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Pioneer Histories of Harris Grove 1851-1861
Written in 1920 by H. H. McKenney
Pages 22-26

Michael ROGERS and his wife Sarah Jane DINSMORE, came to this Grove in 1852, and lived for a time in a cabin that stood between the two creeks in SE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec. 2, LaGrange Township, near the junction of the two creeks, and later built a cabin a half mile northeast of this. The ROGERS-PERRY balky saw mill was built on the land owned by him.

He was one of the first Justices of the Peace in the township and county. He removed to the Picayune in later years. They reared a large family of which little can be learned.

Isabel BRYANT, a daughter of John Rogers, with her husband, lived in the Grove for some years, on Lot 9, Sec 2, and later moved to Omaha.

John M. ROGERS was born in West Virginia, came to the Grove in 1853, and was married to Hope P. REEDER, one of the pioneers and teachers, October 4, 1855. Mac as he was universally known, was a carpenter by trade and had no permanent abode moving from the Grove many times, and finally moving to Kansas City, where he met with accidental death.

The family: Albert, Frank, Flora, Millie, Kate, Bertha, Guy, Harry, and Emmett

David R. ROGERS, a native of Virginia was born in 1832, and came to the Grove in 1853 and married Henrietta ABRAMS, December 30, 1855; she was born in Indiana, January 30, 1835. They built a home in SE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 10. Selling this farm to Frank HASKINS, they bought the Catherine HOBBS farm, where they lived a number of years, selling again they moved to Harrison Township, near Dunlap, to Logan, Woodbine, and lastly to MOORHEAD, where Mrs. ROGERS passed away in 1911. David passed away at Lamoni, Iowa in 1916.

Laura C. married John W. KNIGHT
Adolphus L. married Mary SHIELDS
Ella married J. M. ADRIAN
Frank H. married Mina GREEN
Millie married Alvah YARRINGTON
George married Tillie L. STUVE
Eli C. married Cora WADDELL

Catherine ROGERS was born in Greenbrier County, Va., Oct 6th, 1825. She married Wm. MOORHEAD in 1846, Mr. MOORHEAD died in 1856. In 1857 she came with her four children to the Grove and built a home on the NE 1/4 NE 1/4 Sec. 15, LaGrange Township. In 1858 she married Wm. HOBBS. He was a soldier in the Union Army in the Civil War and died at Helena, Ark. Selling this home she moved to Missouri Valley, where she died Aug. 18th, 1899.

Elizabeth MOORHEAD married SWEET, and later Mr. HARDIE; both RR men
Rebecca MOORHEAD married David Y. MEARS
Ada Hobbs married John MORGAN

Elbridge DOW, and his wife, Chloe Ann SMITH, came overland from Michigan in 1852, and settled in the KEEL cabin and claim in Sec. 34, Jefferson Township, and moved into a cabin that stood near the center of SW 1/4 of this section and just north of the creek. Accompanying Mr. DOW was his aged father, Amos DOW and Abigail PALMER, a sister of Clarissa MCKENNEY, and her daughter Jane, also Isaac HURD. In 1853, Mr. DOW bought a herd of Durham cattle from Michigan, and in the winter of 1853 he and John MCKENNEY wintered a portion of these cattle on rushes and pea vines in a bend of the Missouri River near Onawa. Mr. DOW with a wooden mole-board plow and five yoke of oxen broke forty acres of prairie in the vicinity of the Grove. In 1855, Mr. DOW sold the farm to Charles BAUGHN, and moved to Crawford County, where the village of Dow City now bears his name.

Alma married Abner GRAVES
Asa married Canady DAVIS
William married Rena DOROTHY

Daniel W. JEWELL was born May 13, 1813, was married to Sarah CRAIG, his second wife, in Cass County, Mich. They left Michigan, starting for California, traveling in covered wagons, but on arrival at Crescent City, in Pottawattamie County, their journey was halted by the illness of Ben F. LAPORTE, traveling with them. While waiting for his recovery, Mr. JEWELL came to Harris Grove and was so well pleased with the country, he bought the MEECHAM claim, and May 1852, moved into a cabin that stood near the gulch in SW 1/4 of Sec. 3, LaGrange Township. Selling in 1856, he moved to Missouri, where he died in 1884. Mary JEWELL, the mother of his children died in 1848.

Urias married Hannah VAN AKEN
Almira married William SMITH
Jane married J. S. VANDERHOOF
John married Amelia BUNTON
Almanson R. (twin) married Alice SANTE
Almerion S. (twin) married Clarissa BURTON
Catherine married PERRY HULSE

Abigail HUNGERFORD was born in New York, August 27, 1802, were she received a common school education and grew to womanhood, and married March 29th, 1824, Erastus PALMER, a carpenter. They moved to Cass County, Mich., during its early settlement, where Mr. PALMER died March 28, 1844. In the fall of 1852, Mrs. PALMER and daughter, Jane, came to Harris Grove and during their stay made their home with her sister, Mrs. John MCKENNEY. Mrs. PALMER was a tailoress by trade and her services in that capacity were in great demand.

She made from Indian tanned buckskin, a full suit of clothes for Samuel JACK, the suit being decorated with fringe. The fringe was made by sewing the edge of a strip of buckskin about five inches in width in all the appropriate seams, then cutting in strings from seam outward. When Mr. JACK was attired in this suit of toggery, a broad brimmed hat, belt, ivory hauled bowie knife, scabbard, and long steamed pipe, he exemplified the extreme edge of pioneer fashion, antedating Buffalo Bill by many years.

Mrs. PALMER also made a pair of buckskin pants for Thomas VANDERHOOF, spoken of in Jos. SMITH's history of this country.

