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Pioneer Histories of Harris Grove 1851-1861
Written in 1920 by H. H. McKenney
Pages 63-66

Marilda Jane PATTON daughter of C. M. PATTON, was born in West Va. August 28, 1855, and came to the Grove with her family in 1857. She moved with the family to Magnolia Township in 1865, receiving her education in the common schools, and at Magnolia High School. Married Wm. B. DUNN March 15, 1877. Mr. DUNN was born in New York September 16, 1848, and came to Delaware County, Iowa, in early boyhood, and after several years to this county, 1870. After their marriage they moved to near Kirwin, Phillips County, Kansas, returning in the fall of 1880 to this county, buying a farm adjoining her father's farm, on which they lived. In 1900 moved to a farm joining the village of Woodbine, remaining there until the death of her husband April 15, 1914, and disposing of this home moved to Omaha, Nebr., 4317 Barker Ave., where she still resides.

Their children:
Edith Mabel never married.
Herbert Roy married Edna M. EVANS.
Anna Blanche married Ralph C. WATKINS.
Nellie Beryl never married.

Sylvester K. CARD son of Rev. Kirkland CARD, and Polly CARD, was born in Cass Township in this county, March 30, 1856, moved to STICKLEY Mills, Shelby County, in 1859, and to REEDER's Mill in 1860. In 1863 returned to the farm in Cass Township, and in 1865 moved to Whitesboro, where he lived with his parents until May 5, 1880, from which date until October following he was employed by the C. & N. W. Railway Co., and then worked for Wm. ERVIN on a farm in the Grove, where he remained until February 27, 1883, the date of his marriage to Elizabeth ERVIN BOSTIC. She was born in West Va. April 4, 1856, and came to the Grove with her parents, Wm. and Margaret ERVIN, in the fall of 1856 and lived with them until her marriage to Jos. BOSTIC in 1878, at Whitesboro; they moved to Saunders County, Nebraska, and made their home until the death of Mr. BOSTIC, when she returned to Whitesboro and again made her home with her parents until her marriage to Mr. CARD. They took charge of the CARD farm, where they lived until 1890 when they moved to Logan. Mr. CARD worked two years with the Bridge and Building Department of the C. & N. W. Railway. Co., transferred to track department until 1899, at which date he engaged with his brother in the butcher business in Logan, until July, 1912, when he returned to the track department of the Illinois Central Railway and still on that job until his death, March, 1924.

Their children:
Osman married Mabel DAY.
Eva married Jos. MITCHELL
Irene married Wm. MYER
Bert married Maude ARMSTRONG.

Nelson F. PATTON was born at Harris Grove, Iowa, July 26, 1860. In the spring of 1864 moved with his parents to a farm in Taylor Township, and in 1865 to Magnolia Township. He received the greater part of his education in rural schools in District No. 4 Magnolia. December 29, 1892, was married to Anna L. GEITH. She was born in Lancaster County, Penn. January 22, 1861, and in 1864 came to Calhoun Township in the county. He bought a farm in Section 11, township of Magnolia, where they lived until 1900. Mr. PATTON passed away April 11,1901. His son, Ralph E., married Lillian BENNING.

William Douglas ARMSTRONG, son of Harvey and Virginia ARMSTRONG, was born in Six Mile Grove in Jefferson Township August 21, 1860. He came to Harris Grove with his parents when about three years old, where he grew to manhood and received his education. September 29, 1880, he was united in marriage with Annie WILKINS, a daughter of Thomas and Caroline WILKINS, who was born December 27, 1864, at Council Bluffs. When two years of age she came with her parents to REEDER's Mill, where she received her education and resided for fifty-nine years. After their marriage they lived on a farm until 1883, when Mr. ARMSTRONG bought the James HANER store at REEDER's Mill, where he has been actively engaged in merchandise for forty years, being post master as long as an office was maintained there, being discontinued when the rural free delivery, after three years of service, determined the Government to discontinue the office.

Mr. ARMSTRONG's wit and genius in ad writing has attracted attention beyond the county or even state. No children has blessed this hospitable home.

Mary Alice PATTON, a daughter of C. M. PATTON, was born in Virginia prior to their coming to Iowa, September 9, 1853, the date of her birth. She came with her family to this county in the spring of 1857, first at Magnolia and thence to the Grove on November 1, 1857, her home being here until 1865. During the residence in the grove she attended school at the DAKAN school and at Mt. Vernon school. She moved with her father's family to Taylor Township in 1864, and to Magnolia Township in 1865, finishing her education at the Magnolia High School. She taught several terms of school with marked success, and until her untimely death, which occurred at the PATTON home December 22, 1873. One of the sweetest and most refined spirits that ever blessed this earth.

Claiborne F. JOHNSON, a son of Archibald JOHNSON, was born near Des Moines, Iowa, March 7, 1856, and in 1860 came with his family to Magnolia, where they lived on a farm in one of the pioneer log cabins for two years, when they moved to the JOHNSON farm on Harris Grove Creek, in Jefferson Township, in Section 36, Twp. 70, Range 43, Council Bluffs being the market town when they moved there.

Many times in accompanying his father, hauling bacon and produce to the market, it was common occurrence for them to see deer and wolves in crossing the open prairie on the way. He received his education in the rural schools.

In March, 1882, he married Miss Minnie TOWNSEND of Central City, Colo. After their marriage they moved to a farm home on NW 1/4 of Sec. 32, where Mr. JOHNSON has always been engaged in farming and stock raising. One son, Robert Bruce, lived but a few months. Mrs. JOHNSON died December 1895.

On August 30, 1905, ten years subsequent to this sad event, Mr. JOHNSON was again married, to Miss Nellie FOOTE, who was born in Wisconsin February 3, 1877. She came with her parents, F. A. FOOTE and There RUGG FOOTE. Graduating from the Logan High School, she became a successful teacher in the public schools for six years. To better enjoy life they moved to Logan in 1918.

Anna L. PATTON was born in Harris Grove Oct. 16, 1863, the daughter of C. M. PATTON. She received her education in the rural school district No. 4 in Magnolia Township, and at Logan, and later at the State Normal School at Cedar Falls, IA.

She was married to Rev. Geo. H. MAIN, Dec. 23, 1886. Mr. MAIN was born in this county March 14, 1861, and was educated in the public schools and at Evanston, Illinois. After their marriage he filled an appointment at Pender, Nebraska, later as District Superintendent living at Central City until Mrs. Main's death in January 1912. Mr. MAIN is one of the strong ministers of the M. E. church.

Children: Edna Ruth, Dorothy Ellen.

Maggie E. PATTON was born in the Grove April 28, 1859, moving with her family to Taylor Township in 1864, and to Magnolia Township in 1865, receiving her education in District No. 4 in Latter Township, at the High School in Magnolia, and later at State Normal at Cedar Falls, and taught several terms of school.

She was married to Frank E. STEPHENS October 25, 1882, at Council Bluffs. He was born in Indiana June 26, 1855, receiving his education at Magnolia and Iowa City. After their marriage they moved to Shenandoah, Iowa, and later to Omaha, living there a few years, then moving to Yutan Valley in the Platte Valley, Saunders County, Nebr., and lived there until Mr. STEPHENS' death September 24, 1897, when Mrs. STEPHENS moved to Greenville, Illinois, where she still resides.

One son, Harold E., married Ethel BLAKELY.

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