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Drawn by Augustus Koch

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"Original owned by Henry County Heritage Trust, scanned and digitized courtesy of P.E.O.

International in appreciation for usage in its upcoming sesquicentennial pictorial history book"

Due to the size of the original image, it has been downsized in order for it to be displayed here.

The following is the numbered legend Augustus Koch used. Each is linked to a close up of that building/area.

  1 Methodist Episcopal
  2 Congregational
  3 Presbyterian
  4 Baptist
  5 Methodist Episcopal
  6 U.S. Presbyterian
  7 Universalist
  8 Methodist Episcopal
  9 Christian
10 German Presbyterian
11 Catholic
12 St. Michael Episcopal
13 Seventh day Baptists
14 Public School
15 Public School
16 Court House
17 Hospital for the Insane

18 Female Seminary
19 Howes' Seminary
20 Iowa Wesleyan University
21 Brazelton House
22 Wiggins House
23 City Hotel
24 Skating Rink
25 J.R. Gilchrist Lightning Rod Factory
26 SHLZ&BROS Plow & Wagon Factory
27 Excelsior Mills
28 Wool Factory
29 Passenger Depot
30 Freight Depot
31 Cattle Yard
32 City Brewery
33 Fair Ground
34 Cemetery

The sketches of the individual buildings along the bottom of the map can be seen individually below:

Brazelton House Carriage Manufactory Baptist Church Iowa State Hospital for the Insane
Lightning Rod Factory Excelsior Mills Public School Iowa Wesleyan University

Thank you Pat White for this wonderful contribution!

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