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Pioneer Histories of Harris Grove 1851-1861
Written in 1920 by H. H. McKenney
Pages 42-51

William ERVIN was born May 5, 1825, in Rocky Point, Virginia, where he grew to manhood. He was married to Margaret PAXTON LYDIC, May 17, 1855. She was born in Lynchburg, VA, August 2, 1839.

In the fall of 1856 they came to Iowa, and settled in Harris Grove, living for a time on the Michael ROGERS, Wm. N. PERRY, and Curd GOSS farms and later they moved to Magnolia, from Magnolia to a home on Lots 9 and 10 in Sec. 4, LaGrange Township, disposing of this home in 1882, they moved to Whitesboro in Jefferson Township, and later moved to the IDE farm in Harris Grove, and moving back to Whitesboro, where Mr. ERVIN died suddenly, on Jan. 3, 1889. Mr. ERVIN was a trusty rifle shot, and in the pioneer butchering bee, was always on hand to drop the pigs, without a squeal.

Mrs. ERVIN later moved to Logan and made her home with a daughter, Mrs. Sylvester CARD, until Jan. 22nd, 1921, the date of her death.

Elizabeth married Jos. BOSTIC; Sylvester K. CARD
Fannie married Bert CHILDREN
Jennie married Wm. R. KIRK
Anna married W. C. WILKINS
Nancy married Thomas YOUNG
Cyrus married ----- HOLETON
Olive married Wm. T. WESTON

Joseph W. PARKIN was born in West Virginia, June 13, 1851. He came with his parents, John A. and Elizabeth PARKIN, to Harris Grove in 1857, living with them assisting with the farm work when not in school. He was married to Elizabeth HENDERSON, July 4th, 1879. She was born in New York. They made a home on E1/2 NE1/4 Sec. 7, Union Township, where Mrs. PARKIN died Dec. 11th, 1887.

Mr. PARKIN married Maggie CLOVER, March 6, 1889. She was born in Lucas County, Iowa. Mr. PARKIN died June 23, 1908. Mrs. PARKIN and daughter, Mary, managed the farm until December 23, 1920, when they moved to Logan.

Two children were born to the first marriage Cora and Mary.

William F. VORE was born in Ohio, December 12, 1835, and came to Harris Grove in 1855, with his parents; was married to Elvira BAUGHN, April 10, 1860. Mrs. VORE was born in Ohio July 8, 1845. They lived for seven in the WYMAN cabin, then in a house in NE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec. 13, LaGrange Township. The house was of brick, the first house of the kind in the Grove, being built by Wm. PETT, a mason and master workman. It was destroyed by fire in 1844, and was replaced by a fine frame house. Mr. VORE was a breeder of thoroughbred cattle and a lover of fine horses. Selling the farm they moved to Logan, where Mr. VORE died December 12, 1900. They were members of the Farmers Club for a period.

Fannie E. married Edwin E. BECK
Maude married E. O. WALGREN

Alfred Bennett PUGH was born in Campbell County, Virginia, March 14, 1840, and came to the Grove with his parents in 1858. He was married to Nancy Louisa KNIGHT in the spring of 1864. She was a native of Putnam County, Indiana. Mr. PUGH erected a home in SW 1/4 of Sec. 6, Union Township, where he maintained continuous residence until his death, which occurred Dec. 11, 1894. Mr. PUGH was for many years the largest resident of this county, attaining a weight at one time of nearly 400 pounds, but was active and energetic in all his undertakings. Mrs. PUGH afterwards disposed of the farm and moved to California, where she passed into rest in 1912.

Charles D. married Flora B. MILLER
Mary A. married John MARTIN
Martha married John C. BAUDER
The younger children: William, Aubrey, Bennett, John, and Hudson

Laura S. ROGERS, the daughter of David R. ROGERS, was born in Harris Grove October 16, 1856, and was married to John W. KNIGHT July 4, 1873. Mr. KNIGHT was born in Putnam County, Indiana, October 24th, 1851. They built a home on E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec. 34, LaGrange Township, selling it in 1883, they moved to Missouri Valley, and in 1906, to Crawford County, Iowa where Mrs. KNIGHT died March 22, 1910. Mr. KNIGHT was again married to Nellie STEVENS in March 1911, and moved to Logan in 1918, his present home.

Their children:
Hattie V. married Bert E. SWAN
Ada M. married Albert SMITH
M.A. married Lillian WINGATE
Bert L. married Georgia RICHLAND
John W. Jr.

