QUAKER RECORDS: Sara Kidd will also do lookups in: "The William Wade Hinshaw Iowa Quaker Meeting Records, Vol. VII" Selby Publishing, 1991. It contains records for the Salem MM with Births, Deaths, Minutes, and Womens' Minutes starting from 1838 through 1934. Please only request one name or couple at a time.
Quaker Records Lookup sarajkidd@yahoo.com  
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You're encouraged to post your queries and look-up requests on the Henry County Queries Board. 

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