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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

Probate Index

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The courthouse charges by the page for Probate copies.
Some Probates are very long making them expensive.
For copies of Probates, please contct the Logan County
Courthouse, Clerk's office.
Website: http://www.harrisoncountyia.org/


1 - The Clerks started noting the years on the lines of the index in 1920. When no year is noted it means the Probate was filed before 1920. Year noted is not necessarily the year of death.

2 - Many names are misspelled on the original index. The names were transcribed as they are listed. Researchers should check all possible alternate spellings.

3 - To easily locate a name on the original index use the Docket and Page numbers to search for the Probate in question. The Docket was the only field that the transcriber could consistently read clearly. Please notify the transcriber of any errors found so that they may be corrected on this database.

4 - Notes about type of probate were made by the Clerk's Notes - "Can't read" and "Case# btwn" were made by the transcriber.

5 - Any errors made by the transcriber were unintentional. The copies of the Probate Index this was transcribed from were sometimes very difficult to read. I did my best to make this a good tool for researchers.

Transcribed by and copyright 2002-2015 Vicki King