Esther J. PUGH was born in Campbell County, Virginia, January 2, 1838, coming to Harris Grove with her parents in 1858. She was married to Huston D. KNIGHT July 17, 1862. He was a farmer and resident of Pottawattamie County, Iowa, where she made her home until the death of Mr. KNIGHT, October 6th, 1863. Returning to the Grove, she married a second time to E.W. MILLIMAN, Feb. 22, 1867. Mr. MILLIMAN was born in New York April 1, 1836. Mr. MILLIMAN served three years in the Civil War, enlisting in Company D, New York Heavy Artillery. He came to Harris Grove shortly after the close of the Civil War, in the spring of 1865.

They bought a home in E 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec.32, in Jefferson Township, and selling this home moved to Logan in 1882. Mr. MILLIMAN died Nov. 5, 1914, and Mrs. MILLIMAN Feb 14, 1922.

Mary KNIGHT, of her first marriage, married William O. VORE
Ada M. MILLIMAN married George JOYCE

James Dixon MCKENNEY was born on MCKENNEY's Prairie, Cass County, Michigan, February 3, 1844, and came to Iowa with his family in 1851, settling in the Grove. He attended the subscription and the public schools of the Grove. A farmer, a very uncertain avocation for the accumulation of wealth. He married Feb. 6, 1879 to Retta L. DAKAN, who was born in Morrow Co., Ohio, Dec. 22, 1854. And came to this county in the fall of 1871. They lived in the old MCKENNEY homestead in Sec.12 until 1906, when they sold the old home, and moved to a home in NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec.11.

They were active members of the Harris Grove Farmers Club for many years. They moved to Logan in December 1921, where he lived until called to a brighter home in the Great Beyond.

Their children:
Herbert E. married Clara HAZLETT
Ralph J.
Guy E. married Josephine BEATTY
Nellie E. married Fred HINTON

Levi M. KNAUSS was born June 7, 1843, in Noble Co., Ohio, and came to the Grove in 1855 with his parents, with whom he made his home until the spring of 1863. An expert in the use of ox whip, bow-key, log chain and the care and handling of oxen, he engaged himself to drive five yoke hitched to a freight wagon to Pike's Peak, returning from the trip the same year. He married Anne E. HENDERSON the 26th of March 1865. She was born in Illinois in 1846.

In 1866 they moved to Kansas, but returned to the Grove in the next spring. In 1867 he bought and moved to a farm in Six Mile Grove, which home and farm he still occupies. Mrs. KNAUSS died in 1886, and Feb. 14, 1888, he married Lois M. JOHNSON of New York, who passed into rest in 1911, and in 1913 he married a third time to Mrs. Laura E. ESSON of British Columbia.

His children:
John W. married Annie DELANCE
Elvira married Strand REESE
Winnie married Edward LEONARD

Urias JEWELL was born in Cass county, Mich. on MCKENNEY's Prairie, April 11, 1832, and came to the Grove with his father, Daniel W. JEWELL, and family in 1852, where he resided for about seven years, then moving to Marshall County, Missouri, where he was married to Harriett VAN AKEN in 1861, and soon after they came to this county again, and resided on a farm in St. John Township for three years, then came to Clay Township for two years, where Mr. JEWELL labored in timber, for lumber and railroad ties, a large quantity of the latter being used for the Union Pacific Railroad, and Mr. Jewell was easily the first man in those days with a trusty axe, with which he had marked skill, and in the fine cottonwood forest then covering Sandy Point no one equaled him in skill, power and endurance in the work preparing the splendid logs for mill or railroad. He then moved to the James LUSK farm in the Grove and remained until 1869, when they moved again to Missouri and in 1878 to Adair County, Iowa, where he lived until 1891, when they again came to this county. A sufferer for many years, he passed away in a hospital in Omaha April 28, 1909. Mrs. JEWELL died in Omaha, Dec. 9, 1905.

Their children:
Mary A. married Louis THOMAS
Lude O. married Mary GAA
Martha married Fred STAFFORD
Sarah married Robert I. YOUNG
Delbert M. married Belle EDGE
Albert J. married Eva BENSON
George J. married Myrtle HALL

Henry J. KNAUSS came to Harris Grove March 15, 1857, being born on that date in the KNAUSS home. He received his education at the old BAUGHN schoolhouse, under eminent instructors as J. C. MILLIMAN, S. I. KING, H. H. MCKENNEY, Hattie MORRIS, Doctor CHILES and Marquis L. DAKAN. He married Mary THORPE Sept 27, 1877; she was born at Jeddo in Jefferson Township, Feb. 15, 1856. Her father, George W. THORPE, died of smallpox in the epidemic of 1863, leaving his wife, Elizabeth, with the care of six children, four girls and two boys, and Mary has earned the laurels of life that are now hers. In the fall of 1878 they moved to a home on E 1/2 SW 1/4 of Sec. 31, Cass Township, where they enjoyed life for many years, adding some 450 acres to the holding, moving to a home in Logan recently. In politics our subject was consistent and dependable supporter of the Democratic Party and its platform and policies, and an ardent admirer of Woodrow WILSON.

