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Pioneer Histories of Harris Grove 1851-1861
Written in 1920 by H. H. McKenney
Pages 59-63

Claudius Townsend MCKENNEY Claudius Townsend MCKENNEY was born in Cass County, Michigan, August 23, 1846, and came to the Grove with his parents, Michael I. and Eliza MCKENNEY, in November, 1851.

His education was obtained during winter terms of school at LINNWOOD and the summer months were spent learning the science of farming and care of stock. He worked some by the month and rented land, and was successful in his business undertakings. He was married to Alice CULTON, December 19, 1875, who was born December 12, 1858, in Illinois, and came to the Grove with her parents, Thomas A. CULTON, and Hannah Jane UPDYKE CULTON in 1866. She was a student at the BAUGHN School, at REEDER's Mill, finishing at Logan in the high school.

They built a home on the south half of SE 1/4, Sec. 12, LaGrange Township, the land being a part of the Michael MCKENNEY estate, to which they added as the years passed. They were members of the Farmers' Club. Mrs. MCKENNEY was a earnest worker in the church. Mr. MCKENNEY died August 9, 1893. Mrs. MCKENNEY with her four sons continued to live on the farm until September 20, 1905, at which date she was married to Charles S. BROWN, and moved to Joplin, Missouri, where she lived until the death of Mr. BROWN, which happened accidentally August 14, 1909, and after this sad event she returned to Logan where she lived until 1912, when she went to Pisgah in Jackson Township and made her home with her son, Claude, and wife until her death November 26, 1920.

Their children:
George T. married Ella FLAHARTY
Jessie R. married Etta COPPLE
Ira married Clara BAKER
Claude T. married Ethel MOODY

Sarah Jane PARKIN was born in West Va. March 10, 1847. In 1857 she came with her parents to Harris Grove, receiving her education at the DAKAN School. She helped her mother at the loom and housework and at the farm chores, as did most of the girls of that period. She became the wife of Edwin P. MCINTYRE December 25, 1871. He was born in Granby, Oswego County, New York; went with his parents to Michigan in 1847. When 21 years of age he came to Harris Grove and worked at farm work. After marriage they bought a home in the SE 1/4 of Sec. 7, Union Twp., where Mrs. MCINTYRE died August 31, 1886.

Their children:
Lizzie May married James D. POORE
Frederick P. married Elizabeth CONIN

Mary PERRY was born in Harris Grove April 1, 1854, where she grew to womanhood, receiving her education in the public schools, and married Cyrus S. PARKER March 18, 1875. Mr. PARKER was born in Cass County, Michigan, in October, 1853, and came with his parents to Iowa in 1865. Mr. and Mrs. PARKER lived on a farm a year, then moved to Logan, where he was engaged in mercantile business with the firm of HULL & PARKER Bros. About 1880 they moved to Council Bluffs, where he was mail carrier for several years. In 1886 they moved to Nance County, Nebr., where they engaged in ranching for a time and from there they moved to Fullerton, Nebr., where he was post master until the Spanish war, when he commenced work for the government in the Commissary Department on a ship on the Pacific, crossing the ocean twenty-two times, making stops at Honolulu, Japan, China, and on down to the Philippines. In 1903 they moved to western Washington, and in 1907 to eastern Washington, where they engaged in farming. In 1911 they came back to Iowa and lived on the PERRY farm until 1920, when they moved back to Washington, where they located on a small ranch near Everett, where Mr. PARKER died April 26, 1921.

Their children:
W. Guy married Hannah SIMPSON
Mary Olive married Hugh C. DENKMAN
Winifred G.
Ernest C. married Bessie KYLE
John B. married Agnes WHITE
Grace M. married James MCGIVERS
Isaac Roswell

Austin Neel PATTON was born in Harris Grove November 27, 1857, in a log cabin that stood on the northeast corner of Lot 18, Sec. 2, LaGrange Twp. In the spring of 1864 he moved with his parents to Section 18, Taylor Twp. for a year, thence in 1865 to Magnolia Township, on Sec. 14; in 1866 he moved to a farm in Section 11. He received his education in the public school, Dist. 4, Magnolia Twp.

He married Lettie R. GEITH March 3, 1885, who was born in Lancaster County, Penn., August 15, 1863. In the year 1868 she came with her family to Calhoun Twp. in this county. After their marriage they moved to a farm in Sec. 11, Magnolia Twp. and in 1892 to a farm in Section 12, in same Twp., where they still reside.

Their children:
Roy E. married Ruth I. BOLCH
Lester J. married Lena W. NEUMOLLER
Ada M. married LeRoy S. SNYDER
Lulu M. married Mark G. SEELEY
Joy F.
Jennie M.

Ann E. MCKENNEY was born in Cass County, Michigan, January 14, 1849. She came with her parents, Michael I., and Eliza MCKENNEY to the Grove in November, 1851. She received the greater part of her education at LINNWOOD. After her father's death she lived with her mother until July 18, 1867, the day of her marriage to Lorenzo Dow PARKER, who was born in Ohio February 11, 1835. In Early boyhood he moved to Cass County, Michigan, where he lived until 1863, when he came to Tama County, Iowa.

