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Pioneer Histories of Harris Grove 1851-1861
Written in 1920 by H. H. McKenney
Pages 66-69

George Henry LONGMAN was born in a log house built by his father, Alfred LONGMAN, on Sec. 13, LaGrange Township, April 7, 1855. When six months old, they moved to the J. B. MCCURLEY farm in Sec. 30, Jefferson Township, where they lived for six years, and in July, 1861, started for Salt Lake with a band of Iowans, comprising fifty-two wagons drawn by two to four yoke of oxen, making a real train of them. The journey across the plains occupied three months and was enlivened for a small lad with tales of Indians, and Indians on every hand, but the long days of traveling and the nights spent in the open were passed in safety. The next spring the family decided to move on to the West Coast and started out again, this time with horse and mule teams. They reached Chico, in the Sacramento Valley, in the summer of 1862, and going up the valley ten miles stayed over winter farming a small patch of land. Late in 1863 they left the Valley, and going to San Francisco started on their homeward trip, sailing on the St. Louis as far as the Isthmus of Panama, where Mr. LONGMAN saw, and rode on his first railroad train, the road just having been completed.

They took the boat again for New York, and from there they traveled by train to Eddyville, Iowa, the western terminus of the railroad at the time, thence by stage to Council Bluffs, and on back to the same farm they left three years before.

His wanderings over, he settled down to farm life, and attended school at Harmony between cropping seasons. He married Margaret E. JOHNSON December 9, 1880, at Council Bluffs. She was a daughter of Archibald and Olive JOHNSON, was born near Des Moines, Iowa, and came to Magnolia with her family in 1860, and two years later to the old JOHNSON home near the mouth of Harris Grove Creek. She received her education at Harmony, and some time at Oskaloosa College, teaching for seven terms and attending college between at times.

Spending a year or two on the LONGMAN farm, they bought and established a home on the E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 8, LaGrange Township, where they lived for thirty-two years, disposing of the farm in 1914, moving to Bethany, Nebr., where they now reside. In September of that year they entertained the Harris Grove Farmers' Club at their Bethany home, or such portion as could drive in rather inauspicious weather. In 1915, feeling that Bethany would be their home; they resigned membership in the club, retaining an active interest in all its activities, and from time to time attending its meetings.

Mrs. LONGMAN is a graceful writer, and at times the poetic muse prompts her to compose meritorious little gems.

Their children:
Effie May
Daisy Olive
Benjamin H.
William Henry married Ruth M. QUILAN.
Archie MCDONALD married Hildred JOHNSON
Leslie Hugh

Caroline WILKINS, a daughter of Thomas and Caroline WILKINS was born in England, March 7, 1847, coming to this country with her parents in 1853 and to the Grove in 1855, where she spent her girlhood days. The greater part of her education was obtained at a log schoolhouse on the DICKINSON farm in Union Township, which school was nicknamed "Raglan University."

She married Addison YOUNG April 2, 1862. Mr. YOUNG was born in Indiana Dec.9, 1840, and came with his parents, David and Sally YOUNG, to this county with ox team and covered wagon, and settled in Elk Grove, Sec. 21, Jefferson Township, very early. He attended school as circumstances permitted. After their marriage they lived three years with his parents. In 1866 they moved to the James LUSK farm and from there to the James DUNGAN farm, where they remained fourteen years. From there they moved to Missouri Valley where they spent four years, then moved to Logan, where they spent the remainder of their eventful and useful lives.

Mrs. YOUNG passed November 5, 1904, and Mr. YOUNG in 1912.

Their children:
Ella E. married James W. COX.
Thomas L. married Nancy ERVIN, and Lida BRIGGS.
George H. married Inez GRAYBILL.
Edwin L. married Hattie PIERCE.
Nellie L. married James OWENS.
Edith L. married Hiram TRIPP.
Homer never married.
Maud never married.
Loraine married Guy TROWBRIDGE.

Albert F. VANDERHOOF, a son of David B. and Dorcas Howard VANDERHOOF was born in Cass County, Michigan, April 4, 1852. Came with the family to Harris Grove in the fall of that year. The family returned to Michigan for a few years, and then returned to the farm in LaGrange Township. He grew to manhood in the Grove, attending the public schools. He has never married. Has been a resident of Wyoming for many years, engaged in the sheep industry.

Clara M. VANDERHOOF, daughter of David B. and Dorcas Howard VANDERHOOF was born in Cass County, Michigan, coming with her family to the Grove on their return from Michigan in 1864. Her education was received in the Mt. Vernon and Harris Grove schools, with one term at Logan High School. At the age of 17 she obtained a teacher's certificate from J. D. HORNBY, then County Superintendent. Her first experience as a teacher was at Mt. Hope, in Union Township, at $25.00 per month. A few men who have risen to prominence received their first instruction from her. She followed teaching for eight years, when on account of failing strength she left the profession for that of seamstress, which she pursued until August 28, 1888, the date of her marriage to Count P. LOSEY, who was born in Morrowtown, Ohio, in 1852.

When a boy, Mr. LOSEY moved to Indiana with his family, and then to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At sixteen years of age he moved to Mt. Vernon, where at Cornell College, he finished his education. At his mother's death he struck out for himself and took a course in embalming. Went to West Liberty, Iowa, where he worked in a furniture store several years, moving to Missouri Valley prior to their marriage. They lived for a time in the Valley, thence to Webster City and to Dunlap, where he was engaged in the furniture and undertaking business until his death March 3, 1908. Since the death of Mr. LOSEY, the subject of this sketch has made her home at Woodbine, Logan, Missouri Valley, and is now in Omaha.

Samuel DEFOREST was born in Harris Grove in a cabin on the NW 1/4 of Sec. 12, LaGrange Township, Dec. 21, 1856. His education was limited, his father dying when he was ten years old. At the age of 17 he began work on the railroad, and has followed this avocation up to this time. He is now employed in the freight department of the Milwaukee at Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

In 1885 at Council Bluffs, he was married to Mary NEVILLS of Big Rock, Iowa. She died in 1906. The children living are: Bert, Kate, James, Charles and Pearl.

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