Their children:
Lulu A. married Levi Rodney PITT
Herbert married Miss CRELINE
Worth R. married Cora F. ROCKWELL
Ralph married Miss RASMUSSEN
Ruth married Herbert STEPHENS

Charley MCKENNEY, son of John A. MCKENNEY, was born in a log cabin in Harris Grove Sept 10, 1853, and received his education in the rural schools that were in vogue as he grew to manhood. Dec. 18, 1879, he married Clara POPEJOY, who was born near Des Moines, Iowa, June 7, 1857. She came to REEDER's Mill with her parents in 1867. After their marriage they resided in and about the Grove until 1884, when they moved Ord, Nebraska, and during their residence in Ord, Mr. MCKENNEY was for three years the town marshal. In 1890 they moved to Grand Island, Nebraska, where he was a member of the police force a number of years. In 1894 they returned to this county, locating in Logan, where he followed his trade as a carpenter and where he still resides.

Their children:
Roy married Cassie BALDWIN
Robert married Ethel RUCKER

James HANER was born in McLean County, Illinois, Jan. 18, 1836, and came to Harris Grove with his parents in 1854. He took the trade of blacksmith in REEDER's Mill a year or two after his arrival. One of the first things he finished was a log chain for John MCKENNEY, that for looks and utility was equal to any made in eastern factories. He ran a shop here until Jan. 1, 1860, when he married Sarah M. LOSS, who was born in Saratoga County, New York, and came to this county in the spring of 1859. They lived for a time in Logan, in Whitesboro, in Warren County, New York, and back to Mondamin, where Mr. HANER plied his trade, returning to REEDER's Mill in 1873. Besides blacksmithing, he engaged in store keeping, and was postmaster at REEDER's Mill. He died April 3, 1895. Mrs. HANER married W. H. MILLS Nov. 10, 1898. Mr. MILLS died March 25, 1917.

Wm. B. married Hester CHAFFEE
Almira J.
Mary A. married Chas. A. COWAN
Charles A. married Effie BABB
Anna M. married Wesley O. CLAYTON; Val SPANSWICK
Inez E. married Edwin ACKERMAN
Warren married Anna OSTROM

Benjamin A. DIVELBESS, the forth son of Rosana PHENICE DIVELBESS, was born in Millsburg Holmes County, Ohio, May 9, 1842. He moved to Steuben County, Indiana, with his parents in 1845, where his mother died. A year later at the age of five, he went to live with Charlie CARVALHOE. Coming with him to this county May 15, 1853, settling first at Bigler's Grove. They moved to Harris Grove April 9, 1854, at that time the post office and grocery stores were at Kanesville, now Council Bluffs. School privileges were few and he attended only fourteen months between the age of 5 and 19 years and then was allowed to attend only when there was no excuse to keep him at home. May ninth, 1861, his birthday, he started across the plains to California, arriving at Red Bluff, on the Sacramento River, Sept. 8th, and a few days later settled on a farm on the line between Therna and Butte Counties, twelve miles north of Chico, the home of General John BIDWELL, where he farmed during the farming season and teaming the remainder of the year.

In September 1870, he returned for a visit to his old home in Harris Grove, and to Steuben County, Indiana. Oct. 19, 1870, he was married to Fannie LONGMAN, who was born in Derbyshire, England, June 14 1846. She came to Harris Grove with her parents, Alfred and Ann LONGMAN, in 1853, where she attended school in the log houses receiving instruction from pioneer teachers. She was an expert at dropping corn by hand, as were many of the girls of these days.

They returned to California soon after their marriage. In 1871 they left California and returned to the Grove, where the family remained, while Mr. DIVELBESS went on a land-seeking trip through Kansas. Finding nothing that suited him, he returned to his family, renting land of Alfred LONGMAN for the year 1872. On December 26, 1872 they moved to William ORR farm on the West Side of the Grove, now known as "EDGEWOOD Farm," then owned by Alfred LONGMAN. In 1873 he bought forty acres of unimproved land from Wm. ORR, the first land he owned in Iowa. In 1878 he bought 80 acres of the farm he occupied, from Mr. LONGMAN; adding to the holdings at different times until the farm consisted of 300 acres on which they resided until December 15th, 1919, when they moved to Logan, having resided on the "EDGEWOOD Farm" forty-seven years. Mr. and Mrs. DIVELBESS were active members of the Harris Grove Farmer's Club, the last meeting of this club held at EDGEWOOD Farm was on the last Saturday in July 1919.