In the fall of 1865 he left Tama County for Harris Grove, arriving there in October. In November he traded the span of horses and wagon that he drove from Tama County to Wm. TOWNSEND, for E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 32, Jefferson Township in this county. After their marriage they built a home on this land and lived there several years, selling to Albert VANDUSEN, and buying S 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec. 20 in same Township, where Mr. PARKER died March 10, 1886.

Ann MCKENNEY PARKER died in Salem, Oregon, December 13, 1894, while she and her mother were visiting Dr. Ephraim T. MCKENNEY and other relatives.

Their Children:
Elva A. married James T. FRAZIER
Thomas S. married Hannabell PRATT
Mark I. married Christina NEWMAN
Blanche E. married James L. COWAN

Edwin D. MCKENNEY, eldest son of John A. and Clarissa MCKENNEY, was born on MCKENNEY's Prairie, Cass County, Michigan, October 17, 1844, and came with the family to the Grove in November, 1851. He obtained his education in the schools of the Grove, some of first being subscription school, the teachers boarding around among the patrons.

In 1864 he went to Guthrie County, Iowa, and worked in Lonsdale Woolen Mills, where he enlisted in Co. H. 15th Iowa Volunteers, and marched with Sherman to the Sea. At the conclusion of the war he returned to Harris Grove, where he and Thomas REED purchased the DYE saw mill. Disposing of his interest in the mill he took up carpentering and the study of medicine under the tutelage of Dr. D. M. HALL. On February 15, 1870, he married Josepha LOTT, who was born at BENSON's Mill, seven miles east of Kanesville. December 17, 1848, she came with her mother to this county for a short visit, and again in 1853, making their home near Jeddo, where she grew to womanhood. She attended the public schools and became an efficient teacher. She was employed for a time in the WALLY & YIESLEY Woolen Mill at Woodbine. In September 1872, this couple in a covered wagon drawn by oxen, moved to Valley County, Nebraska, where they settled on and improved a homestead, where they lived until 1880 when they moved to Ord, in said county, the county seat. During their stay in Ord, MCKENNEY attended a medical college at Des Moines, Iowa, receiving there from a diploma.

Returning to Ord he began the practice of medicine, which became his life work. They moved to Eugene, Oregon, where they resided twenty years, then moving to Union, Oregon, where they are living in the sunset of life. Their children: Louis, Nellie, and Laura, all victims of scarlet fever.

Margaret J. PERRY was born in West Va. March 13, 1852, and came with her parents, Ezra and Elizabeth PERRY, overland to Harris Grove in 1853, living with them until she grew to womanhood, receiving her education in the public schools of that period. November 2, 1876, she was married to James K. DEYO, who was born in New York, and came to Iowa in 1868. Mr. DEYO was a veteran of the civil war, Co. C, 61st N.Y. Infantry. After their marriage they lived many years on farms, first in Iowa, then Kansas, then back to Iowa, and moving to Logan in 1894. About 1900 they loaded up the children and household goods and proceeded in pioneer way to Park Rapids, Minnesota, where they lived until their failing heath, when they bought a home in Akeley, Minn., where they lived until January 15, 1917, the date of Mr. DEYO's passing; since this sad event Mrs. DEYO has made her home with a daughter, at Fort Madison, Iowa.

Their Children:
Bessie married John H. SMITH
Mary married Archie JAMES
Myrtle married Edward DEVORE

John Alexander ORR was born July 25, 1851, in Ohio and came with his parents to Harris Grove in 1860. After his arrival he attended school in winter terms, helping his father at the farm work during the summer and later assisting in the buying and selling of live stock. In 1872 he went with his parents to HARDINDALE farm in Pottawattamie County, where he was married to Ellen J. CROSSLEY January 4, 1876. She was born in Lincolnshire, England, June 26, 1849, and with her parents, William and Susan HAND CROSSLEY, came to Iowa in 1852 and settled near Kanesville, where she resided until her marriage. She was educated in the City schools of Council Bluffs. Soon after their marriage they moved to LaGrange Township and built up a home just west of the Grove in Section 5, where Mr. ORR engaged in farming and the rearing of pure bred stock, and was the first exhibitor of the Duroc hog at our county fair. Some of the farmers accused him of painting them red. He died October 5, 1882.

After this sorrow, Mrs. ORR took the management of the farm, which she executed with great success, and later on with the help of her sons became the owner of 1,300 acres of land on which they built a modern dwelling, an up to date barn and farm buildings. In 1917 she went to California to assist in the care of her son's wife, Wm. ORR, during her long illness, and final passage into rest. She was for many years an active member of the Harris Grove Farmers' Club, resigning in 1917.

William L. married Josephine JOHNSON
Bruce A. married Eva M. POORE

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