In the spring of 1856 she was married to Samuel KIRKLAND, of Rockford Township, Pottawattamie County, where she lived and enjoyed pioneer life until February 17, 1869, the date of her death. Mr. KIRKLAND was born March 4, 1800, and died in 1878.

The PALMER Children were:
Wm. K. married Maria BURNHAM
Cordelia married Chas. QUICK
Anna M. married Orville A. GOULD
John W. married Nora HAMPTON
Geo. W.
Jane married Jos. SCEBOLD
Benjamin F. married Kezia KIRKLAND

David B. VANDERHOOF, a son of Thomas and Sylvia VANDERHOOF was born in Ohio, Sept. 19, 1822. In boyhood he came to LaGrange Prairie, Michigan, with his parents, grew to manhood there, and Oct. 5, 1844, married Dorcas HOWARD, a daughter of Wm. and Amelia (LUNDY) HOWARD, who was born at LUNDY's Lane, Canada, Nov. 11th, 1826. When quite young, moved to Lockport, New York, where her mother died. In the spring of 1844 with her father and family she moved to Michigan. In 1852 they came to Harris Grove and lived one year in a cabin that was located near the center of the west line of Lot 4, Sec. 6, Union Twp., just south of the creek. In 1853 they returned to Michigan. The western fever still tingled in their veins; they returned to Harris Grove in 1864 and bought the Columbus M. PATTON farm of 160 acres. Mr. and Mrs. VANDERHOOF became members of the Harris Grove Farmer Club in 1870. David died Sept 4, 1886, and Dorcas July 2, 1902, at "Hickory Heights," their hospitable home.

Thomas W.
Lucian P. married Atricia CALDWELL
Hester E. married F. T. HILL
Albert F.
Rhoda S. married Chas. H. BARNETT
Arminda married George W. BOBBITT
Clara M. married Count P. LOSEY
Oran J. married Luna PHILLIPS

James HUTCHINSON Sr. and his nephew, John A. HUTCHINSON, came to the Grove, March 15, 1852, and bought the POWELL claim, the E 1/2 NW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec 1, LaGrange Twp. The cabins stood near the west line were the gulch crosses it. Asa EARL officiated the claim as locator in sale of this land.

Grandfather HUTCHINSON, as he was called, and John kept bachelor's hall until October, when James Jr. and his wife Nancy HENDERSON HUTCHINSON joined them. James HUTCHINSON Sr. died in November 1853, and was buried in the Mormon Plat. James HUTCHINSON Jr. was elected sheriff of this county in 1856, and during his term in office had one SHOOK, charged with murder, in his custody over Sabbath at his home.

James HUTCHINSON Jr. was born March 12, 1812, and died Jan. 10, 1892. Mrs. HUTCHINSON was born Oct. 7, 1815, and died Oct. 30, 1893.

John married Lizzie ROSS
Jane married Garrett TOWNSEND
Andrew J. married Lydia TOWNSEND

William DAKAN and his wife Anheline ASHLEY DAKAN, moved from St. John's Twp. to the Grove and settled on the HODGES claim in Lot 10, Sec 6, Union Twp. Two cabins stood on the land, the builder, HODGES, were of the Brigham YOUNG faith, and had two wives. Mr. DAKAN was a politician of local standing, a pettifogger, and farmer. Acquiring a large farm, he dealt on a large scale in livestock. Meeting with financial reverses he moved away. Mrs. DAKAN was a kind-hearted woman and rarely went away.

Frank P. married Delia GREEN
Thomas B. married Hattie WILLIAMS
John Fremont married Amanda SOREY
James W. married Irene OWENS

Ezra PERRY was born in West Virginia, March 19, 1811. Elizabeth M. PAXTON, his wife was born in West Virginia, August 22, 1831. They were married May 29, 1851, and in company with Mrs. HAWKINS, a sister of Mrs. PERRY; and Frederick HEDRICK, on October 4, 1853, left West Virginia for Western Iowa. On arriving in Edgar County, Illinois, the sister and husband decided to locate there. After a week's rest they again took the trail, arriving in Kanesville, November 23, 1583. After a nights rest they came to the Grove and lived in the MCINTYRE cabin on the John MCKENNEY place until spring, then they moved to the WELCH cabin. Mr. PERRY bought eighty acres of timber in Harris Grove and later trade four acres to Wm. HANER for a yoke of oxen. While living in their cabin, Mr. PERRY and Michael ROGERS put the frame up for a sawmill on Harris Grove Creek, in the NE 1/4 SE 1/4. Sec. 3, LaGrange Twp., but finding the water supply insufficient the enterprise was abandoned.

April 10th they moved to their permanent house on NE 1/4 SE 1/4 Sec 31, Jefferson Twp. They lived here until death and marriage reduced the family circle to two, Mrs. PERRY and daughter Tillie, when they moved to Logan, Nov. 1911.

Mr. PERRY departed this life April 13, 1886, Mrs. PERRY August 3rd 1919. Mrs. PERRY and daughter Tillie were members of the Harris Grove Farmers Club for many years, active, practical and progressive members.

Margaret married James K. DEYO
Mary E. married Cyrus S. PARKER
Angeline married Allen B. WILSON
Matilda S.
Victoria E. married James M. SPRINKLE

William TUCKER and his wife, Clarissa REEDER TUCKER, came to the Grove in 1853 and settled at the east end of the Grove, selecting a home on Lot 4, Sec. 5, Union Twp., where they lived to the end of their allotted time.

John W. married Sarah E. KNAUSS
James W.
Horace H. married Ella MYERS
Jane married Clark PARKIN
Mary H. married Abraham E. MILLER
C. Newton married Anne E. NORMAN
Stephen Douglas married Clara MCFADDEN

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