Mrs. DIVELBESS passed away at her home in Logan, December 19, 1923.

Their children:
Nellie A. married W. S. PETERSON
Frederick married Lydia HULL
Minnie M. married Fred H. SEABURY
Frank married Stella WHITEMAN
H. B. married Carrie MOATS
Miss Alice is County Superintendent of Schools in this county.

Mary Ellen ERVIN, the only daughter of Edwin E. and Catherine ERVIN was born in Indiana, April 2, 1850. She came to Harris Grove with her parents in 1856; was educated in the common schools. She lived with her parents until her marriage to John Graham REDINBAUGH, January 1, 1871. He was born in Miami County, Ohio, January 12, 1836, coming to the Grove in 1868.

In 1864, he enlisted in Company K, 58th Illinois Infantry, and served three years. In 1872, they moved to a farm they bought in NW 1/4 Sec. 20, Union Township, where they resided until 1892, when they sold and moved back to Harris Grove, to the ERVIN farm where they lived until 1915, when they moved to Logan, where Mrs. REDINBAUGH departed this life Oct. 28, 1916.

Their children:
Wm. E. married Caroline MURPHY
H. C. a son

James LONGMAN was born in Derbyshire, England, May 10, 1845, and came with his parents to the Grove in 1853. Attended the common schools of the Grove and vicinity. He went to Salt Lake City in 1861, driving three yoke of oxen with a freight wagon for his father, passing on to California in the summer 1862. Here engaging in farming in the Sacramento Valley, where they lived until the latter part of 1863, returning to the Grove via the Isthmus of Panama, after an absence of three years.

He was married to Melissa E. TOWNSEND, February 21, 1867. She was born in Michigan, August 15, 1846, and came to Harris Grove with her parents, William and Rachel TOWNSEND, in 1858. Soon after their marriage they built a home at the west edge of the Grove in Lot 16, Sec. 4, LaGrange Township. In addition to his farming, Mr. LONGMAN had one of the finest orchards and small fruit plats in the Grove. Mr. LONGMAN died May 9, 1906, and soon after Mrs. LONGMAN moved to Logan where she still resides.

Their children:
Charles A. married Jennie TUPPER
Louis A. married Hattie JACOBS
Ella J. married Chas. W. NORRIS
Sarah A. married Wm. HASKINS
Hattie L. married LeRoy DOTY
Clara A. married Chas. CORELL
Fannie R., is Deputy County Recorder of this county, and very competent in discharge of the duties.

Rosella I. ALEXANDER was born in Kanesville, Iowa, March 28, 1848, and came to Harris Grove with her parents in 1854. She was educated in the public schools and taught several terms of school in different localities. She married Nephi YOCUM May 23, 1867. Mr. YOCUM was born in Hancock County, Illinois, and moved to Kanesville in 1846, with his parents, moving to the Grove in 1866. Soon after their marriage they moved to Downsville, in Pottawattamie County, where they resided until the spring of 1870, when they returned to the Grove and built a home on SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec. 11, LaGrange Township.

They had the misfortune to have their home burned in 1881, which was soon rebuilt. They took great interest in educational matters. Mr. YOCUM taking great interest and active part in young people's literary programs that were held in the evenings during the winter. Mr. YOCUM, for some years was an elder and a preacher in the Latter Day Saints faith, an exemplary citizen in all his relations. Mrs. YOCUM died September 14, 1897, and Mr. YOCUM died October 16, 1917.

Marie married Max WIND
Lily married R. W. GOODRICK
Frank married Alice OVERMAN
Fred married Ida OVERMAN

Elizabeth J. ROGERS was born in Virginia, May 29, 1849, and came to Harris Grove with her family in 1854, and received her education in the schools of those days, not always near the homes. She was married to Silas W. BROADWELL November 20, 1867. Mr. BROADWELL came to the Grove some years prior to the time of their marriage, and was for some time in merchandising at REEDER's MILL and for a time in Logan. Disposing of his interests, they resided for four years in Illinois, thence to Portland, Oregon, where he engaged in the grocery business until failing health compelled him to retire.

He died December 5, 1900, and soon after this sad event Mrs. BROADWELL spent a year with her brother Samuel G. ROGERS, and family in Washington City, and later returning to Portland, and removed to Los Angeles, California, later to Oakland, California, where she now makes her home with her son, Charles and family.

Their children:
Ernest R. married Clara BROWN
Charles married Ona KEELEY

Tillie PERRY, daughter of Ezra and E. M. PERRY, was born near Harris Grove, in Jefferson Township, Sept 19, 1860. The first school she attended was at Mt. Vernon schoolhouse, which stood in the southeast corner of Lot 9, Sec. 3, in LaGrange Township. The next was in a log cabin on the James ERVIN farm, and Mrs. CLYDE was the teacher. The remainder of her education was obtained at the Harmony school, near PERRY farm.

Miss PERRY became an efficient teacher herself in the public schools, having taught in Harrison and Pottawattamie Counties for fourteen years, and at the Lone Tree, Pleasant Valley, and Fullerton, Nance County, Nebraska, for six years. She and her mother were members of the Harris Grove Farmers' Club for a number of years and did much to make the sessions of the Club interesting and instructive. She with her mother moved to Logan from the old farm in 1911.

Ettie R. STERN daughter of Jacob and Millicent STERN, was born March 4, 1844, in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and came with the family to Harris Grove April 30, 1857. She returned to Pennsylvania in 1863, to finish her education in preparation for the life of a teacher, and taught in the public schools of the county until her marriage to J. C. MILLIMAN, Nov. 30, 1870. Their home was at Magnolia until their removal to Logan, with the county seat in the fall of 1875. She passed into rest January 16, 1883.

Maude E.
Edith R. married Austin P. HAINES

J. C. MILLIMAN was born at Ballston Spa, Saratoga County, New York, January 28, 1847. Enlisted in the Union Army before he was seventeen years of age, and lost his left arm at Poplar Creek engagement, near Petersburg, Virginia, in the fall of 1864. He came with his family to Harris Grove in the spring of 1865, he attended the State University of Iowa, at Iowa City, in company of Samuel G. ROGERS, S. I. KING, and Horace MCKENNEY, for that year, teaching school in this county during 1866, and again returning to the university for the school year of 1867. Was elected County Recorder in 1868, serving eight years. Entered banking with A. L. HARVEY in 1876, retiring in 1879. Entered partnership with Almor STERN, January 1, 1884, continuing for twenty-four years, then retiring from active business.

He was a member of the legislature from this county in session 1884, and was elected Lieutenant Governor of Iowa 1897-1901, serving two terms. He was a trustee for many years of the Teachers College at Cedar Falls, Iowa. Mr. MILLIMAN served one term as department Commander of the Grand Army for Iowa.

He was married to Ettie R. STERN Nov. 30, 1870. She passed away on January 16, 1883.

To them were born two daughters, Maude E., and Edith R.. On January 13, 1886, Mr. MILLIMAN married a second time to Della S. RICE.

To them were born:
Eleanor married Hal W. RICE
Harriet married Frank M. POTTER
Almor S.
James C.
They live in Santa Monica, California.

Martha J. VANDERHOOF was born December 8, 1862, in a log house on the farm owed by J. B. MCCURLEY near Logan, and came to the Grove with her family in the spring of 1864. Receiving an education in the rural schools. She was married to frank WALTERS, who was born in South Creek, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, August 12, 1859, coming to Harris Grove with his parents in 1871. When he commenced canning wealth for himself by working at farm work for $12 per month. Soon after their marriage they went to live with her parents, farming the land for a share of the crops, until 1885, when they moved to their own home in Lot 12, Sec 3, LaGrange Township, where they lived with the exception of a few years, to the present time. They were members of the Harris Grove Farmers' Club for several years.

Their children:
Rena J. married Wm. Herbert BOBBITT
Orlean S. married Mattie ARMSTRONG
Leona married died December 22, 1920

Ida F. KNAUSS was born in Harris Grove in the KNAUSS home June 2, 1855, receiving her education in the public schools, mostly at the BAUGHN School. She was united in marriage to J. Milton MILLER, Dec. 25, 1873. Mr. MILLER was born Jan. 21, 1848, in Carl County, Ohio, and moved to Illinois when small, coming to the Grove from there in 1871. Since their marriage, with the exception of a few years they have occupied the old home where Mrs. MILLER was born, and where they have prospered, making a reasonable success of farming. In the meantime they have been active workers in every effort that has been brought forth in their locality for the betterment of farm life, and are active members of the Elk Grove Farmers' Club. Mrs. Miller has had the pleasure of traveling through Kansas, Minnesota, and Nebraska, and spent one winter in Mt. Vernon, Iowa.

Their children:
Cora L. married J. E. ROUNDY
John H. married Laura DIMICK
Grover C. married Blanche BALDWIN
Merrill H. married Nona AMRINE

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